Quand la cyber-sécurité contribue à l’enchantement client…

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The Internet of Birds

The Internet of Things, which represents the extension of the Internet to things and places in the physical world, will be connecting nearly 150 billion objects or people by the year 2025. In parallel with [...]

Internet of Bus and Trucks

Driving in urban environments is particularly challenging for the electronic brains of an autonomous vehicle: Tunnels confront the cameras with changing lighting conditions. If the vehicle is a bus with a length of 40 ft, [...]

The Internet of horses is interested in connected straps

The Sony and SeaverHorse Companies are partnering in an equestrian partnership to develop several straps adapted by sensors to the well-being of horses. Different sensors and electrodes will transmit a certain amount of information to [...]

Attack on 900,000 Deutsche Telekom users

In the afternoon of 27 November 2016, Internet connection difficulties, slowing down or stopping throughput were recorded in Germany in approximately 900,000 Deutsche Telekom subscribers. It appears that the router suffered an external attack that [...]

Ultrasound for communication between objects

Devices equipped with the ultrasonic communication system developed by the French company CopSonic pass through a few meters the data thanks to sound waves that the human ear cannot perceive, but that could hear very [...]

The FinTech World Is Looking East

According to KPMG studies, FinTech investments in North American and European are decreasing in Q1 of 2016, and have been growing by 20% in Asia, amounting to a total of US-$ 2.7 billion. At the [...]

RFID Technology for the best blood product management

With 70 patents, the French start-up company Biolog-id based in Bernay, in the Eure department, has become the global benchmark for the traceability of sensitive health products. Expert in RFID (radio frequency identification) traceability solutions [...]

Sweden could issue a national digital currency

Sweden is considering whether to launch its “ekrona”, an electronic or digital version of the Swedish krona. The Riksbank was the first central bank in the world to issue paper notes in the 1660s, thanks [...]

The Toulouse-based company launches its Mastercard bankcard

Fintech “Morning” is an innovative company located in the South of Toulouse, in Saint-Elix-Le-Château. Specializing in co-banking, it launches its own Mastercard payment card, a standard debit card with immediate authorization. Responding to the digital [...]

A strange and new Chinese regulation

Though ostensibly designed to strengthen local networks against malicious hackers, in fact a new law will soon affect both domestic and foreign firms operating on the Chinese mainland. This step backwards for innovation in China [...]

When Cybersecurity Benefits Customer Enchantment…

… or the art to turn a constraint into an opportunity. (available only in French)

Fraud Protection for Prepaid Cards

The Federal Reserve has issued guidance applying the Customer Identification Program (CIP) to prepaid cards in March of this year. Customers are able to reload prepaid cards, use direct deposit and in some cases, receive [...]

HID Global present its High Secure Citizen ID Cards

HID Global technologies that have been featured in its customers’ award-winning national passport and ID card programs are now commercially available in one of the world’s most secure citizen ID cards. HID Global uses patented [...]

Centralized ID database scares the French

The project of a personal database common to passports and national identity cards, linked to a single file, called “Secure Electronic Securities” (TES), should be put in force. This new database should gather all information [...]

GSMA security accreditation for eSIM subscription management from Gemalto

Gemalto, expert in digital security, has succeeded in the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS) certification for Subscription Management (GSMA SAS-SM), thereby providing MNOs with exacting standards of protection for sensitive data in M2M and IoT [...]

Support to the principle of Biometric Identification Card in Mauritius

Legal authorities of Mauritius confirmed the validity of the biometric ID card and have rejected calls that were made in front of the Court. The Law Lords also corrected an inconsistency in the judgment at [...]

Small Cell Forum pushes network virtualisation for 5G, IoT

Small cell virtualization will be a key enabler of 5G HetNets, enterprise services and the Internet of Things (IoT), offering significant benefits including scalability, agility, cost reduction and network slicing. To this end, the Small [...]

London phone booths replaced with WiFi kiosks

Following a partnership between BT and the specialist in digital media, Intersection, ad-funded LinkUK will open high bitrate Wi-Fi kiosks in London to replace the old phone booths. This public free-of-charge Wi-Fi is in the [...]

Regulators monitor FinTechs and Blockchain

The fifth Money2020 conference in Las Vegas held in October 2016 brought together 11,000 delegates eager for information on the new financial techniques and on hundreds of new products and services based on the blockchain. [...]

Is the Internet anti-societal?

Our dear sociologist Dominique Wolton yet created turmoil in the small French media world. In his latest book, “Communicating is living” (* Communiquer, c’est vivre), he is opposing the traditional media (radio, press, television) to [...]

An “easy to use tablet” the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents!

Everyone is in agreement: access to the Internet has become easier thanks to ergonomic advances in portable terminals and in particular tablets. Space-saving, lightweight, connectable to public and private Wi-Fi, and sometimes in 3G cellular [...]

IoT Official and Proprietary Standards

Driven by dynamic and ambitious industrialists, Internet of Things technology with low consumption and long radio range (LPWA) has recently been the subject of successive announcements. The GSMA has approved, with the 3GPP, standardization of [...]

The global banking network SWIFT still victim of hackers

According to Symantec, software expert in security, it appears that a new group of hackers, called Odinaff, has tackled the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), pivot the global financial system. The hacking process [...]

Vodafone develops NB-IoT technology

Vodafone announced that it will begin launching its narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) networks in Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain during the first quarter of 2017. Vodafone aims to roll out NB-IoT across its entire footprint [...]

Universal power-supply for laptops

ITU, the International Telecommunications Union, has approved an environmentally friendly standard for a universal charger for laptops and other portable devices. The new standard provides for improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and [...]

Facial recognition challenge

Facial recognition allows biometric verification in all situations. It is the subject of much research for safety-related applications (criminal identification, verification of traveler identity, security control in companies). For commercial applications, facial recognition should enable [...]

Preparation of the consultation on the biometric identity cards in Bhutan

In Bhutan, the NIDMC (NICs Management Centre) opened the study prior to the implementation of the national biometric identity card. Consultations were initiated with various governmental and non-governmental organizations on the various uses of biometric [...]

When W3C standardizes online payment applications

In the world of online payment, the concept of “digital wallet” was introduced by PayPal. Thus, the Internet clients have become accustomed to manage their payment information in order to be able to pay online [...]

The Internet requires seniors to go back to school

The Internet is insidiously entering into our lives. It evolves and is constantly changing. In a few years, the ordinary telephone network will disappear. From the kitchen and the garden, or even for the management [...]

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