The Internet requires seniors to go back to school

The Internet is insidiously entering into our lives. It evolves and is constantly changing. In a few years, the ordinary telephone network will disappear. From the kitchen and the garden, or even for the management [...]

Universal power-supply for laptops

ITU, the International Telecommunications Union, has approved an environmentally friendly standard for a universal charger for laptops and other portable devices. The new standard provides for improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and [...]

Facial recognition challenge

Facial recognition allows biometric verification in all situations. It is the subject of much research for safety-related applications (criminal identification, verification of traveler identity, security control in companies). For commercial applications, facial recognition should enable [...]

Preparation of the consultation on the biometric identity cards in Bhutan

In Bhutan, the NIDMC (NICs Management Centre) opened the study prior to the implementation of the national biometric identity card. Consultations were initiated with various governmental and non-governmental organizations on the various uses of biometric [...]

When W3C standardizes online payment applications

In the world of online payment, the concept of “digital wallet” was introduced by PayPal. Thus, the Internet clients have become accustomed to manage their payment information in order to be able to pay online [...]

Biometrics to secure maritime areas

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) commented on the efforts made by the Coast Guard of the United States in order to improve maritime safety. According to IBIA, maritime safety should be improved with [...]

Cooperation between banks and FinTech

Efforts in banking by computer companies called “FinTech” were originally intended to meet the needs of the people left to too prudent policies gap practiced by financial institutions. Accordingly, dynamic companies have created innovative banking [...]

Valeo and Gemalto use the smartphone to secure the car key

Thanks to Valeo and Gemalto, drivers can now use their smartphone to lock, unlock and start their car control applications and have remote access via Bluetooth to useful data on the vehicle. This innovation, called [...]

IC sensors for Internet for Health

To continuously measure the heart rate and the oxygen content which flows in the arteries, a pulse oximeter is used. The pulse oximeter provides a noninvasive checkup because it imposes no injection and requires no [...]

Cameroon and Gemalto fight against fraud and counterfeiting documents

Under a contract signed with the General Delegation for National Security (DGSN), Gemalto supports Cameroon’s efforts to deploy 20 million “Sealy” e-ID cards. These electronic ID cards are expected to fight effectively against fraud and [...]

Retailers and IoT

Each industrial is taking part in the race for innovation and uses the Internet connectivity to rejuvenate its product and business system. In particular, the IoT opens the floodgates of innovation for the benefit of [...]

Indian Biometric ID Card Project Close to End

The end of the realization of the project of India biometric identity card decided by the Aadhar Act is nearing completion. India will be able to use the computer to set up a national infrastructure [...]

Computing for all, dream or reality?

The computer, according to the French etymology, is the tool able to organize everything around us, our jobs and even our personal and social lives. Similarly, IT is a technology that should in principle be [...]

Google enters in the field of “bioelectronic medicines”

UK companies Google Life Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK, Brentford, England) have agreed to form a joint venture to develop bioelectronics, and in particular the related implanted neurostimulator technologies. The new company, called Galvani Bioelectronics Ltd. [...]

LTE and 5G infrastructure to hit $32 billion by 2020

According to the recently published analysis by RnRMarketResearch agency, investment in LTE and 5G infrastructure of wireless network technology should represent a global market of $ 32 billion. This figure includes spending on distributed macrocells, [...]

Hacking car through the driver’s smartphone

According to researchers from the Universities of New York and George Mason, vulnerabilities of the industry standard MirroLink exist in IVI entertainment connections made by smartphones (in-vehicle infotainment systems) on vehicles. Automakers indeed connect IVI [...]

Gemalto to Help Norway’s Postal Agency Implement Fraud Protection Tech

Norway’s national post and logistics service has selected digital security company  Gemalto to provide a verification tool for the agency to check customer credentials. Gemalto said Thursday it will supply its Coesys ID Verification technology to Posten Norge in order [...]

City Identity cards are used more frequently in the United States

For the last ten years, a dozen US cities have set up services using ID cards and fifteen others are preparing to follow this example. It appears that poor people and immigrants living illegally in [...]

Internet security in Q2 2016

According to Akamai, the total number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attack or distributed denial of service) has increased by 129% between Q2 2015 and Q2 2016. The DDOS attack aims to make unavailable [...]

The Spy Who Controls The Frozen Food

At the recent event organized by IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin, manufacturers have competed to show a picture of what the future might bring. As part of the smart kitchen, Smarter, a British company proposes [...]

How to succeed in a Website Implementation and Design

Sorry ! No English translation available for the book written in French by J-M Hardy and Leo J. Lesage « 60 règles d’or pour réussir son site web ».

A New Market for the IoT: “Bionic Man”

Bionics covers all the scientific knowledge and technologies dealing with  plants and animals that could achieve biological applications related to health and the lengthening of the human lifespan. Bionics studies the properties of living cells [...]

Improvement of the manufacturing process of silicon-on insulator (FD-SOI) over 12 nm

After 22 nm launched in 2015, the chipmaker Globalfoundries launches the actual manufacturing FD-SOI 12nm components process, which will be available from 2019 for the Internet of Things and 5G. The FD-SOI technology was developed [...]

Identity Checking in Xinjiang

Xinjiang (Sinkiang) or East Turkestan, is one of five autonomous regions of China. Enjoying special status, the country is the sixth of Chinese territory, the equivalent of three times the area of France. It has [...]

Ethics for portable medical devices

The entrance of portable electronics in the medical field is raising different problems and challenges the traditional standards. The mobile phone is now much more widespread than in the past and its computer processing power [...]

Strong Growth for “Diameter Signaling” with LTE Uptake

“Diameter” is a signaling protocol defined by RFC 3588 standard as part of the AAA protocols which are performing three functions: authentication, authorization and accounting / Auditing. This is the Diameter protocol, which, at the [...]

Bitcoins stolen

Hackers have stolen 120,000 bitcoins (65 million US dollars) to Bitfiness, the third principal place of Bitcoins exchange. Immediately, the bitcoin rate fell more than 20% in a week, which resulted in a sharp decline [...]

Cyber attacks on bank networks

Reuters reminds that the global network of financial messaging SWIFT suffered last June a series of hacker attacks on its subsidiaries, particularly those from Bangladesh. According to the company eSentire, threat detection service provider and [...]

Jordan adopts the secure biometric ID card

NXP Semiconductors N.V. today announced that The Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD) in Jordan has chosen NXP’s secure SmartMX2 microcontroller for its new contactless citizen ID card. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology [...]

The Challenge of the 5G’s Marathon

A triple competition (technical, economic and political) is open between Europe, Asia and North America on the implementation plan of the “5G”. Who will be the most technically astute and will be the most able [...]

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