Challenges and Opportunities in the Internet of Things

   by Alexander Damisch, Wind River The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a technology, or a system, or an architecture—it is mainly a business case, and requires a combination of all these pieces to [...]

Happy holidays, while technology plays with sociology matters!

Our country is entering into its summer time. No time to spend on a question of political affairs or about World Football Cup 2014 ! Everyone expects to beneficiate from the sun on his vacation [...]

Electronic ID cards is a large market

“The World Report of the national industry electronic identity card, edition 2014” issued by Acuity Market Intelligence indicates that the global market for eID Card represents $ 54 billion in revenue between 2013-2018. During this [...]

Inside Secure enhances its lead in the NFC

Inside Secure is a French company specialized in the design, development and marketing of integrated circuits and embedded software for applications secure payment, identification, access control, transportation and sale retail. The group’s activity is primarily [...]

Progress of contactless payments

According to figures released by Visa Europe, the use of contactless payment cards continuous to grow in the UK. Consumers made nearly 20 million contactless transactions across the UK in May 2014, an increase of [...]

The new Paysafecard proposed by MasterCard, one of the main leading providers of prepaid solutions for online payments is offering a prepaid MasterCard that gives Paysafecard users a broader range and choice of where they pay – according to their [...]

Cooperation between sensors and mathematics for the Internet of Things

Implemented in a wide variety of product categories, sensors have become indispensable applications to health and fitness. They are also used in devices to monitor body movement used during the production of CGI films (computer-generated [...]

Estonia improves its national program for electronic ID cards

The Economist rightly points out that the founders of the Internet, mostly academics and researchers have based the identity of Internet users on mutual trust. Today, it appears that the lack of secure identification is [...]

Biometric Payments with PulseWallet

PulseWallet enables cardless payment by a simple scan of the user’s hand in front of a biometric reader at the point of sale. PulseWallet demonstrates a cardless shopping future, replacing current payment methods with biometrics. [...]

Activities of Gemalto

Present in 45 countries, Gemalto, a French specialist in smart cards and digital security, announced this week the acquisition of the American company SafeNet, a specialist in IT security and in the protection of software [...]

Remote control of medical sensors

In the coming decades, implantable electronics could change the organization of cares by providing early detection and enabling better medical prevention. Medtronic, a company expert in medical devices, has developed Linq, a new heart monitor, [...]

Security weaknesses of USB access

Notoriously, it was well known that the USB key, which enables fast data transfer from one computer to another, is a danger to businesses and generally for all users, since all practical BYOD, it is [...]

The Internet of Cars, or the “autonomous” car

Like the United States, the United Kingdom is going to allow the circulation of “autonomous cars” driving on their own (without driver) from next January. The British Government must establish by then changes to traffic [...]

Multi-factor authentication from HID Global for online mobile banking services

HID Global, a company specializing in secure ID solutions, has successfully deployed its tokens DisplayCard ActivID on the mBank network, one of the Polish Banks belonging to the Commerzbank group. These tokens provide professionals mBank [...]

Cyber security in Africa

The Observatory on Information Systems, Networks and Information Highways in Senegal (OSIRIS) is publishing an update very regularly on events affecting the information technology and communication in Senegal and Africa. On active standby, OSIRIS which [...]

Customizing restaurant cheques

Cheque Restaurant is a payment document funded by the employer who permits employees to have lunch where they want, at the break time. Sodexo is a French company that provides businesses with different types of [...]

Will Ultrasound Compete with NFCs ?

A young Israeli society, develops technology short-distance communication using sound waves in the treble, which is able to be an alternative to NFC. Ultrasounds are only used for identification and authentication of devices involved. [...]

Cyber attacks on online banking

If the French Emmental cheese, unlike its Swiss counterpart, has holes, hackers have not nuanced about them when they launched their operation called cyber Emmental on 34 international banks attack. The team of researchers from [...]

DILIZI, the mobile “digital cash”

Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Epargne, the two local networks of Groupe BPCE, implement Dilizi, a mobile payment service for smartphone and tablet. This application turns your smartphone or tablet into a payment system, combined with [...]

Centenary of urban traffic lights

Electric traffic lights are going to celebrate their 100th anniversary. They have allowed the establishment of alternating movement of vehicles and pedestrians at street intersections and traffic car regulation gave them an almost universal worldwide [...]

Trend Micro provides security to SMEs

Trend Micro, security expert for SME markets the 9.0 version of its Worry-Free Business Security. The latter provides SMEs a professional level of security, able to identify and neutralize threats on all fixed and mobile [...]

The benefits of Hosted Card Emulation in mobile payments

NFC Transaction security was formerly based on the Secure Element (SE, USIM Secured Element) content in the mobile terminal. To strengthen the security, it was proposed to use the Hosted Card Emulation (HCE). The HCE [...]

Difficulties in managing the electronic wallet

Several e-wallet solutions were launched on the French market unsuccessfully. Launched in September 2011 with the support of prestigious shareholders in the world of mobile telephony, electronic wallet Buyster, in turn, was forced last month [...]

Normative rivalry between Bluetooth and Thread

The Internet of Things has opened up a debate between two systems of radio communications at low power Bluetooth Smart (specially designed for IoT) and a new Zigbee low power protocol (also called Thread). The [...]

Traceability of schoolchildren and students

Schools in the region Floyd, Georgia, in northern Florida, are considering tracking movement of students by implementing RFID or barcode on the ID cards. Chattooga district recently decided to use ID cards equipped with RFID [...]

Be careful about malwares !

A Malicious software or “malware” (contraction of the English words meaning “malicious” and “software”) is a nuisance program introduced into a computer system or a digital communications terminal, in order to harm to the user. [...]

New Industrial Sensors

A research entity of the Fraunhofer Institute, the CESMA, is using adaptive materials that react to external factors such as magnetic or electrostatic fields. These materials can therefore be used as DES (dielectric elastomer sensors) [...]

Development of new sensors

The Internet of Things and machine to machine communications are massively using sensors. In fact, these sensors are devices that transform the state of a physical entity into a voltage value or electric current in [...]

Analytics and the ‘Internet of Things’

Analytics has become a major buzzword these days, whether in the realm of connected devices, the Internet of Things, web analytics or big data business analytics. In the context of the Internet of Things, I [...]

The Internet of Things (IoT) will improve efficiency in business and will change our lifes.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we work, play, and live. With IoT, businesses will differentiate themselves, and will improve their capacities in the years ahead in a broad range of industries, [...]

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