The sensors and the Internet

Very soon, the evolution of the Internet will lead to the massive opening of new applications geared towards the Internet of Things. The future of technology, technical and scientific research, commercial activities and investment rely [...]

Objectives of Automotive IoT Industries

Two attributes that are considered highly desirable in memory for the burgeoning automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) markets are a small footprint and low power consumption, but in the automotive market in particular, simpler [...]

Progression of autonomous driving vehicles

According to a study prepared by IHS, the US is currently placed ahead of the deployment of autonomous driving vehicles. Japan is progressing in terms of the industrial coordination and China remains a vast potential [...]

Agreement on an European Cyber Security

As a founding member of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), NXP has signed an agreement regarding the public-private partnership in the area of cyber security. Launched by NXP and other enterprises and institutions, ECSO [...]

Against terrorism in coastal areas

The Indian Department of Basant Kumar Dash issued biometric ID cards with fingerprints for its 2.6 million fishermen in the coastal districts. The government decided to reassure the public by measures of control population. This [...]

The national identity card in the world

Useful, but not always mandatory, the Computerized National Identity Card (NIC) has been adopted in different countries in varying contexts. Its status globally is quite varied. Some countries have not created an identity card system, [...]

Stormshield and Gemalto are securing mobile data exchanges

Stormshield, an Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary, and Gemalto, a digital security expert, are consolidating their partnership in developing a technology to secure end to end connections and exchange of data on all mobile devices. [...]

Fraud on payment cards in France

French Security of payment cards Observatory (OSCP) reports a slight decline in fraud rates on transactions with a French bank card in France. This rate was in 2015 to 0.040%, against 0.043% in 2014, which [...]

UK Smart Cities realization is in trouble

“The standards are not sufficient to implement large projects.” That’s the conclusion of a report from Lucy Zodion, a street lighting design and manufacturing firm, which found that 80% of the 187 councils in the [...]

SmartMetric enhances mobile security using biometrics

SmartMetric, creator of biometric credit card, has successfully integrated inside the card, a powerful fingerprint scanner. The company improves the biometric card technology for the benefit of mobile security and identity check. SmartMetric has developed [...]

The brain, mobile telephone and epilepsy

Installed within the Institute for Brain and Spinal Marrow in Paris, BioSerenity Company is a start-up focused on intelligent clothing as a medical device. In its application called “Neuronaute” BioSerenity has developed a solution that [...]

Voice and M2M data on the road, a running service!

Chevrolet (or Chevy) subsidiary of the American company General Motors, has reduced the prices of its 4G data services because of growing competition that occurs on the connected car market. Monthly prices for data transfer [...]

The Internet of Things is landing in the country

The “Biorobotics” just born, is the technology that deals with biological sensors used in agriculture and other areas. In this context, engineers from the University of Washington in St. Louis are developing detection systems based [...]

Brexit and the Internet

The recent referendum that has led to the Brexit decision calls each. The question arises: “Is Vox populi, Vox Dei”? This voice of God, expressed in the ballot boxes, is it the common sense? The [...]

Insurance for Driverless Car

Adrian Flux, a British insurance company that has long specialized in hard-to-insure vehicles, now specifically covers driverless features, beginning with today’s stalwarts, like automatic braking and extending to tomorrow’s, like lane changing and self-navigation. It’s one of [...]

ST, Qualcomm team up on sensors for smartphones

STMicroelectronics NV and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. are set to collaborate on providing sensor subsystems for smart mobile equipment such as smartphones with the aim of extracting maximum performance and power efficiency. ST will provide inertial [...]

Security Component for the Internet of Things

STMicroelectronics is selling a security component designed to protect devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) at Industrial and consumer levels. The objective of this component is to prevent hackers from making any attempt [...]

Be Carefull: Bluetooth 5 arrives !

The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has announced that its next release, coming late 2016 to early 2017, will be called Bluetooth 5. It will quadruple range, double speed (4 Mbps), and increase data broadcasting [...]

Are mobile networks ready for the IoT?

According to a study prepared by Intelligence, two thirds of those responsible for the telecommunications industry believe that the current infrastructure of mobile networks is not suitable for the IoT. The study, which is [...]

Peru electronic passport competes with best ID cards in Latin America

Given its up-to-date features and high security measures, Peru’s electronic passport has been nominated for Best ID Card at the High Security Printing Latin America conference, which gathers organizations involved in the field of high [...]

Contactless Wristband from Gemalto for Euro 2016

On the occasion of the Euro 2016, Gemalto, expert in digital security, has developed, in cooperation with the operator of public transport, Keolis Lille, a ticket in the form of a contactless wristband. The use [...]

Patent for the biometric authentication process

Intellicheck Mobilisa announced that it has been awarded a U.S. patent that governs the two-factor fingerprint biometric identity process that authenticates an identity card with embedded fingerprint biometric information and the live biometric information of [...]

The secret of the Digital Economy, as seen by China

With the advent of digital era, two models of society seem to be settling on the planet today. The classic model is the one we know and the new model seems to be developed by [...]

Ten million Biometric Identification Cards for Senegal

Iris Corp Bhd, a digital identity and business solutions company, has clinched a $84M USD contract from the Senegal government for the supply of 10 million new multi-application biometric identity cards based on contactless chip [...]

The Internet of Sensors starts in Europe

The “IoSense” European project began in Dresden, Germany, on the Infineon Technologies company’s site. IoSense is a 3-year R & D project with a budget of 65 million euros. It led by 33 partners from [...]

Formalization of the Electronic Signature in Europe in July 2016

Two years after its adoption by the European Union, the eIDAS Regulation (electronic identification and trust services) will come into force on 1 July 2016. The electronic signature will then officially be recognized throughout Europe. [...]

Small Skin Circuits for e-Health IoT Apps

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has developed integrated circuits associable to the epidermis of the human body as part of the medical Internet of Things. Their work is based on the resources of the 5G wireless [...]

The “Compte Nickel” (Nickel Account)

Created in late 2013 by the young company “Financial electronic payments”, the “Nickel Account” is used by 300,000 customers today. This is an account “without bank” that can be opened on presentation of an ID [...]

Online Banking: Fraud is progressing!

Online banking is a dynamic activity in the financial services sector. Every innovation has advantages, but also often weak points. The online banking services have the advantage of customer loyalty because they offer ergonomics, automatic [...]

Smart applications with SWCNT supercap

Researchers from Aalto University (Finland) and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Russia) have demonstrated a fully transparent electrochemical double-layer capacitor (EDLC) relying on single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) films for their electrodes. The SWCNT [...]

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