What for Internet? A “New” Generation Network or a “Next Generation Network” ?

While more and more innovative applications are occurring on the Internet, security does not seem to make much progress. Business companies are not happy about! Why going to digital if the most tangible result is [...]

Security threats on the Internet, according to Symantec

According to the latest edition of the ISTR report Symantec (Internet Security Threat Report) which analyzes all Internet security threats, the number of violations of extensive data has increased eightfold between 2012 and 2013, totalling [...]

Secure e-Health Card by Inside Secure

Inside Secure, a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, announces that it has started delivering its latest generation secure microcontroller for the Carte SESAM-Vitale 2 program, the French national health care [...]

A large European Project

The European Union is wishing to unify both the identity card and the driving license in use in European countries. On this occasion, major difficulties would be resolved with the use of the three European [...]

Mobile Relationship Marketing with Gemalto

In several countries, Gemalto has launched a successful mobile marketing solution through a new support mobile communication : the ” Smart Message.” This media allows you to use mobile phone as a marketing tool for [...]

Mobile terminal with locking system

In the United States and in South Korea, a device called a ” Kill Switch” is implemented on mobile devices. This is a security mechanism used to stop the function control of the device in [...]

Role of Identity cards

An ID card is the official document that allows a person to prove his identity. It includes a photograph of the holder. To some extent, an identification card can also be used as a travel [...]

OpenSSL Software Vulnerability

  This Internet spoil our lives. It is a toy for teenagers that is rich in errors and IT weaknesses. The proof is still made today with the weakness of OpenSSL, computer process called “high [...]

M2M Standards

Present in many areas, M2M technology is the subject of intense activity in several standardization’s entities. The dynamic enthusiasm shown by the industry towards this future technology explains that these standardization activities are not only [...]

Adoption of the Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) by the European Parliament.

The European Parliament has approved the proposed Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market, so-called ‘eIDAS Regulation’. Eurosmart considers this vote as a crucial step towards the removal [...]

M2M markets and networks

Communications from machine to machine (M2M) attract a lot of attention in both academia and industry. Their applications are indeed in many of the electrical distribution networks, in consumer electronics, communications between vehicles or in [...]

Industrial Production Flow controlled by RFID

Martin Technologies, French leader in industrial marking on metals and plastics, proposes the integration of the radio frequency identification technology (RFID) labels on plastic and membrane keyboards. Martin Technologies has developed a demonstrator on one [...]

AT&T’s Traffic Growth Thanks to its Wi-Fi Networks

Wi -Fi technology has become a necessity to capture the consumer traffic. In 2012, AT & T managed to get 2.7 billion additional connections to its network. Consumers use the Wi -Fi connectivity in their [...]

Security chip solution protects network-connected electronics

Infineon Technologies’ OPTIGA Trust P is a programmable hardware-based solution for improved security of electronic devices in connected systems. In the OPTIGA Trust family, it provides robust device authentication, protects computing systems from both intentional [...]

European Standards for Cybersecurity prepared by ETSI

ETSI, the leading ICT standards organization, has opened a new technical committee on Cybersecurity to address the growing demands for standards in this field. Today the Internet has become a critical infrastructure for a population [...]

Strengthening the Multos Consortium

MULTOS is celebrating its 500 million smart cards issued and strengthens its Multos Consortium with several leading industrials. The ecosystem partners MULTOS celebrated in 2012 the milestone of 500 million cards used in highly secure [...]

New NFC Services in Orange

After the launch in last September of its NFC Service Center platform, Orange extends its range of NFC services to professionals and SMEs to make their media interactive communication involving flashcodes or NFC tags. With [...]

Telemedicine and e-Health ICT provide ICT synthesis

Since the last fifteen years, information technology and communication have invaded the field of medicine. The Director of CATEL, Pierre TRAINEAU, at the Global Telehealth 2014 Videoconferencing Event, bringing together over 1,400 people scattered in [...]

American Espionage in China

According to the documents of the alert’s launcher Edward Snowden, NSA, the U.S. intelligence services, had access to the source code of some of the equipment the Chinese company Huawei. Although these indiscretions have affected [...]

RFID or NFC facing Standards Evolution

Large organisations that have to secure sprawling premises and large buildings are currently working with access solutions that come with RFID as standard. However, there are a number of reasons to question existing identification solutions: [...]

NFC Apps of the Future

Near-field communications has been touted as the next big thing for mobile payment, in retail stores to replace contactless credit cards, for transport applications, or to pair devices for quick configuration or promotional data exchanges. [...]

Payment by Credit Card associated with Mobile Location

Credit Card Mastercard Company is testing a new service that would only allow credit card transactions for the card outside the users home country when their mobile phone is also detected to be in the [...]

High sensitivity of a MEM bio-sensor

A research team of the Toyohashi University of Technology has developed a label-free biosensor that overcomes the weakness of conventional MEMS-based biosensors for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Utilizing a Fabry-Perot interferometer, the researchers succeeded in [...]

NFC Antenna for Very Flat Smartphones

Grupo Premo has prepared a very small NFC antenna for slim PDA. This antenna and its associated mounting improve the communication distance for applications of near field communication (NFC) such as cashless payment distance, physical [...]

Smart Cards in the Banks of the United States?

Credit cards with a magnetic stripe are common in the United States. As fraud has intensified over the past two years, it has been proposed to introduce the use of chip system called ” EMV [...]

The identity card propels election campaign in Mauritius

While preparing the election campaign for 2015 in Mauritius, voters are concerned about the obligation to change their conventional identity card against an electronic identity card this year. Twenty-five figures in the country, including two [...]

Moving Access Control Intelligence to the Door and the Phone

The physical security and access control market is undergoing a major transition to IP-based solutions at the moment. Emerging technologies will deliver ease of operation, simplified expansion and customisation, and the ability to integrate a [...]

The IoT and the M2M economy

Network operators must define the role they intend to play in the ecosystem of the IoT (Internet of Things). It is about connecting billions of objects, cars, utility meters, television receivers and even household items [...]

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Europe moves towards Digital

On the occasion of the Innovation Convention organized by the European Commission in Seville, Commercial Director of Telefónica, Eduardo Navarro, has been a champion of digital activities. According to Cellular-News, Eduardo Navarro urged all actors [...]

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