The Seniors and the Internet

The openness of the Internet for old people is a key theme. It makes sense to encourage all French Internet use in any occasion and to further open the market to an audience of retirees [...]

IoT smart city video security solution offers ‘security without surveillance’

Sensity Systems Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA ) has collaborated with Genetec Inc. (Montreal, Canada) to offer an advanced IoT public safety and video security solution that is integrated with LED lighting. Kansas City, Missouri, USA will [...]

Internet of Things in the Home: What for ?

Network entertainment applications are the stepping stone to a broader home Internet of Things (IoT) experience, even as consumers remain skeptical of the value proposition behind the home Internet of Things, wary of their cost [...]

A European Cloud for the Project “Industries of the Future”

The European Commission intends to act quickly and effectively with a budget of 50 billion euros for the establishment of a real European Industrial Strategy. Avoiding fratricidal conflicts between different national plans such as the [...]

PCI facing online fraud

ECPA (European Association for the payment card *) has partnered with the international organization that sets card safety standards. The European Association of payment networks will contribute its expertise on smart card domaine. ECPA is [...]

Barclays supports INTERPOL in combating cybercrime

A new agreement between INTERPOL and Barclays marks an important development in public-private partnerships to more effectively combat cybercrime. Barclays will become the first financial institution to have staff working full-time alongside police and other [...]

Digital identity card relies on the use of standards

Each year, million of identity thefts are made on the web with detrimental consequences for people who have been targeted. According to a recent SafeNet study, identity theft is in first line in the ranking [...]

Beware of Cybercrim !

According to the annual report from Symantec, cybercrime is very active in France. Our country has gone in one year from 14th to 9th place with a ranking in which dominate China, the US and [...]

Gemalto deploys Secure Element based applet for Mobile Payments on Wearables

Gemalto, the world expert in digital security, has provided a secure element based applet for smart wearables launched by China UnionPay Co. (CUP), one of the world’s major payment associations with total transactions reaching USD [...]

Who will finance the Internet tomorrow? Advertising or football?

In the US, the Internet service providers (ISPs) play the role of public service and advertising agency. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT & T and Verizon deliver flow rates required for the Web client and [...]

Uncertainties over MEMS industry future

Last March, the Congress of Industrial specialized in MEMS & Sensors was held in Munich. It has addressed the issue of the production of MEMS (microelectromechanical sensors) in the coming decade. This theme has raised [...]

About the closure of Bank Branches

Because of current economic difficulties, banks seek to reduce costs and transform their business models appropriately. One of the means used to deal with this movement is to close small branches and focus on digital [...]

False Identity Documents and Terrorism

The terrorists who struck at Paris have used false identity documents that Belgian police had not detected. The Belgian investigation has dismantled a clandestine Belgian workshop that produced thousands of identity documents for terrorists, criminals [...]

Five steps online to get an Electronic Identity Card

South African Citizens can get the issue of an identity card or passport chip while sitting in their home. The Interior Ministry has reduced queues by launching an application on the portal “eBusiness at home” [...]

For or against the closure Dark Net Access ?

According to a new Ipsos poll conducted in 24 countries commissioned by the Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI), 70% of citizens would like the closure of access to the “Dark Net”. The Dark [...]

Electronic Financial Transfers in the Developing World

With the fast pace of technology development and improving digital experience, electronic transfers globally are being adopted at a rapid pace. The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), an independent policy and research center [...]

Biometric Border Control Go Mobile in Ukraine

The Ukrainian State border officers are now able to control aboard international trains, streamline the queues or to perform controls of automobile drivers and passengers along highways. They use the new BPT500M biometric verification portable [...]

Hypocrisy Blows on Mobile Terminals

Japan’s Corp Sun, with the help of one of its Israeli subsidiaries Cellebrite, helped the FBI to unlock the iPhone 5C mobile terminal used by one of the authors of the massacre that had killed [...]

Distribution of Biometric Turkish ID Cards

Turkish authorities have begun the distribution of new biometric identity cards in the Central Anatolian province of Kırıkkale, which was selected as the pilot province for the program. The new “smart” cards, which contain chips, [...]

Numbering French Villages and Hamlets

A clever boss must know its resources. To inventory, he first classifies its ressources and it assigns a serial number according to the rules carefully studied. Responsibility for Car park management was awarded in France [...]

Standardization of Internet of Things interconnection

“oneM2M” is the global standards initiative that covers requirements, architecture, API specifications, security solutions and interoperability for Machine-to-Machine and IoT technologies. oneM2M was formed in 2012 and consists of eight of the world’s preeminent standards [...]

Infineon presents world’s smallest plug-and-play NFC security module for smart wearables

From fitness trackers and smart keys to chains, watches or wristbands – smart wearables of all kinds are increasingly including mobile payment functionality. Wearable manufacturers are thus challenged to equip even the smallest of devices [...]

Cyberattacks on hospitals

Usually, the fighters will not attack hospitals during a war. In Cybercrime, hackers have no such qualms. Because, on average, in the US, hospitals are attacked approximately every 7 seconds and 24 hours a day. [...]

Technology Basics 41: “Internet today and tomorrow”

Communication protocol, Internet is also for the last thirty years a global network. The evolution of this mesh network that combines computers and communication networks is permanent. The new players of the Internet (the OTT, [...]

Illegal access to Internet

The Lebanese Telecommunications Minister fired the alarm after the recent discovery of several illegal telecommunication networks scattered in Lebanon without the knowledge of the government. These illegal networks threaten the security of the State, since [...]

Mobile phones give a Fast track to financial activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa, many customers face significant barriers to accessing financial services on mobile phones. According to the report “Financial services for everyone,” written by Ericsson ConsumerLab, in sub-Saharan Africa, more than half of consumers [...]

Fingerprint Scannners

Refugees in Germany have been issued with a special refugee identity card or “proof of arrival” since 28 January 2016. The registration of refugees is being carried out using a new system that will gradually [...]

US elections: Identification of the Texas Citizen

On the Super Tuesday, a great number of citizens thronged to the polling station in Fort Worth, Texas to elect more than 1,400 delegates. But how is it identifying voters ensured? According to the Texas [...]

The end of the Old Networks

The telephone network circuit-switched (our brave old PSTN) will disappear after more than a century of existence and its end is scheduled for 2024. For France, step by step extinctions will be announced from 2021. [...]

Incomplete electronic Identity Cards

After several weeks of controversy, the Tanzania state-run National Identification Authority (NIDA) acknowledged that the signatures of the holders were missing on the new electronic ID cards manufactured recently. Accordingly, it was appropriate to manufacture [...]

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