Regulation and technological development

According to WHO, each year, road accidents worldwide kills about 1.3 million people and injure 40 times (between 25 and 50 million injured, especially young people aged 15-29 years). To remedy the unreasonable use of [...]

Smartphones and Internet of Things to Help Prevent Diabetic Amputations

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage associated with the development of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes. Resulting from anatomical deformation, excessive pressure and poor blood supply, it affects over 130 million individuals [...]

ID card must to enter school premises

Private educational institutions following the SOP formulated by the Punjab government have decided to ensure the possession of identity card of the institution by students and other staff at the entry points. Private sector schools [...]

Cybersecurity in 2016

The information security risk must be managed as a financial deal, a commercial reputation or a legal issue. Too often, a company’s management understands the gravity of the situation only after a data breach. The [...]

Fingerprint Sensor Market Growth Continues Upward Trajectory

Fingerprint sensors, used primarily for mobile device login and payment security systems, have become an expected feature in high end smartphones and, to a lesser extent, in tablets and notebook computers. Led by Apple’s iPhone [...]

Turkey to introduce new IDs in line with EU visa deal

Turkey has passed a new law to introduce a new version of identity cards for its citizens, as part of steps toward becoming a European Union member state. The new version of the Turkish national [...]

New Intel chips feature anti-hacker tech

Chipmaker Intel has announced its 6th-generation Intel Core vPro processor family, which now features the company’s Authenticate – a hardware-enhanced multifactor authentication solution that strengthens identity protection. The latest iteration of Intel Core vPro processors [...]

Security of contactless payment

Ease of use has not been consistent with effective security. German hackers have just confirmed this rule by reporting flaws in two protocols used in card payment systems. In principle, contactless payment has attractive assets. [...]

Fatigue and Road Safety

The French company Innov-plus has developed equipment able to analyze in real time the behavior of a car driver and any signs of fatigue or inattention. Assistance for vigilance camera system on the basis of [...]

The Internet of medical Things is monitoring my heart

To reduce cost and complexity of the wrist sensors for monitoring the heart rate, Silicon Labs has developed the Si1144 module. Small footprint, this HRM (Heart-Rate Monitor) sensor includes an optical low-power sensor associated with [...]

Tunisia, a pioneer country in digital banking

Tunisia will soon be the first country to authorize the use of its virtual currency via an application running through Blockchain and Bitcoin. The service will deployed with the help of a partnership between the [...]

The bonanza of the Internet of Things for the American Industry

The ever expanding adoption and continued growth of innovations comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) will help lead the U.S. consumer technology industry to a record setting $287 billion in retail revenues ($224 billion wholesale) [...]

Can The Internet of Things saves the bees?

Can Today’s technology solve the problems facing humanity? In other words, the central question this morning is whether the Internet can help beekeepers to reduce losses that cause them the varroa mite, the insecticides and [...]

Research identifies IoT security concerns

The Internet of Things is in danger of becoming a denial of service (DoS) threat, according to a new report from Information service Neustar, which warns that security is the top concern among senior IT [...]

Detection of intruders in the network

The SAS software SAS Cybersecurity is the indispensable defense system to fight against cybercriminals. It detects the most critical threat posed by hackers already present in the network, through billions of daily events comb, looking [...]

A wireless authentication for IoT

STMicroelectronics and ClevX, a company specialized in the development of IP technologies for mobile and portable storage devices, are marketing encrypted mobile storage system which is secured by DataLock with user authentication made by a [...]

Wifi Alliance announces HaLow for Smart Homes

The Wifi Alliance industry association has chosen “HaLow” as the designation for a new technology that uses unlicensed 900 MHz spectrum and 802.11ah standard for lower power wifi. The principal significance of HaLow is expected [...]

Russia Launches Payment Card Against Existing Players MasterCard and Visa

Russia issued its first electronic payment cards on December 15, 2015, aiming to compete with international payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard. The Russian national payment card system—branded Mir, which means “peace” or “world” [...]

Morpho wins smart card deal with Brazilian payments processor

Morpho (Safran), a global leader in identity and security solutions, today announced the production of state-of-the-art smart card modules for Elo, a 100% Brazilian payment association set up by Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and CAIXA. [...]

End-to-end security with IPv6 and over Bluetooth

Available to download, the Nordic Semiconductor nRF5 Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Internet of Things (IoT) enables Bluetooth Smart ‘things’ employing nRF52 Series SoCs running IPv6 over Bluetooth Smart to be commissioned to a [...]

Let us be discovering the Fintechs!

In the digital sector, new actors have emerged, the Fintechs. Fintechs are young financial services companies, experts in cryptography software, anti-fraud systems, bank card editors, which combine financial activity, new technologies and the legal aspets. [...]

China UnionPay Launches Mobile Payment Solution

China UnionPay (CUP), the world’s largest bank cards issuer, enters the mobile payment space by launching QuickPass in Beijing in cooperation with over 20 commercial banks. QuickPass is powered by contactless payment technologies centered on [...]

Identity card for refugees in FRG

Germany’s cabinet agreed to introduce an identity card for refugees as it tries to better control the wave of migrants arriving from Syria, Afghanistan and other trouble spots. Around one million refugees are expected to [...]

Towards an obligation to secure data in Europe

After United Kingdom and the Netherlands which incite starting from  the1th of January 2016 all companies to protect their data and to notify within 72 hours any serious data breach, the whole business in Europe [...]

Alfred – Beat back pain with a game

The Alfred system comes with a game for people with lower back pain. It is a real serious game to help people reduce pain in their lower back, which is a common disorder. Alfred, which [...]

Smart Cities will be the Biggest Drivers of the Internet of Things

Smart cities will use 1.6 billion connected things in 2016, according to a recent report from Gartner Inc. Smart commercial buildings will be the biggest users of the Internet of Things (IoT) until 2017, after [...]

ITU Assembly sets out broad directions for 5G and IoT policy

The recent ITU (International Telecommunications Union) Radiocommunication Assembly (RA-15) has discussed future directions for wireless communications. Held every four years, the Radiocommunication Assembly deliberated the future direction of radiocommunications and reached significant decisions that will [...]

Wisway is using NFCs’ticketing for all French Public Transport

RATP (the French Urban transports), SNCF, (French railway company), Gemalto and Orange announce the creation of “Wizway Solutions”, a joint venture dedicated to the development of mobility without contact. Wizway Solutions combines the expertise of [...]

Internet of Things against hypertension

The French Committee against Hypertension (HTA) reports the results of its FLAHS 2015 study. It was conducted by Kantar Health with over 6,000 French people over 55, including 1724 hypertensive patients having a self-measurement device. [...]

The company CoinPip rises in the international’s Blockchain

CoinPip Company, a young international company, is headquartered in Singapore because it knows the area very well. CoinPip allows businesses and individuals to transfer money at a low cost by using the Bitcoin as an [...]

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