A Wiki Vocabulary for ICT

The vocabulary of Information and Communication Technology continues to evolve but the very wise “Commission of Terminology and Neology for ICT” was suddenly setting extended vacation. Is it possible to extend the life of these [...]

Cooperation between two IoT standardization entities

The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) is approaching the UPnP Forum (Universal Plug and Play) on the topic of future interoperability standards of the Smart Homes. The UPnP Forum was established fifteen years ago and it [...]

Smart bracelet Zembro designed for the elderly

The Belgian IMEC Research Centre and the start-up UEST company started the production of electronic Zembro Bracelet, designed to allow seniors to connect with family and friends anytime and anywhere. Wearable technology holds the promise [...]

The project MirrorLink, candidate for the connected car’s ETSI standards

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and ETSI have announced a co-operation agreement under which the latter will formally consider the former’s MirrorLink method of publishing data on car dashboards as an ETSI Technical Specification (TS). [...]

Chicago City is becoming Digital

The Internet of Municipal Objects is well underway in Chicago. The third city of the United States has organized all its municipal services (30,000 employees) with 981 digital applications such as optimization of rodent control, [...]

Japan enters the Digital World

The first January, Japan will enter the figures and numbers era, because all the Japanese administrative system will be able to manage digitally its citizens using their personal identification number, the smart and secure identification [...]

M2M to monitor recalcitrant patients

The Internet of Things is not growing only in intelligent transport or in smart cities domaines. The area of health that allows monitoring of patients in hospital or at home is entering in a expansion [...]

Management of Smart Cards in Business

Open Trust announced the availability of Virtual Guard for OpenTrust-CMS, its management solution for Virtual SmartCards in the enterprise Since several years, companies set up card-based smart solutions to secure access to information systems, encrypt [...]

(Français) Gestion des Smart Cards d’entreprise

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

Identity theft by reports of the bank card information

The change in technology of the EMV bank cards has given the opportunity for fraudsters to act from personal information of vulnerable and a bit naïve customers. Fraudsters have indeed sent emails to a number [...]

Training in computer security

Arkoon Netasq, an Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary is a leading player in the cyber security market. Telecom Lille engineering school and Arkoon Netasq are offering to students a digital security certification as “Administrator” for [...]

The low power networks are suitable for IoT

The various existing communication protocols have been tested to meet the application requirements of IoT. WiFi and Bluetooth are well known in markets of consumer electronics. Their rivals, Z-Wave and ZigBee; are mesh network protocols [...]

NFC mobile payments in India

Uber Stories and Walmart are the pioneers of mobile NFC payment services in India. In India, the RBI’s central bank (Federal Reserve’s India), requires two-factor authentication for any bank transaction. The Uber application is following [...]

Smartphone to monitor air pollution

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia have developed a low-cost, reliable method of using a smartphone detecting nitrogen dioxide (NO2) which is potentially a deadly form of air pollution. Nitrogen dioxide is an air [...]

Upsurge in cyber-frauds

A group of Ukrainian hackers stole 150 000 press releases in communication agencies, creating a loss of tens of millions of dollars. In 2014, other hackers known as “FIN 4″ had targeted executives, researchers and [...]

The complexity of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things Technology (IoT) connects billions of devices through Internet connections. On this point, high hopes of magical accomplishments are expected in the field of Smart Cities, the autonomous car (ITS, Intelligent Transport [...]

BT’s Race for Broadband For All

BT has launched the project “broadband for all” and does not intend that Ofcom, the UK regulatory body could cut its momentum Openreach division specialized in this activity. BT intends to be the only national [...]

Implementation of electronic ID Cards

The gradual introduction of electronic identity Card provokes reactions of the population. Ireland is concerned and Nigeria welcomes these new provisions. All the characteristics of Irish citizens are summarized in centralized files. Names, birth dates, [...]

Credit card and contactless face fraud

Online payment by credit card continues to arouse the fears of consumers, and about half of online shoppers are still apprehensive. According to the 2014 annual report prepared by the French Observatory of the security [...]

Digital Payments and Security Aspects

According to the annual global digital payments report prepared by BCG, the level of deficiencies safety and the protection of personal data represent barriers to adoption of these new means of payment. Yet the annual [...]

Smartphone for pesticides detection

Researchers have shown again how the smartphone is changing speed and cost of business in unrelated fields from healthcare to biotechnology. Here paper sensors that can be analyzed using an Android program on a smartphone [...]

The Mobile Payment and Orange

Orange opens throughout France Orange Cash banking service that uses the contactless NFC (Near Field Communications). Tests conducted in 2014 in Strasbourg, Caen, Lille and Nice had demonstrated the technical feasibility of the operation with [...]

The merits of 4G narrowband

You have to read with a magnifying glass the press releases if you wants to understand the merits of the new technology. 4G relates to mobile communications. It is often designated by the acronym LTE [...]

Biometrics with Performant Tools for “Smart Borders”

France has called for all visitors to the Schengen area to be required to submit biometric data at automated borders, including EU nationals. The French delegation suggests broadening the scope of the ‘Smart Borders’ package [...]

New European Directive on Payment Services

The European Parliament recently adopted the second Directive on payment services (DSP2). This European document aims to make cross-border payments as efficient and secure as payments within a Member State. It also seeks to improve [...]

One very important aspect of the Medical IoT

The health domaine is enriched with many amenities necessary for monitoring the health in hospital or for wearable equipment designed for fitness. The Austrian company AMS, based in Graz, just put on the market the [...]

Reducing fraud in banking transactions

The smart card reduces the rate of bank fraud and its management opens the way for the detection of the most frequent ones. The Rippleshot Institute has studied for more than 15 years electronic payment [...]

Internet of Things and Enterprises

According to a study performed this summer by IDC, the Internet of Things is skyrocketing in the enterprise. Nearly 73% of the 2,500 companies from 15 countries participating in a survey indicated that they had [...]

The benefits of the 4G LTE for IoT

4G / LTE technology presents real advantages for IoT applications. LTE technology brings a universal cellular coverage that can be deployed wherever there network coverage for mobile can be. Small cell deployments provide better coverage [...]

4G meets the requirements of the IoT

To be able to ensure by 2020 some fifty billion IoT connections, it is necessary to consider how the devices will be able to use them. Should it be necessary to prepare specialized networks built [...]

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