A toy becoming an indispensable tool

Internet seduced first youth because of its ease of use and its multiple applications. Criticized and cursed because of its lack of security and of facilities open to fraud, the Internet has gradually become the [...]

New sensors based on MEMs

According to the market analysis conducted recently by Yole Developement, technology-based micro-mechanisms electromechanical sensors (or MEMS) is in rapid evolution. The MEMS consist of mechanical microsystems performing sensor functions or activators. They are increasingly used [...]

Apple Pay, the successful payment ecosystem

Apple Pay payment system was built with the help of banks, retailers, and many partners. Pay Apple has a good head start on its competitors. Apple Pay works with most major credit and debit cards [...]

Very Simple Cyber Attack!

All door locks are ineffective when one left the front door open. And it is the same for bank accounts! One Saturday morning, at 6:00, someone calls on the phone to ask for confirmation of [...]

Nearly 5 billion objects connected in 2015

According to Gartner Research Institute, nearly 5 billion devices connected to the Internet will be in use in 2015, an increase of 30% compared to 2014. In 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will connect [...]

Simplified electronic driving license

Under present conditions, France is already living beyond its “environmental needs” and must therefore make savings. Consequently, the French government reversed its decision to generalize the driving license in the form of a “credit card” [...]

“Silence, shut up! Walls have Ears! »

You probably know that there is on the Internet a variety of online tools available to participate in piracy of responses to questionnaires or to launch artificial traffic flashes on websites. According to the website [...]

BT’s Strategy on Fixed and Mobile Supports

Like all incumbent network operators, BT must adjust its network capabilities to customer demand on the various media available. As it is necessary to make preliminary tests to be sure of the quality of service [...]

“Net Neutrality”, what about ?

The term “net neutrality network” refers to the rules of classical ethics transport connections. The postman should be neutral in its mission of routing connections. He does not care about the relative importance of their [...]

Skyrocketing sensor market for handheld computer

According to a market study prepared by IHS Technology, demand for sensors for smartphones and tablets continues to grow and this trend will increase over the period 2012-2018,. Samsung and Apple dominate this activity with [...]

SuperCom implements the electronic passport and national security systems

SuperCom company announced that it had signed a contract relating to the delivery of a national security system which consists of a visa and passport biometric control devices, and a resident identification system for a [...]

Collaboration between education and the Internet of Things

The technological evolution led to the opening of new teaching methods based on collaborative processes. The level of connectivity offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) allows to enrich the learning process for students worldwide. [...]

Priority to the Internet of Things

Major technical changes are underway, although we do not yet know where they will lead us. First, the Internet is gradually changing and there is no evidence that we still retain a unique Internet globally. [...]

Secure NFC/RFID tag with energy harvesting

This new device, developed by Maxim Integrated, is a NFC / RFID tag that protects the transfer of sensitive data between master and slave devices. The MAX66242 authenticates, configures and collects data from any embedded [...]

Hackers’ dynamism mobilized a large industrial experts team

The “Assure Threat Defense” (ATD) service from BT is attempting to detect the beginnings of hacking, penetration of networks by potential security vulnerabilities, intrusions into databases, etc. Nearly 2,000 IT experts were recruited for this [...]

Digital identity in question in the United States

To communicate its Internet address or its phone number does not pose problems for Americans. But using an electronic ID card is deeply shocking. Yet the paradox is there. If the Americans have several debit [...]

Tactile Internet and 5G, same futures !

Electronics is driving the future of our society! After the 130 nanos-CMOS, we arrive at the era of 28 nanos on 10 mm2 wafers. These performances with barbarous names are clearly achieving speeds of 10 [...]

What a Surprise: a commercial logo on an official document !

Experts in constitutional law and in economics criticize the Federal Government of Nigeria for agreeing to place the MasterCard logo on the electronic national identity card. MasterCard has provided its logo on the ID card [...]

Market growth of the Internet of Things

According to a study prepared by Gartner Intitute, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be ensured through the creation of many niche applications, by young companies and entrepreneurs, not by technology providers, [...]

Cooperation in authentication

Identity and authentication service provider SecureKey has announced a collaboration with Oberthur Technologies, which delivers SIMs and SIM-based software to drive further competition in the mobile identity service market. The agreement will enable SecureKey to [...]

After the Internet of Things, here is the “Tactile Internet” !

The Internet network, flawed and criticized because of its lack of security, is far from being dead. A new version is born this year and will increase opportunities for professional and secure applications. The mobile [...]

MasterCard shows its innovations in virtual payments

MasterCard has recently opened a technology center in New York that hosts teams of the electronic portfolio of digital activation system and accelerator Path Start program technologies. The center was set up to share innovations [...]

Intellectual debate in the United States on the interest of the electronic identity card

Many people in the United States raise the point on the important technological and legal advances in several European countries due to the widespread adoption of electronic ID cards. An electronic identity card (e-ID) provides [...]

Hacking the Internet of Things

In a recent study, HP discussed the security issues related to the Internet of Things and HP gives advices on the collection of these data, their encryption and storage. The HP study focused on Internet [...]

The Internet of Medical Sensors

In the framework of biometric sensor development, Silicon Labs is presenting several kits for detecting the environment. The SLSTK3201A model streamlines the process of product development related to IoT designed to detect the relative humidity [...]

The functions of the ID card

In some countries, the question arises whether it is possible to extend the role of the ID card to other functions, like passport, credit card and health card. In other countries, the problem is to [...]

Fighting the Epidemics with Mobile Phones

In developing countries, new communication technologies are mobilized to fight against infectious diseases. The war against the virus stimulates researchers and various proposals have been formulated in order to win the battle. First, the enemy [...]

National ID cards

The trend continues around the world: national identity card must serve its owner! In Wisconsin, it is still a legal issue to be resolved before the Courts states about the validity of the Act passed [...]

BYOD: “Bring Your Own Disaster?” Why the corporate dream come true could turn into your worst nightmare

Bring Your Own Device is the alternative IT strategy that allows authorised users to employ personally selected and purchased devices to access corporate applications. A simple concept – but the devil is in the details. [...]

E-Wallet with a single programmable card

Plastc, a company specialized in payment card technology offers a digital wallet capable of replacing all credit, debit, access and gift cards with a single card. The company thus provides an optimized solution for wireless [...]

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