French Macron Law does not want Whistleblowers

Recent events recalled that in France the whistleblowing function is still undesirable. Thus, despite the Republicans improvements gained in 225 years of history, the person who believes to have information useful for the society or [...]

« Better Together » or the Total Identification

The partnership concluded between QuadraMed Corporation and Lifemed ID is evidenced by the creation of the company called “Better Together”. The company aims to implement indexing resources in determining patient identification, a procedure designated by [...]

Evolution of MEMS, according to Yole

According to market research firm Yole Developpement, a change is underway in the technology options for MEMS sensors. The market for MEMS devices based on 3D packaging, new materials and sensing principles will grow from [...]

« Honey pots Traps” against hackers

What company in the high technology sector has not been suffering from hacker attacks? Even the great tenors of online security end to admit they had been victimes of more or less significant degradation in [...]

Lack of security in IoT

The safety report prepared in July 2014 by HP shows that the Internet of Things test systems could easily be forced to extract the user names and passwords. And this could be run remotely, making [...]

About the success of Biometric Authentication Applications

A new report from Juniper Research has found that more than 770 million biometric authentication applications will be downloaded per annum by 2019, up from just 6 million this year and dramatically reducing dependence on [...]

Subcutaneous implant as an identity card

An original experiment is taking place in Sweden. The 400 employees of an office agreed to be implanted with a microchip under the skin to facilitate their activities and business trips. No more ID card [...]

2014 “Breach Index Level” Results

Gemalto, expert in digital security, disseminates the results of the Breach Level Index (BLI) study, prepared by its subsidiary, SafeNet. BLI allows the data and severity vulnerabilities analysis depending on the data type, the number [...]

ITU Launches \Ebola-Info-Sharing\ Mobile Application

The ITU has launched a free mobile Application to be used in the campaign against the Ebola disease outbreak. The “Ebola-Info-Sharing” mobile App facilitates coordination among organizations responding to the Ebola crisis and offers the [...]

Strengthening security measures in 2015, according to HID Global

HID Global, an expert in secured identification solutions, assesses safety, as considered from the point of view of companies. Five major technological developments have been recorded in 2014. • interoperability platforms accessible via smart card [...]

Magnetic sense for humans

Scientists from Germany and Japan have developed a magnetic sensor that is thin, robust and pliable enough to be smoothly adapted even to the most flexible part of the human palm. The development could allow [...]

Where is the break even point in the adoption of digital technologies ?

If one refers to the principles of Political Economy (Eco-Po), technical progress takes hold in society until the certainty of profitability.According to theorist thinkers and to the “Eco-Po” Big Brainers, the triple human, social and [...]

Child safety

The safety of children is at the heart of the work of bodies of ISO and IEC, is a major concern for the company because the child and adolescent injuries are a major cause of [...]

The US cybersecurity plan needs a little more support

The recent statement by President Barack Obama on the protection of US computer networks against piracy was welcomed by the leaders of the industry, even though everyone knows that these wordings will remain at the [...]

Atmel Touch screens for industrial tools

Atmel is manufacturing a new generation of capacitive touch controls “maXTouch U” designed for industrial environments. Smart tools for designers no longer have to worry about the touch controls and display performance during the design [...]

Cybersecurity and Industry Convergence

The availability of connections associated with the connected objects (IoT) reinforces the need for cybersecurity. If the consequences of digital vulnerabilities for information theft, espionage or financial misappropriation are becoming well known, the awareness of [...]

Infineon Introduces OptiMOS a New Generation of Power MOSFET

Infineon Technologies extends its OptiMOS 5 portfolio with 80V and 100V variants. This latest generation of Power MOSFETs is optimized for high switching frequencies especially used in synchronous rectification applications for telecom and server power [...]

NXP Expands its NFC ecosystem to the car

NFC (Near Field Communication) was developed mainly in the context of contactless payments, but the range of potential applications is much broader. The chipmaker NXP decided to open the large field of NFC applications in [...]

The Indian Navy is using biometric security resources

The Indian government has allowed the Indian Navy and its Coast Guard Service to implement a mobile biometric security system. The purpose of this investment is to be able to verify the identity of residents [...]

Simplifying the development of the Internet of Things

Many opportunities are opened to companies of all sizes which are wishing to address the Internet of Things market (IoT). The cost of the sensors has been halved over the past decade, and those related [...]

Internet between sham and forfeiture

The intrusion of a virus does not always occur in the mailbox of others. It can also be sent to you, especially if it has previously concerned one of your relationships. Indeed, the virus often [...]

Biometrics and passwords

Dashlane, security expert, points out for the record, the advantages of biometrics. Biometrics involves the identification of a person’s right for accessing contents or services (authentication). Theoretically, it prevents identity theft and numerous frauds. However, [...]

The Identity Card under ICT Indian Ministry Authority

The Indian Aadhaar Numbering System is used to establish proof of identity and address of citizens. Aadhaar is a 12-digit number used for the digital ID. It is issued by the administration as part of [...]

ID cards for immigrants

Sometimes, the ID card delivery seems more urgent for immigrants than for resident citizens. This paradox is observed both in Turkey and the United States. Turkey has provided some 1.5 million Syrian refugees fleeing civil [...]

Cyber-attacks on Bank Networks

By forcing access to internal payments banking networks, a group of Russian cyber criminals stole about $-18 million. The ‘Anunak’ hacker group  has targeted banks and payment systems from Russia and from the Eastern Europe [...]

The IoT looking for an universal OS

According to Idate, the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to grow annually by 40% on average until 2020. In order to develop the IoT should have a universal operating system (OS). [...]

Standardization of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), for its prospects, mobilizes the large industries that have agreed to standardize this area. According to the New York Times, IBM, Intel, Cisco, General Electric and AT & T network [...]

ETSI issues new specification for M2M modules

ETSI’s Industry Specification Group for Surface Mount Technique has released its Group Specification for Embedded Communication Modules for Machine to Machine Communications (M2).  ETSI’s specification for embedded communication modules, “GS SMT 001”, provides common physical specifications [...]

No ID cards with tattoos and piercings

Some Kazakhstanis are starting to discover that they cannot obtain new identity cards because of having tattoos and piercings on their faces. These people risk being left without documents, In fact, the tattoos and piercings [...]

A Highly desired Identity Card in Nigeria

The new ID-Card is expected since the last four years. It should allow the vote on the other hand, it must also open up access to social services and banking MasterCard services, organization participating in [...]

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