Internet between sham and forfeiture

The intrusion of a virus does not always occur in the mailbox of others. It can also be sent to you, especially if it has previously concerned one of your relationships. Indeed, the virus often [...]

Biometrics and passwords

Dashlane, security expert, points out for the record, the advantages of biometrics. Biometrics involves the identification of a person’s right for accessing contents or services (authentication). Theoretically, it prevents identity theft and numerous frauds. However, [...]

The Identity Card under ICT Indian Ministry Authority

The Indian Aadhaar Numbering System is used to establish proof of identity and address of citizens. Aadhaar is a 12-digit number used for the digital ID. It is issued by the administration as part of [...]

ID cards for immigrants

Sometimes, the ID card delivery seems more urgent for immigrants than for resident citizens. This paradox is observed both in Turkey and the United States. Turkey has provided some 1.5 million Syrian refugees fleeing civil [...]

Cyber-attacks on Bank Networks

By forcing access to internal payments banking networks, a group of Russian cyber criminals stole about $-18 million. The ‘Anunak’ hacker group  has targeted banks and payment systems from Russia and from the Eastern Europe [...]

The IoT looking for an universal OS

According to Idate, the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to grow annually by 40% on average until 2020. In order to develop the IoT should have a universal operating system (OS). [...]

Standardization of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), for its prospects, mobilizes the large industries that have agreed to standardize this area. According to the New York Times, IBM, Intel, Cisco, General Electric and AT & T network [...]

ETSI issues new specification for M2M modules

ETSI’s Industry Specification Group for Surface Mount Technique has released its Group Specification for Embedded Communication Modules for Machine to Machine Communications (M2).  ETSI’s specification for embedded communication modules, “GS SMT 001”, provides common physical specifications [...]

No ID cards with tattoos and piercings

Some Kazakhstanis are starting to discover that they cannot obtain new identity cards because of having tattoos and piercings on their faces. These people risk being left without documents, In fact, the tattoos and piercings [...]

A Highly desired Identity Card in Nigeria

The new ID-Card is expected since the last four years. It should allow the vote on the other hand, it must also open up access to social services and banking MasterCard services, organization participating in [...]

Proliferation of mobile payments offerings

The world of mobile devices is abuzz following the opportunities offered by mobile NFC payments via radio that allow users to buy goods by sending related information. The Apple Pay offer competes with Google, in [...]

Cyber-attacks affect half of French industrial sites

A group of hackers named Linker Squad, recently penetrated and damaged space website Magazines TF1 and many industrial sites, including Sony Pictures, gaming platforms PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, the Tor network, etc. The Magazines TF1 Group, [...]

Religions and electronic ID card

Technical progress is hampered in several countries of the world by religious beliefs. The distribution of the electronic identity card is sometimes questioned or delayed in some countries for these reasons. In Indonesia, India or [...]

Intel invests in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) implies the interconnection of equipment with the Cloud. In the energy sector, the IoT presents a great opportunity to find out more precisely the needs for energy flow and to [...]

Morpho Will Produce National eID Cards for Egypt

Morpho (Safran) Company, expert in government identity solutions, has signed a contract with AOI Electronicss (Arab Organisation for Industrialisation) to produce the Egyptian national eID card. Mr. Abdel Mohsen Abdel Sadek Ismail, Chairman of AOI [...]

RFID manages parachutes

Leaving no room for error, the parachutes production chain associated with RFID, reduced manufacturing costs and improved security. Since the beginning of the production of parachutes in 1943, the US military has studied the manual [...]

European passeports security

The “Fidelity” European Project which belongs to the seventh program of the EU aims to analyse the life cycle of the biometric passport to identifies vulnerabilities an to propose solutions. The project concerns  the protection [...]

Internet Mobile applications help the Chinese Agriculture

IBM helped Sinochem Limited, a fertilizer producer in China, to equip his company with Internet mobile applications to improve yields of millions of rice farmers farms, wheat or soy. Chinese production chain and food supply [...]

Reduced credit card fees for small retailers

Small retailers do not like that a portion of their sales every month will go to pay the transaction fee for credit cards. This was well understood by Kash – a mobile payment startup that has [...]

Happy New Year and be He@lty !

Best wishes to you for 2015 and that e-Health be with you! Indeed, information and communication technologies penetrate more and more the health domaine and the first days of this year are an opportunity for [...]

Contactless versus magnetic stripe

The University of Pennsylvania has officially begun to reform its identity cards system. The technology of magnetic stripe cards will gradually be replaced by integrated smartcards. This migration will require a minimum of five to [...]

Are Networking Problems Preventable?

We must distinguish between the securities between terminals from that presented by the network itself. Between terminals from a specific company, a virtual private network and special terminals are able to afford a high security [...]

The International CES in Las Vegas wants to help cycling


In developed countries, many people return to cycling either as a sport when going to work or to reduce their transportation budget and avoid time lost in transit. In 2013, globally, 132 millions of bicycles [...]

Finally, Security on the Internet comes !

The Princes who rule the Internet have understood that they should not disappoint Internet users and that effective and quick action must be taken to regain their trust. This is done, almost! Indeed, manufacturers have [...]

Wishing a good and secure digital year

As the time for the traditional New Year wishes is approaching, let us at Smart Webzine wish successful experience, management and deployment of digital services at all levels. Looking back at the past 12 months, [...]

Personal Health Monitoring

The Belgian Research Center in nanoelectronics IMEC and the Holst Centre have developed a kit for monitoring personal health. In this kit, a data acquisition chip equipped with integrated multi-sensors performs the translation of all [...]

On the Origin of the IoT and Other Online Services

What would the Cloud Computing, the Internet or the IoT be without the telecommunication networks? In the guise of a lively encyclopaedia of the telecommunication services, a book gives the keys to understand the evolution [...]

Secure Passwords and Biometric Authentication with FIDO

The proliferation of online piracy would be greatly reducing the degree of confidence in the use of the Internet. For this reason, the main players in online banking transactions, including PayPal and Lenovo, created in [...]

Internet passwords robbery

In early August 2014, a gang of Russian hackers have collected no less than 1.2 billion IDs and passwords and more than 500 million email addresses. According to Dashlane, personal data discovered by the American [...]

Bluetooth 4.2 targets IoT

Bluetooth 4.2 boasts improved privacy, higher speed, and a profile that has just been approved, enabling IP connectivity. Bluetooth 4.2 is all about continuing to make Bluetooth Smart the best solution to connect all the [...]

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