The glorious uncertainty of the Internet protocols

That’s fifteen to twenty years we run after the general establishment of IPv6 addressing and that we are expecting a stabilized definition of the SIP session management protocol. Here youth has spent many springs wanting [...]

Elimination of corruption with electronic ID cards

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to take the fingerprints of 1.2 billion people to save $ 12 billion a year. The fight against corruption will fund about what India spends annually on education. With [...]

Card Data Security Compliance

According to a new report by Verizon Communications Inc, our out of five global retailers and other merchants failed interim tests to determine whether they are in compliance with payment card data security standards. This [...]

Russia is studying a mandatory biometric registration

Political Russian Party LDPR has drafted a bill that would obligate all citizens to submit fingerprinting and DNA profiling on a biometric ID Card, in order to improve security. It also suggests that a new [...]

A difficult task awaits Apple over the next six months

Apple’s ambitions put the company at a relatively heavy agenda in 2015. Apple watch defies chonique and Apple must find a place for it either in the jewelry and luxury boutiques or in the horlorgeries. [...]

Triple cooperation for a secured tablet

At CeBIT 2015 in Hanover, Samsung, BlackBerry and IBM unveiled a tablet called SecuTablet. This is a model of Galaxy Tab 10.5 Samsung S aimed at both professionals and the general public and in which [...]

The danger of connected cars

A recently filed class action lawsuit claims that Toyota, Ford and General Motors would knowingly put consumers at risk by selling cars including connected features likely to be controlled remotely by hackers. The complaint filed [...]

Chinese Smart Cards

Digital enters into the life of the Chinese. Beijing has already issued more than 15 million social security cards and more than 70 million municipal transport cards. At the same time, the number of identification [...]

Personal Data Security : Fears and proposed cure

According to the recent study, State of Privacy, published by Symantec, the quality of customer service focuses on data security, a decisive factor in the purchase for 88% of consumers. Most French believe that businesses [...]

Technogym cooperates with Apple Health

Technogym, an expert in the manufacture and distribution of products, services and solutions of exercises for well-being and health, had announced during the IHRSA Congress 2015, the integration of its business with Healthkit, the Health [...]

“Enterprise Immune System” Technology is integrated into the BT security offering

BT incorporates the technology developed by Darktrace company specialized in the cyber defense sector. In this way, BT will have on the overall world map, the new generation of cyber intelligence and cyber threat detection. [...]

About the indiscretions of the electronic ID card

The personal information contained in the electronic ID card poses unexpected problems. If the social group wants to know who Mr. Durand is, Mr Durand is probably not ready to explain who he is. And [...]

The Wide Range of the RFID Offering

The RFID industry is evolving and deployments are improving and diversifying every year. Among the latest award-winning applications, we note that DIRECTV uses RFID to count 200,000 of broadcast equipment parts, which significantly reduces the [...]

NFC Smartphone – Remote Control of Digital Living

Post only available in French.

Portable sensors and medical knowledge

Therapeutic and medical cares, in conventional medicine, are based on the experience gained and on cares effectiveness. The approval of these is under the responsibility of licensed and accredited entities. So far, traditionally, new therapies [...]

Fujitsu Biometric Identity Multi-factor Verification

Fujitsu currently markets a multi-factor identity verification device, called “PalmSecure ID Match.” This device is designed to meet a variety of security-sensitive applications, including those in the financial, retail, social security and other public services. [...]

We must take care of the security of the new medicine

Hospitals, clinics and insurers are constantly the target of malicious online attacks. According to ABI Research study, professional health sector is poorly prepared to deal with cyber threats. Yet the value of personal health information [...]

The HTTP protocol is not suitable for IoT

HTTP belongs to the old Internet. The world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is for small devices that require only very small interactions and consume very little power. An HTTP request uses complex headers [...]

Municipal ID cards in New York

Hundreds of people came to register for the municipal ID program of the City of New York (NYID Card). This measure applies to anyone over 13 years old residing in the city which is likely [...]

Afghanistan’s Digital Future

The new government of Afghanistan has not yet decided on the timing of entering new biometric identity cards in operation. The project is born in 2010 and came after the episodes of violence that followed [...]

Safety and respect for private life within the Internet of medical Objects

While mobile Health wearable accessories and medical devices connected to the Internet are increasing, it is time to worry about the security risks and threats to the privacy of personal information that could harm consumers. [...]

Hacking Confidential Health Insurance Files

According to the FBI, 80 million records of the Health insurance company American Anthem have been hacked recently. An investigation is currently underway in the utmost discretion. Investigators believe that the violation of social security [...]

How to Secure Mobile Transactions by NFC Link

Ams and STMicroelectronics companies have developed a system that combines NFC from ams and a NFC controller to the secure element from ST. This pairing allows reliable and secure contactless transactions, while respecting the constraints [...]

« Better Together » or the Total Identification

The partnership concluded between QuadraMed Corporation and Lifemed ID is evidenced by the creation of the company called “Better Together”. The company aims to implement indexing resources in determining patient identification, a procedure designated by [...]

French Macron Law does not want Whistleblowers

Recent events recalled that in France the whistleblowing function is still undesirable. Thus, despite the Republicans improvements gained in 225 years of history, the person who believes to have information useful for the society or [...]

Evolution of MEMS, according to Yole

According to market research firm Yole Developpement, a change is underway in the technology options for MEMS sensors. The market for MEMS devices based on 3D packaging, new materials and sensing principles will grow from [...]

« Honey pots Traps” against hackers

What company in the high technology sector has not been suffering from hacker attacks? Even the great tenors of online security end to admit they had been victimes of more or less significant degradation in [...]

Lack of security in IoT

The safety report prepared in July 2014 by HP shows that the Internet of Things test systems could easily be forced to extract the user names and passwords. And this could be run remotely, making [...]

About the success of Biometric Authentication Applications

A new report from Juniper Research has found that more than 770 million biometric authentication applications will be downloaded per annum by 2019, up from just 6 million this year and dramatically reducing dependence on [...]

Subcutaneous implant as an identity card

An original experiment is taking place in Sweden. The 400 employees of an office agreed to be implanted with a microchip under the skin to facilitate their activities and business trips. No more ID card [...]

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