Towards a global microelectronics crisis?

The question arises in industrial settings: will we experience a profound break in the microelectronics components ? The collapse in industrial orders impacts the brunt of the electronic components and the major manufacturers reduce the [...]

Is the electronic IDentity Card needed for Homeland Security ?

Opinions differ between Cameroon and the United Kingdom on the need to use the e-ID Card to ensure security in the country. On the one hand, Cameroon wants to ensure that in the fight against [...]

Google launches OnHub IoT router

Internet giant Google has teamed up with TP-Link to launch a new router that claims to simplify domestic Wi-Fi and is the first device to use Google’s Brillo and Weave IoT software protocols. The key [...]

DNA selects Gemalto to guide EMV deployment strategy for U.S. debit card issuers

Gemalto, expert in digital security, has been selected by the Debit Network Alliance (DNA), a consortium of leading U.S. debit network providers, to deliver EMV consulting services. Gemalto’s EMV Allynis Consulting Services are designed to [...]

India launches “e-KYC” Secure Mobile Authentication Services

The Indian authorities are reminding their efforts made in the field of new technologies and in the implementation of a number of projects, such as “make in India”, “India skill”, “Digital India” recently launched to [...]

Visa Announces mVISA Payment Service in India

Visa Inc. today announced the opening of a new technology development center in Bangalore, India. This center is part of Visa’s global strategy to change its worldwide processing network into an open commerce platform. In [...]

Securing Wi-Fi networks

Various solutions have been proposed to ensure the security of Wi-Fi networks. The latest ones are obviously the most resilient to attacks. Three classes of protections have been developed. The first, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), [...]

In the pursuit of becoming smart

Businesses around the world are seeking the direction for the future, trying to find the right solution to boost up their efficiency and productivity. These businesses will use the power of connected devices managed by [...]

Hacking the Wi-Fi IoT

The devices involved in the Internet of Things (IoT) often use to communicate a wireless protocol called “ZigBee”. When wishing to connect these devices, they send over the wireless network connection authorization applications to their [...]

NXP and HID Global partners increase the security and flexibility of the e-ID / Smartcard

HID Global, expert in secure identity solutions, has released a polycarbonate (PC) designed for ultra-thin insert overlay on electronic identity card (e-ID) to be 30% thinner. This new offering will use direct link to the [...]

Cars without driver and the cooperative driving

Car without driver projects, called “autonomous cars” become clearer. We already know the cars that have a driver assistance and help for example the driver to respect a preset speed. In the 2018-2020 horizon, new [...]

Australia will close one of its 2G networks

One of the three Australian Mobile Phone Operators, Optus, intends to close its 2G network to free up frequencies for mobile broadband services. The company said its 2G services will cease on 1 April 2017. [...]

The essential SIM card is moving again

The removable SIM Card in our smartphones will not be eternal. We had the large SIM Card and at the insistence of innovative industrials, the Global Special Mobile Association (GSMA) has accepted the dual format [...]

Gemalto offers highly reliable encryption capabilities

Gemalto, expert in digital security, announces the availability of its SafeNet Luna SA 6 new solution, a hardware security module (HSM) specifically designed for service providers to provide a cryptographic processing on demand, with key [...]

Gemalto uses the Architecture defined by the GSMA for Connected Objects

According to a recent study published by E & Y, more than 7 billion devices will be connected by 2020, with smartphones, computers and tablets. This growth of the park connected objects concerned officials of [...]

“Serious games” and protection of car embedded computing

The fun approach of a common activity gave rise to the creation of the term “Serious Games”, or “Serio ludere” as Montaigne would have said, or even as “Kriegspiel” the “game of tactical warfare for [...]

Safety banking in Nigeria with the electronic Identity Card

Nigeria is known to be the cause of some mail frauds on the Internet. According to statistics of Ultrascan AGI, these frauds have caused losses close to $ 13 billion in 2013, the number of [...]

The future of the SIM card in question

The Association of mobile network operators (GSMA, Groupe Special Mobile Association) is considering the introduction of an embedded SIM card (or eSim) on terminals intended for the public, mainly mobile phones and tablets. The irremovable [...]

Biometric identification systems could be dangerous

Israeli experts believe that the existence of a biometric database has a high risk of encroachment on privacy and may even endanger the safety of a country. According to them, it is necessary to stop [...]

UCLA Health hacked, 4.5 million victims

Hackers broke into UCLA Health computers, which housed patient data from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and three other hospitals. Hackers broke into the massive hospital network of the University of California, Los Angeles, accessing [...]

Electronic identity cards for Chinese web users

Brazil, France, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and the Philippines have already developed electronic ID cards replacing conventional ID cards. In this area, the deployment of the electronic identity card (“eID”) for the 600 million Chinese [...]

Towards an evolution of electronic payments

It seems that, because of the simplicity offered by the present ICT technology, the evolution of payments lead to wider use of the procedure for exchanges on the Internet using P2P (peer to peer exchange). [...]

Biometrics, authentication without security?

Safety tablets may be in default if the biometric data (retinal or fingerprint of the user or his passport photograph) are easily accessible. FireEye company’s researchers discovered a major flaw of this type on a [...]

The IoT and ultrasound sensors for help to pedestrians

Pedestrians are often victims of collisions with motor vehicles. To provide a solution to this situation, researchers from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt (FRA-UAS) have developed a sensor that can discriminate human beings [...]

IT Services Offshoring and Security

Over a thousand employees work in research laboratories of Trend Micro Labs in Manila to track down cyber threats of any kind. Trend Micro, founded in the US by Taiwanese experts, has installed its headquarters [...]

Unexpected consequences for IoT

What’s new at the big players! Verizon enters the IoT. Sprint has opened a partnership with DriveSync in 2014 to offer the UBI Intelligence Service of IMS (Intelligent Mechatronic Systems related to insurance contracts). AT [...]

Security by high bitrate encoding

The new encoding device CN8000 from Gemalto provides ten times 10 Gb/s-encoding in total. It meets the data security needs for enterprises, data centers and cloud service providers that are use larging networks. Gemalto, expert [...]

A New Era for Mobile Payment

English version available soon. If there is an area where digital transformation has not really begun its revolution, it is that of the universal mobile payment …

M2M and IoT in Saudi Arabia

Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications are developing rapidly in Saudi organizations, involving system integrators to telecommunications network operators. According to market analysis conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) in the [...]

Peru’s electronic ID card

National Electronic ID Card (DNIe) of Peru issued by the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) has been considered to be the best ID card in Latin America during the Latin American Conference [...]

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