Towards a global microelectronics crisis?

The question arises in industrial settings: will we experience a profound break in the microelectronics components ? The collapse in industrial orders impacts the brunt of the electronic components and the major manufacturers reduce the [...]

“Serious games” and protection of car embedded computing

The fun approach of a common activity gave rise to the creation of the term “Serious Games”, or “Serio ludere” as Montaigne would have said, or even as “Kriegspiel” the “game of tactical warfare for [...]

Safety banking in Nigeria with the electronic Identity Card

Nigeria is known to be the cause of some mail frauds on the Internet. According to statistics of Ultrascan AGI, these frauds have caused losses close to $ 13 billion in 2013, the number of [...]

The future of the SIM card in question

The Association of mobile network operators (GSMA, Groupe Special Mobile Association) is considering the introduction of an embedded SIM card (or eSim) on terminals intended for the public, mainly mobile phones and tablets. The irremovable [...]

Biometric identification systems could be dangerous

Israeli experts believe that the existence of a biometric database has a high risk of encroachment on privacy and may even endanger the safety of a country. According to them, it is necessary to stop [...]

UCLA Health hacked, 4.5 million victims

Hackers broke into UCLA Health computers, which housed patient data from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and three other hospitals. Hackers broke into the massive hospital network of the University of California, Los Angeles, accessing [...]

Electronic identity cards for Chinese web users

Brazil, France, Indonesia, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and the Philippines have already developed electronic ID cards replacing conventional ID cards. In this area, the deployment of the electronic identity card (“eID”) for the 600 million Chinese [...]

Towards an evolution of electronic payments

It seems that, because of the simplicity offered by the present ICT technology, the evolution of payments lead to wider use of the procedure for exchanges on the Internet using P2P (peer to peer exchange). [...]

Biometrics, authentication without security?

Safety tablets may be in default if the biometric data (retinal or fingerprint of the user or his passport photograph) are easily accessible. FireEye company’s researchers discovered a major flaw of this type on a [...]

The IoT and ultrasound sensors for help to pedestrians

Pedestrians are often victims of collisions with motor vehicles. To provide a solution to this situation, researchers from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt (FRA-UAS) have developed a sensor that can discriminate human beings [...]

IT Services Offshoring and Security

Over a thousand employees work in research laboratories of Trend Micro Labs in Manila to track down cyber threats of any kind. Trend Micro, founded in the US by Taiwanese experts, has installed its headquarters [...]

Unexpected consequences for IoT

What’s new at the big players! Verizon enters the IoT. Sprint has opened a partnership with DriveSync in 2014 to offer the UBI Intelligence Service of IMS (Intelligent Mechatronic Systems related to insurance contracts). AT [...]

Security by high bitrate encoding

The new encoding device CN8000 from Gemalto provides ten times 10 Gb/s-encoding in total. It meets the data security needs for enterprises, data centers and cloud service providers that are use larging networks. Gemalto, expert [...]

A New Era for Mobile Payment

English version available soon. If there is an area where digital transformation has not really begun its revolution, it is that of the universal mobile payment …

M2M and IoT in Saudi Arabia

Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications are developing rapidly in Saudi organizations, involving system integrators to telecommunications network operators. According to market analysis conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) in the [...]

Peru’s electronic ID card

National Electronic ID Card (DNIe) of Peru issued by the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) has been considered to be the best ID card in Latin America during the Latin American Conference [...]

Apple Pay Launching in UK with £20 Contactless Transaction Limit

Apple announced that, with the support of 250,000 merchants, Apple Pay service will be available from July 2015 in the UK. To support the launch of this service, Apple has set up a website with [...]

Perimeter security reveals a gap between perception and reality

Gemalto, a digital security expert, has announced the results of its study on the confidence index Safety data DSCI 2015 (Data Security Confidence Index). This survey of IT decision makers around the world reveals a [...]

The security of the Internet of Things

With a large number of connected objects IoT or the Internet of Things represents a major market that is growing strongly. It assumes to be able to interconnect billions of devices in the most secure [...]

Security expert speaks

Eyrolles 9782212139631_pr

Today, our Section “The Expert Pages” is devoted to practical advice on securing the enterprise information system provided by Alexandre Fernandez-Toro for all IT managers in a book recently published in French by Eyrolles Editions. [...]

Identification card without photo or Identity control through the Smartphone?

The US Senate must solve the following problem with a Senate Committee of the State of Indiana. Indiana Amish population cannot accept, for religious reasons, to be photographed. As a result, these people do not [...]

ID Cards improvements

No one is a prophet in his own country! In France, the establishment of a secure electronic national identity card (ID Card) had upset the elites and the implementation of this innovation has been cancelled. [...]

Electronic medicine, a forceps birth, especially in France!

The novelty scared sometimes, but mostly, it disturbs the habits and acquired positions. For some, it is necessary to be vigilant and to nip in the bud any new proposal. And medicine, the arguments are [...]

iPhone 6 or electronic identity card?

The iPhone 6 Apple terminal could play the role of security clearance and of payment card in workplaces and universities, since it has both biometric security features and mobile payment applications. Softwares for new smartphones, [...]

Fraud proof credit cards using quantum physics

Using a system based on quantum physics, dubbed Quantum Secure Authentication, it is possible to make credit cards and ID cards fraud proof, say researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and UT research institute MESA+. According [...]

The future of mobile wallets

Apple Pay technology represents two thirds of the purchases made in contactless payment for the three major US networks cards. However, the total is far from being compared to the $ 46 billion mobile payment [...]

Biometric ID card program in West Africa (ECOWAS) for 2016

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) includes fifteen West African countries. Founded in 1975, its mission is to promote economic integration in the region. The organization works in three languages: French, English and [...]

Seeking a reliable and fast payment solutions

Oxigen, payment solutions provider based in India, is expanding. The company must quickly hire young talent because it has to participate in the creation of payment networks in semi-urban and rural areas and to invest [...]

LoRa is associating M2M to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things and innumerable M2M applications open new perspectives in the world of telecoms. Bouygues Telecom is setting up a network for the Internet of Things, based on a competing M2M technology to [...]

Planning relations between European Electronic Government Administrations

The European Commission has released the 2015 version of the eGovernment factsheets for each of the 28 EU Member States. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of digital management activities recommended among member countries and [...]

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