Are we already in 2025?

Are we already in 2025? Jean-Dominique Seval affirms this with conviction in a book oriented for the general public, and published by Edition Multimedia (*). We know the principle of futuristic imaginative and passionate visions [...]

Security flaws in the Health Identification System

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has not properly developed its program of employee identification and access card, which has led to reveal a number of security vulnerabilities. The program is [...]

Citizen voting and sexuality

Who would have thought that the binary system and the advent of the digital society would have created so much discussion about the voting electronic card? On the occasion of the election campaign in India, [...]

In 2024, the handheld terminal will control everything!

When you prepare to leave your home, you should check that you have on you your keys, your wallet and your mobile phone. In 2024, this checklist will be reduced to a single element: your [...]

Ineffectiveness of mobile phones to reduce appetite

The American magazine “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” relates the ineffectiveness of smartphone applications to help people to lose weight. According to the author of the article, these applications do not lead to changes in [...]

In Nigeria, the ID card will improve security

Nigeria is to launched the pilot phase of the national identity card (13 million cards are planned). Proposed with the help of MasterCard, the electronic identity card will be identifying Nigerian citizens, just like it [...]

My mobile phone, close to my heart

The French industrial Runware has designed a medical accessory for the iPhone. This smart accessory is associated with the strap heart rate Runalyzer Blue to measure and improve the sport with Bluetooth Smart technology embedded [...]

Economic Assumptions about the Launch of the iPhone 6

The spectacular commercial launch of the iPhone 6 is accompanied by a wave of many assumptions about the evolution of the ICT market. Indeed, the Apple most likely choice is based on deep technical reasons [...]

Identification Growing Market

According to a commercial analysis published by Institute, the global market for facial recognition is to triple between 2013 and 2018 to about $6.50 billion. Public and government services are probably the major clients [...]

ITU Workshop on ICT Security Standardization Challenges for Developing Countries

From 15 to 16 September 2014, a Workshop was held in Geneva on the topic of ICT security on the Internet. The objective of this symposium, organized by the Telecom International Union, was to present [...]

iPhone 6 Paves the Road to Connected Commerce on NFC

Just as iPhone 3 revolutionized the use of the Internet on mobile, iPhone 6 could very well change the way we purchase and pay using NFC technology. Over the past ten years, Apple has been [...]

Making ‘Least Privilege’ Cool

  by Tom Patterson, CSC Cybersecurity Consulting General Manager Somehow, as executives got promoted, CEOs got hired and board members got selected, they all got confused. So confused that their security world is turned upside down, [...]

Computer Networks Protection

To check the server security in a corporate network, it is recommended to scan ports computer systems (port scanning) in order to verify if they are wisely left open or not. Hackers also conduct “port [...]

Interconnected Super Smart Bike

At the recent Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the bicycle manufacturer Canyon has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to introduce a bike equipped with new technology sensors. Emergency call, location of stolen bicycles, route selection, predictive [...]

Global Mobile Commerce is driving the NFC market

The NFC market is currently witnessing rapid growth driven by the increasing trend of mobile commerce. According to recent studies, growing at 8.83% CAGR, total NFC Market is expected to reach $16.25 Billion by 2022. [...]

A German company will conduct testing robustness of Chinese cars

All around the world, the standards are designed to provide more security for artifacts. It is the same for cars, for which the standards require endurance tests increasingly severe. China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co. [...]

Questions Raised by System-related to Citizen Identification

According to “The Economist”, Estonia has found the solution to record the citizens of all countries of the world in a unique system ID. Offered by the Estonian government, Estonian ID card is both a [...]

A biometric processor reinforces the security of identity cards

The company SmartMetric is a publicly traded technology company that has added a fingerprint scanner built inside EMV payment credit and debit chip cards thereby creating a second layer biometric authentication protection in defending against [...]

Driving Licenses for Robots ?

After the Google ‘s California experience (more than one million miles without human assistance on a path of 3200 km signposted road), evidence has been provided that robots can drive cars without accident. But American [...]

Security flaws in Android

A vulnerability in the Android operating system allows malicious hackers to mimic the identification of trusted applications on the mobile device of the user. The same security expert who discovered last year the “Master Key” [...]

Biometric passports for Morocco

The Ministry of Interior of Morocco announced that biometric passports will become mandatory from April 1, 2015. Gemalto Morocco, associated with a local partner Netopia, was chosen face of major international competitors such as Morpho, [...]

And then, came the time so ardently hoped for a change in the world!

Everywhere in the world, despite or because of the economic crisis, everyone does not want to miss some major innovations offered by ICT. For this reason, several countries have opened dynamic action programs. China plans [...]

A Mobile NFC electronic wallet for Apple?

Gradually, as we approach from the commercial launch of iPhone6 (announced on September 9 in the United States), it seems that Apple is decided to attract new customers by software and services, rather to a [...]

Secure Mobile Solutions for the Connected World

Increasing importance of contactless technology and Secure Elements in mobile applications like NFC based payment and transport by Joerg Schmidt and Petra Hofmeister, Infineon Technologies AG NFC transforms the mobile device into a platform for [...]

Building e-SEPA

SEPA migration is drawing to a close, but rather than marking the end of a chapter, it should be seen as a door opener for e-SEPA – the roll-out of online payment services based on [...]

Creating Value in the Internet of Things: Speed, Scalability, and Innovation

We’re at a critical crossroads in the world today as we enter into the Internet of Things era. The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way we live our lives and raise our global [...]

NTT DoCoMo adapts the NFC with Gemalto in Japan

NTT DoCoMo, the first mobile operator in Japan with 63 million subscribers, has chosen to introduce NFC in its mobile services. On this occasion, Gemalto will help NTT DoCoMo to develop services providing solutions for [...]

National Training of Young Hackers

That is obvious : If the Internet is the meeting place of all the pirates of the world, we must train young experts in identity theft, in faking software and recruit these young computer hackers on [...]

M2M is offering a new way of driving

Electronics now drains 90% of innovation in the automotive industry. And this is the M2M (the communicative technology from machine to machine) that will change the way we see the car and also the way [...]

Electronic Professional Card for all European Lawyers

The Law Society of Scotland reminds all layers of its jurisdiction shall be in possession of a professional identity card with a digital signature in 2015. These cards allow the lawyers to fully sign documents [...]

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