Are we heading towards a slowdown in demand for digital?

Saturated by offers from the Web, citizens seem somewhat reducing their consumption of digital applications. The average download speed is now close to 50 Mbs in the United States and 29 Mbs in the UK. [...]

More Than Half of Mobile Requests are Now IPv6 based

A mobile IPv6 network milestone was passed last week as Facebook and Akamai reported that more than half the requests from the four largest U.S. mobile networks were IPv6-based. IPv6 was used in around 70 [...]

Biometric Tech and Mobile Virtual Credentials

Electronic passports will peak by 2022, only to be replaced by virtual credentials, according to a new report from Acuity Market Intelligence. That same trend applies to all smart, biometric credentials including national ID cards [...]

The “Brexit” and the Internet of Things

Britain’s exit from the European Union is creating massive uncertainty for the U.K. economy. Technology companies, including IoT actors, face potential challenges in their markets, their funding and their workforce, but perhaps also opening new [...]

What category of biometrics for secure payments?

According to a study conducted for Visa in seven European countries, the majority of respondents believes that the two-factor authentication, that is to say the combination of biometrics to a payment tool (support possessed by [...]

The IoT-Car, a car without steering wheel and without pedals

The achievements of the IoT materialize faster than schedule. Why one should still pass the driving license control, as the autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals, will soon be available? In fact, the competition [...]

IoT and Gastronomy: The Internet of Things will monitor the growth of oysters

Global warming is responsible for a number of threats in particular on the production and trade of shellfish. In recent years, the shellfish industry and crustaceans in the Washington State lost almost $ 270 million [...]

Electronic medicine or medical electronics?

According to research firm “Lux Research” study, “smart pills” and patches connected could save nearly $ 300 billion on health care in the United States, through better adherence to recommended treatments. Lux Research noted that [...]

500 million mobile subscribers in Africa

According to a study published by the Association of mobile professionals, the GSMA, Africa now comprises more than half a billion of subscribers to mobile services. The mobile connectivity is actually associated with essential services [...]

Google wants to facilitate your password management

Google proposes to generalize the use of a password manager. The first step in preparation with Dashlane, concerns connections to Android applications, then the second would involve other devices and operating systems. Thus, we would [...]

Samsung and Nestle on a common road for a quantified-self health platform

One of the most significant advances of the Internet of Things is dealing with the health sector. Samsung Electronics and the Institute of Nestlé Health Science have understood the synergy that could arise from the [...]

The theme of the Afghan identity card becomes divisive

The Afghan government would issue biometric identity cards for all citizens in order to limit electoral fraud and strengthen national unity. But the question of whether to include the ethnicity of citizens unfortunately highlighted the [...]

Fraud and insecurity in mobile communications

The specialized Working Group on Fraud and insecurity of the GSM Association (FASG) was created to study the problems related to technology GSM networks, with the objective of increasing the level of protection. FASG provides [...]

AMS sells NFC RFID readers to ST

Austrian industrial AMS recently expanded its sensor manufacturer position through the purchase of Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCMOSS) and MAZeT. Now, while retaining certain wireless products and IP to the next generation of sensors, AMS has [...]

Egyptian Parliament Controversy over Identity Cards

The Egyptian Parliament discussed a bill on citizenship, introduced by MP Alaa Abdel Moneim on the abolition on the ID card, of the statement relating to the religion of the holder. The Egyptian Parliament seems [...]

“Enemy ears are listening to you !!”

In order to fight against the “Fifth Column” (a supposed hidden spy organization), the French Minister of War Alexandre Millerand had post in 1915, signs proclaiming “Shut up! Beware! Enemy ears are listening to you. [...]

The fight against biometric ID card in Mauritius

Dr. Maharajah Madhewoo disputes the validity of the biometric identity card. The battle fought by Dr. Maharajah Madhewoo a backdrop of the introduction of biometric ID card. He believes that this IDCard violates constitutional rights [...]

Classical Press, Digital Newspaper and Digital Technics

If Gutenberg’s invention revolutionized the transmission of information and communication, it took Diderot for the whole of human knowledge can be disseminated by the Encyclopedias and then the French Revolution to the ideas brewing lead [...]

The Blockchain as a State Service

The US state of Delaware, known worldwide for its tax advantages for companies, proposes to experienced Blockchain technology in terms of administrative procedures. Are especially targeted all deeds of companies, as well as actions relating [...]

Czech Republic and Poland Are Leaders in Contactless Payments

Countries have been adopting contactless slowly but two countries in the European Union stand out – the Czech Republic and Poland. These countries have adopted the system so quickly since its introduction that currently, there [...]

Objectives of Automotive IoT Industries

Two attributes that are considered highly desirable in memory for the burgeoning automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) markets are a small footprint and low power consumption, but in the automotive market in particular, simpler [...]

Progression of autonomous driving vehicles

According to a study prepared by IHS, the US is currently placed ahead of the deployment of autonomous driving vehicles. Japan is progressing in terms of the industrial coordination and China remains a vast potential [...]

Agreement on an European Cyber Security

As a founding member of the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), NXP has signed an agreement regarding the public-private partnership in the area of cyber security. Launched by NXP and other enterprises and institutions, ECSO [...]

Against terrorism in coastal areas

The Indian Department of Basant Kumar Dash issued biometric ID cards with fingerprints for its 2.6 million fishermen in the coastal districts. The government decided to reassure the public by measures of control population. This [...]

The national identity card in the world

Useful, but not always mandatory, the Computerized National Identity Card (NIC) has been adopted in different countries in varying contexts. Its status globally is quite varied. Some countries have not created an identity card system, [...]

The sensors and the Internet

Very soon, the evolution of the Internet will lead to the massive opening of new applications geared towards the Internet of Things. The future of technology, technical and scientific research, commercial activities and investment rely [...]

Stormshield and Gemalto are securing mobile data exchanges

Stormshield, an Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary, and Gemalto, a digital security expert, are consolidating their partnership in developing a technology to secure end to end connections and exchange of data on all mobile devices. [...]

Fraud on payment cards in France

French Security of payment cards Observatory (OSCP) reports a slight decline in fraud rates on transactions with a French bank card in France. This rate was in 2015 to 0.040%, against 0.043% in 2014, which [...]

UK Smart Cities realization is in trouble

“The standards are not sufficient to implement large projects.” That’s the conclusion of a report from Lucy Zodion, a street lighting design and manufacturing firm, which found that 80% of the 187 councils in the [...]

SmartMetric enhances mobile security using biometrics

SmartMetric, creator of biometric credit card, has successfully integrated inside the card, a powerful fingerprint scanner. The company improves the biometric card technology for the benefit of mobile security and identity check. SmartMetric has developed [...]

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