Analytics and the ‘Internet of Things’

Analytics has become a major buzzword these days, whether in the realm of connected devices, the Internet of Things, web analytics or big data business analytics. In the context of the Internet of Things, I [...]

Happy holidays, while technology plays with sociology matters!

Our country is entering into its summer time. No time to spend on a question of political affairs or about World Football Cup 2014 ! Everyone expects to beneficiate from the sun on his vacation [...]

Normative rivalry between Bluetooth and Thread

The Internet of Things has opened up a debate between two systems of radio communications at low power Bluetooth Smart (specially designed for IoT) and a new Zigbee low power protocol (also called Thread). The [...]

Traceability of schoolchildren and students

Schools in the region Floyd, Georgia, in northern Florida, are considering tracking movement of students by implementing RFID or barcode on the ID cards. Chattooga district recently decided to use ID cards equipped with RFID [...]

Be careful about malwares !

A Malicious software or “malware” (contraction of the English words meaning “malicious” and “software”) is a nuisance program introduced into a computer system or a digital communications terminal, in order to harm to the user. [...]

New Industrial Sensors

A research entity of the Fraunhofer Institute, the CESMA, is using adaptive materials that react to external factors such as magnetic or electrostatic fields. These materials can therefore be used as DES (dielectric elastomer sensors) [...]

Development of new sensors

The Internet of Things and machine to machine communications are massively using sensors. In fact, these sensors are devices that transform the state of a physical entity into a voltage value or electric current in [...]

The Internet of Things (IoT) will improve efficiency in business and will change our lifes.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we work, play, and live. With IoT, businesses will differentiate themselves, and will improve their capacities in the years ahead in a broad range of industries, [...]

McAfee Labs reports that cyber attacks on mobile are increasing

According to observations made by laboratories antivirus vendor McAfee in early 2014, cyber-attacks are increasing on mobile applications and services. McAfee Labs found that 79 percent of sampled clones of the Flappy Birds game contained [...]

WiGig, a complement to Wi-Fi?

The WiGig sytem for “Gigabit Wireless”, is a local wireless communication system of Wi-Fi type developed by the Israeli company Wilocity. The project which was launched in 2009 by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance and submitted [...]

Visa Contactless Wristbands for Payments with CaixaBank

One of Spain’s leading banks – CaixaBank – announced the launch of a new Visa wristband that enables users to make contactless payments at merchant outlets, in a seamless manner. So far widespread use of [...]

Huawei and the M2M technology

Communication technology from machine to machine (M2M) is related to ICT applications in different sectors where industry is combined with data processing. ICT used to associate real-time measurements and control in order to achieve various [...]

Securing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is promised to a great future and already the achievements of the IoT are emerging around us.The challenge for developers is to track changes that are proposed on digital devices [...]

French Digital Trust Meeting

On June 16, 2014, the first edition of this first event, organized by the National Federation of Trusted Third Party (FNTC) has been held in the Mendes France Room at Bercy. Nearly 400 guests attended, [...]

Driving with M2M

New cars are now using a lot of electronics and of machine to machine communication technology (M2M). The way of driving will be eventually modified accordingly. The phone came into cars in 1946 with the [...]

Broadband for all, but how and why?

The theme is repeated and now multiplied like an echo in the press about the need of broadband everywhere and for everyone. OK ! After the chicken in the pot every Sunday in every family, [...]

Wi-Fi and small cells

Market growth of radio communications must evolve taking into account the needs of a mass market which must remain at a level of affordability. Small radio cells, created for home, business or public networks should [...]

Finally, a real security online!

The partnership created between Ultra Electronics AEP and OpenTrust allows them to offer Trust Open Client security application. This application meets the criteria of FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Level 4 standard and thus [...]

The Snowden ‘s case and businesses facing Cloud

According to a survey of 1,000 IT decision makers of Germany, France, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States made at the request of NTT Communications, nearly nine on tenths of IT decision [...]

The French digital industrial policy is defined

The French government has defined a strategy in favor of digital technologies. Plans for the development of “connected objects” and “Digital Health” have been validated in the framework of the “New Industrial France”, on June [...]

Trustinsoft faces cybercrime

The development of the digital economy requires the return of the trust of users, so the development of tools guaranteed against cyber attacks. NIST, National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. federal agency, under the [...]

Digital techniques launched in Mauritius and Rodrigues

Off Madagascar, Mauritius (1.3 million) and Rodrigues Island (38 000 inhabitants) are witnessing an unprecedented revolution: digital is happening in their everyday lives. Mauritians will face several changes in their daily lives. First, this is [...]

Paying bills using a mobile terminal

Different security solutions for mobile payment are now avalaible and each actor strives to implement an original secure solution. The company Eyebuy proposes a solution called “Eyebuy” and which is usable from a smartphone or [...]

IoT illuminates the streets intelligently

British companies Technology Partnership (TTP) and Mayflower Company have conducted a smart public lighting system in Hampshire. From a command center connected to a wireless network, the Hampshire council is able to remotely control more [...]

Strengthening security on the WAN access

ASTRIA is one of 23 Interprofessional Committees for Housing (CIL) that comprise the French network of Action Housing having instituted mandatory payment of a percentage of payroll by businesses to finance the residence of employees. [...]

NFC Sensing – The next dimension for NFC applications and Services

NFC offers much more than just well known NFC applications like ticketing, tagging and payment. The future and great value of NFC in health care and ambient assisted living as well as other industrial areas [...]

Intel builds Chinese engineers’ online community for its wearable technology

IDG China’s Electronic Engineering and Product World (EEPW) announced a new contract with Intel to create and manage “Intel-Quark”, a Chinese-language online community for semiconductor engineers about wearable device technology. Intel Quark SoCs are targeted [...]

Root of Trust: The Foundation for IT Security

by Lisa Bobbit and Michele Kopp, Marketing Work Group Co-Chairs, Trusted Computing Group (TCG) A tsunami of news reports about data breaches, attacks and hacks has left the security and IT communities reeling – and busy. [...]

Benefits of digital technology and harms in the digital economy

Our daily newspapers are full of praise for digital techniques, which tomorrow, will improve population health, enhance the mind of youth by an extensive effort for remote training, reduce the number of road accidents with [...]

Cybersecurity in question in Potsdam

A Conference on cybersecurity was held last May in Potsdam, Germany. This meeting was organized with the aim of linking the economic, political and scientific worlds on the topic of security of information systems. The [...]

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