Are ICTs at the service of democracy?

Going to Digital simplifies tasks and is reducing staffing costs. The Internet and the information and communication technologies (ICT) that are attached to these fixed and mobile links facilitate life, for those who know it […]

Safran, exclusive supplier of Vitale cards in France in 2018

Safran Identity & Security has been selected by the SESAM-Vitale GIE as the exclusive supplier for the development, manufacture and personalization of Vitale’s Health Insurance cards. The “Carte Vitale” is the health insurance card of […]

Infineon joins GSMA: security and broadband expertise for mobile industry

Infineon Technologies AG has joined the GSMA, the association of the mobile industry to actively shape mobile communications of tomorrow. The GSMA unites nearly 800 mobile network operators worldwide with almost 300 companies in the […]

Gemalto fighting “Card not present” Fraud

To combat the rise of CNP fraud, which affects e-commerce, Gemalto has launched a Gemalto Dynamic Code Verification (Dynamic Code Verification), a solution that guarantees secure transactions using a Security code in constant evolution, visible […]

“First class” biometric identity cards for Ghanaians.

Although the identity card service is currently confronted with logistical constraints, Professor Attafuah felt that these challenges are not insurmountable. Speaking to the Ghanaian Times in Accra, the director of the NIA confirmed that he […]

RFID body implants as an ID card

It’s not science fiction. Employees of a Belgian marketing company have the option of having microchips implanted in their body for personal identification purposes. The chips contain personal information and give access to the computer […]

Personal liability and “secure tunnel” for sensitive data

The transmission of sensitive data is sanctioned by the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. The perpetrator of this type of offense and his / her employer risk a large fine because the sensitive data often […]

The Web in 2016: performances and protocol extension

According to Akamai Technologies, expert in content delivery network services (CDN), the average Internet connection speed worldwide increased by 14% in 2016. Its study report, entitled “Akamai Intelligent Platform” presents a series of statistics relating […]

Password: “I love you”, which means that Your Heartbeat is used as a Password!

Lovers celebrated by literature have often witnessed the unique character of their passion. Romeo knows only Juliet and he could even identify her in the midst of a thousand girls. Today’s science explains the reason […]

Singapore could Replace London as a Global Hub for FinTech

The decision-making centers of London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Silicon Valley and New York attract dynamic entrepreneurs. Around them, young companies and global innovation centers are agitated. After the Brexit, it seems that the British FinTechs […]

Gemalto responds to requests from Swedish Tax Agency

Gemalto Company, expert in digital security, has just signed a multi-year contract with Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Authority, for the provision of an eGov authentication platform for online services, electronic identity cards and a complete […]

New E-Verify proposal with biometric data

An E-Verify bill designed to expand the employment verification program nationwide has been introduced. This bill, if enacted, would make all employers in the United States participate in E-Verify, with respect to all employees, whether […]

France develops its Global FinTech sector with talent

Despite the international political uncertainties raised by the Brexit and by the new US administration, France is taking steps to attract the best talents and facilitate the growth of its dynamic FinTech ecosystem. The French […]

All RFID measurements from one box

Leveraging its UHF RFID test and measurement expertise, CISC enhanced its RFID Xplorer with latest SDR (software defined radio) technology and software to a new level of UHF RFID / RAIN RFID / EPC Gen2 […]

Digital idealism and chauvinism

After the proud “Digital Britain” program that was supposed to make UK the number one digital country in the European Union, here is the slogan “Using Big Data to Make America Great”. Digital technologies multiply […]

Biometry seems to have a bright future

In its “Sensors for Biometry and Recognition 2016 Report”, Yole Développement expects dominant fingerprint technology to give place progressively to multimodal solutions. But the most striking finding from the market research firm is that the […]

Progress of 4G / LTE mobile technology

LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology is often referred as” 4G” for marketing purposes. The LTE represents an advance in the flow of cellular networks, but the term “evolution” reminds us that progress is still awaited. […]

Creation of a new Industry Specification Group for Smart Cities applications in ETSI

ETSI (Sophia Antipolis, France) has announced the creation of a new Industry Specification Group on cross-sector Context Information Management (ISG CIM) for smart cities applications and beyond. Every sensor measurement, every entry in a database, […]

Requests for ransom in the medical field

Health organizations are aware of the ubiquitous piracy threats to their information systems. This threat brings into play their efforts and reputation for compliance. Ransom demands are changing the way health care organizations are now […]

Deutsche Telekom warns against possible routing piracy

The German network operator claims that 900,000 fixed broadband customers out of 12.8 million have experienced connection problems. It is possible that on this occasion nearly a million broadband routers were pirated. Deutsche Telekom said […]

Blood Alcohol Wristband

On the occasion of a party with friends, it is good to know at what level is the blood alcohol level of each one? Do we still have the right to take another drink? The […]

Dossier Technologique 10 – Electronic Health: concepts and achievements in 2017

Electronics was introduced in the medical field in 1915 with radioscopy (Marie Curie) and the electrocardiogram was transmitted by telephone in 1920. Today, remote medical applications (telemedicine) are developing thanks to the performance of technologies […]

Science, Culture, Education and Digital Technologies

In the incoming years, the global Internet network will replace the old switched telephone networks created by the former National PTT Administrations. The Internet is the result of the combined efforts of industrialists from around […]

ST focus on MEMS sensors fitness and compass functions

STMicroelectronics markets a high-precision development kit for biometric wearable devices. This kit includes a SensorTile multi-sensor module and a Valencell Benchmark biometric detection system. The combination of these two technologies makes it possible to have […]

The Zigbee Alliance speaks to Objects in “dotdot” language

The industrial companies of the Internet of Things market and members of the Zigbee Alliance have agreed on the use of the Dotdot communication protocol to make it an universal language usable by all, through […]

The Data Protection Dilemma

Enterprises of every size and in every industry around the globe are producing more data than ever before. At the same time, there is a greater demand for access to this information. From business intelligence […]

Characteristics of the Aadhaar Identity Card Project in India

The Aadhaar Identity Card Project in India concerns access to government and private sector services related to the control of food rations, marriage certificates, entry examinations, concessions, train tickets, mobile phone cards and banking services. […]

Bots and Chatbots, and the click‘s race in 2017!

Language accompanies technology and both evolve constantly. New words appear and woe to those who fail to imbibe the hidden meaning of renewed wordings. Everyone knows the robots, these copies of workers supposed to take […]

About the risk of 5G fragmentation prior to deployment

It is recalled that the fragmentation of 4G has opened several difficulties. Different specifications and implementation models have increased costs to meet individual market demands. This has complicated and slowed the progression of 4G. As […]

The Future of the Internet of Medical Objects

Cybersecurity spending on connected medical devices remains low, but according to ABI Research they are expected to triple by 2021. The Internet of Medical Objects aims to transform healthcare through intelligent devices. However, its future […]

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