Tunisia, a pioneer country in digital banking

Tunisia will soon be the first country to authorize the use of its virtual currency via an application running through Blockchain and Bitcoin. The service will deployed with the help of a partnership between the Tunisian Post and the Swiss company Monetas. Both entities use a digital register, shared on a network of connected computers. Each transaction is recorded on the register of Blockchain. This technology will enable La Poste Tunisienne to register and authenticate all monetary transactions made by users of e-dinar system, set of financial services deployed with the support of the Tunisian State.

Users of e-dinar will have a prepaid card (smart e-dinar or universal e-dinar) that can be recharged with dinars in the country’s Post Offices. They will pay for their purchases on the Internet via a computer or a smartphone, and also in shops. The Tunisian Post has obtained the authorization of the State for the collection of private savings and the associated payments operations.

The platform developed by Monetas in agreement with the Tunisian authorities allows users to pay their bills or transfer funds from user to user, with their smartphone, tablet or their computer. The costs of these transactions will remain below 0.9% of the amounts. The solvency control by Monetas reduces the commercial risk. To avoid illegal transactions, La Poste Tunisienne will control the circulation of money. Testing for this service started in October 2015 should be completed in March 2016, date of the official trade opening. The Swiss company Monetas is working with several African partners to open twelve new markets of this model in 2016. See also www.monetas.ch/  www.usine-digitale.fr/

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