The “Compte Nickel” (Nickel Account)

Created in late 2013 by the young company “Financial electronic payments”, the “Nickel Account” is used by 300,000 customers today. This is an account “without bank” that can be opened on presentation of an ID card and a payment of 20 euros. Nickel Account payment card is accepted in France in 2500 licensed tobacconists and in several institutions in all countries of the world. Any withdrawals or payments are immediately communicated to the holder by SMS. The Nickel Account system doesn’t allow any overdraft.

The principle of Nickel Account is ideal for over-indebted or very low resources individuals, which means a market segment between 200 000 and one million people in France. Nickel Account users are often people in financial difficulties, sometimes excluded from the use of credit cards, without steady work or homeless, or young people who do not yet have payslip. Nevertheless, the Nickel Account wowed customers that target specific uses, such as shopping on the Internet or elsewhere. Financial authorities are carefully monitoring all these new activities.

Tobacconists, with Nickel Account computer terminal installed in their facility, is replacing the Bank. They receive a small remuneration for this activity and often participate in this way, to positive social action, as these customers are still not very well trained in the use of new technologies.

The Account-Nickel managers are considering deploying some new services to very small companies or opening new partnerships in the mortgage, for example. If somebody tolds you that ICTs is destroying classical foundation situations, such as those of the Bank, do not believe it! ICTs open new jobs and sometimes they even reinforce the customer’s trust! See also


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