Progression of autonomous driving vehicles

According to a study prepared by IHS, the US is currently placed ahead of the deployment of autonomous driving vehicles. Japan is progressing in terms of the industrial coordination and China remains a vast potential market. European automakers remain leaders in certain market segments considered as part of the IoT.

In 2025, global sales of autonomous vehicles are expected to reach almost 600 000 units. In 2035, about 76 million autonomous vehicles will be sold worldwide, with China being able to overtake the United States and Europe. However, the distribution of these vehicles seems to be very uneven and variations can be numerous.

Social factors stimulating growth in autonomous driving concern the evolution of society, the trend carpooling, car sharing and the investment for all parts of the automotive value chain, including intervention of new players. A wide variety of new solutions related to displacement is expected.

A number of challenges, however, could pose a serious threat, such as user acceptance and viability of autonomous driving systems. On the side of technology, these challenges relate to software reliability and cyber security. In addition, the implementation of regulatory standards and legal frameworks could slow the evolution of technology. See as well

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