The IoT-Car, a car without steering wheel and without pedals

The achievements of the IoT materialize faster than schedule. Why one should still pass the driving license control, as the autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals, will soon be available?

In fact, the competition is open and traditional manufacturers intend and also do have the opportunity to overpass major industrial automotive industries. So automotive industries have decided to move quickly.

Ford intends to sell autonomous vehicles without steering wheel from 2021, with the assistance of Velodyne LIDAR loaded sensors, with SAIPS, an Israelian society expert in learning software, with Civil Maps, specialist in 3D maps, and with Morgan Hill responsible for the development of environmental observation Lidar system.

These prospects suggest significant changes to the car rental business, car sharing, urban transports, taxis, tourism, management of parking lots, etc. The life of the blind, the disabled and senior citizens residing in remote locations can be significantly changed in a relatively short time. The usual price of these near future vehicles, proposed in electrical or thermal releases, should also be reduced sharply.

Several vehicle control systems are in competition with GPS. Ford is considering a partnership with Nirenberg Neuroscience, a computer vision company led by Dr Sheila Nirenberg, can help the autonomous vehicle in areas where 3D maps may not be available. Apple, Google, GM, Audi, Honda, Tesla, and other companies are working on the theme of independent driving.

In the UK, the Oxbotica technology company (located in Oxford) markets its autonomy software “Selenium”. This software, which is not related to GPS, may be used for driving on existing vehicle or car model designed for this purpose. Selenium can operate in pedestrian environments as well as on roads and highways, indoor or outdoor, on ground or underground. This system was developed to be “agnostic vehicle”; for cars on the road or on campus and for warehouse trucks. Artificial intelligence in Selenium system gives the vehicle the ability to perform independently motion control, braking, calibration, navigation, obstacle detection, etc. More information:


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