The Toulouse-based company launches its Mastercard bankcard

MorningFintech “Morning” is an innovative company located in the South of Toulouse, in Saint-Elix-Le-Château. Specializing in co-banking, it launches its own Mastercard payment card, a standard debit card with immediate authorization.

Responding to the digital and collaborative uses of today, it offers its customers legal and technological innovation. Operating in payment between individuals, the company now has the approval “payment institution” issued by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority No. 16768.

With the Mastercard payment card, backed by a new account, Morning offers a multitude of innovative services. With its free online pool and secured payments between individuals, Morning allows its users to manage their settings with a single click, from their personal space online or on the mobile application:

• PIN code selection
• Temporarily enable / disable the card
• Enable / Disable cash withdrawal
• Allow / block contactless payment
• Allow / block payments online
• Manage their ceilings

At the beginning of 2017, Morning will communicate the IBANs to its users who will be able to authorize levies and receive their current transfers and remunerations, or health reimbursements. The company’s goal is to distribute more than 100,000 cards by the end of 2017. See also and

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