Gemalto Acquires 3M Identity Management

Gemalto, an expert in digital security, entered into an agreement to acquire the Identity Management business of 3M. This includes “3M Cogent”, which provides a full range of biometric solutions for civil identification, border control and police forces, and 3M’s “Document Reader” and “Secure Materials” activities.

“3M’s Identity Management” business is present on three continents as a trusted partner of governments, police forces, border control, immigration agencies and civil identification organizations around the world. It offers complete, world-class biometrics solutions that enable identity verification. Consisting of approximately 450 qualified experts, it has developed biometric algorithms (fingerprint, face, iris, etc.) that are at the forefront of innovation.

This acquisition complements Gemalto’s offer of international biometric technology and commercial biometrics. As online and mobile transactions continue to grow, new forms of multifactor authentication and identification are needed in addition to physical identity documents. The combination of technologies and means of distribution of the “Identity Management” activity of 3M and Gemalto should allow the use of trusted trust identities associated with strong biometric authentication in the various sectors of the digital economy. See also  and

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