Gemalto responds to requests from Swedish Tax Agency

Gemalto Company, expert in digital security, has just signed a multi-year contract with Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Authority, for the provision of an eGov authentication platform for online services, electronic identity cards and a complete registration and broadcast solution. This identity card will become an official identity document and will provide access to a range of government services. It will be issued to all residents in the country, whether or not they are Swedish citizens. In the future, the development of a secure digital identity will allow users to also access the online services of Skatteverket and other Swedish administrations, based on strong user authentication.

Gemalto will provide and customize ID cards early 2017 and this for at least five years. Demand for this type of card has been increasing since it was introduced in 2009. Applicants will be able to provide their signature and photo ID at one of the 27 offices in the country where Gemalto will deploy more than 80 registration kiosks, as well as equipment for registrars. This information will be sent securely to Gemalto for issuing the card. The cards, once customized, will be distributed through a network of 38 offices. Gemalto also provides smart card readers to enable end-users to access the online services of governments and financial institutions

This Cloud-based eGovernment services platform enables secure online authentication of citizens and simplifies communication with administrative departments. The organization of online services will allow users to access all information about them.

Electronic identity gives access to other Administrations, such as the Social Security System and the Health Agency, through which citizens can access their Electronic medical prescriptions. Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to corporate security and including the Internet of Things. For more information, visit

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