After Brexit: British industry questions the new digital strategy

The economic dynamism of the United Kingdom, as well as that of Europe as a whole, is generally recognized as somewhat slow compared to the United States or Asia. The ambition would be to create a good British digital economy that works for everyone. To this end, the industry still needs regulatory and legislative updates to ensure the success of this plan.

Regulatory reform is needed to encourage investment in new network infrastructure. The EU has recently proposed reducing the regulatory burden on communications providers investing in shared digital infrastructures. The UK is awaiting the outcome of Ofcom’s review of Openreach’s structure, as well as its decision on upcoming 5G auctions (bands 2.3 and 3.4 GHz).

According to Webhelp, Britain must invest more in new technologies if it wants to compete in a world post Brexit. France is actively positioning itself as a center for artificial intelligence and robotics, with companies like Facebook locating their hubs in Paris.

The British government has confirmed its commitment to digital strategy, which would be positive for the British economy, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things and immersive technologies. It is these future networks and emerging technologies that will favor many sectors of the economy as a whole. In order for the potential of this new wave of innovations to be fully realized, each person has a role to play; From policy makers and industry to academics and citizens, broad collaboration will be needed to provide a digital economy that thrives and boosts productivity across the UK.

But the lack of technical skills in the country is at its highest level and with only 5,600 computer science students at A level in 2016, it is vital for the future of our economy that concerted action be taken. A tenfold increase over the next five years with 60,000 computer science students is a priority for the strength and future stability of the British economy. Please visit

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