Attack on 900,000 Deutsche Telekom users

In the afternoon of 27 November 2016, Internet connection difficulties, slowing down or stopping throughput were recorded in Germany in approximately 900,000 Deutsche Telekom subscribers. It appears that the router suffered an external attack that prevented it from connecting to the network.

Subscribers found that the connection with the help desk was not operational in several geographical areas of the country. Users were prompted to unplug and reactivate their router after 30 seconds of waiting, in order to update their router. In the event that problems are not resolved, subscribers must disconnect from the network. On Monday 28 November at 12 noon, the number of people affected fell by half, reaching around 400,000 clients.

Deutsche Telekom says that specialists in its group as well as manufacturers of routers have already worked all night from Sunday to Monday in search of a solution.

Deutsche Telekom investigates the trail of a cyberattack. The site SANS ISC InfoSec Forums evokes the vulnerability of port 7547, present on the Deutsche Telekom routers, but also on 41 million devices of different brands. If the track of a cyberattack was proven, it would be the most important piracy suffered to date.

The attacks responsible for such a widespread disruption of Internet traffic are rare. The event follows allegations made by German intelligence about international cyberattack campaigns conducted by the intelligence services for espionage or sabotage and through cyber attacks or misinformation. See also

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