« Better Together » or the Total Identification

The partnership concluded between QuadraMed Corporation and Lifemed ID is evidenced by the creation of the company called “Better Together”. The company aims to implement indexing resources in determining patient identification, a procedure designated by the acronym EMPI (Enterprise Master Patient Index) in combination with the expertise of Lifemed ID to avoid possible errors.

The creation of “Better Together” represents a great hope for health care providers and patients, as it will help streamline the validation of identity, automate workflow processes and reduce costs administrative. Healthcare organizations can now be assured that every patient will have a true identity permanently linked to adequate medical record for all health centers.

Duplicates will be eliminated. Lifemed ID can be deployed and will authenticate each patient consistently, even across heterogeneous information systems. The Lifemed ID identity token is permanently connected to the medical record and can be used in each health facility. Patient enrollment is carried out automatically in 30 seconds, and avoids repetitive recording process.

To learn more about QuadraMed EMPI, visit www.quadramed.com/  www.lifemedid.com/  http://insurancenewsnet.com/

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