Happy holidays, while technology plays with sociology matters!

Our country is entering into its summer time. No time to spend on a question of political affairs or about World Football Cup 2014 ! Everyone expects to beneficiate from the sun on his vacation site. Similarly, your site will also take a little break until September 1th to complete timely development cycle of conferences organized this year in Marseille from 22 to September 25.

This is for all the French people the opportunity to take some good time for thinking and pleasure. And reading can direct you to the field of science fiction where writers feed their imagination in the latest developments development in high-tech laboratories. One can dream, but the reality is never far away. The car that autodrives will continue to enjoy the driver to drink Muscadet or Juliénas (a defeat for the camp of nutritionists and for peace in the immediate environment). The drone will become implicit Sherlock Holmes ally likes and Big Data will become permanent fear of politicians. Smart handheld devices will play continuously the role of legal and health advisers. In short, the technology of the future will become to the end of the detective novel Agatha Christie style and it will renew, for adults, fantasies of Harry Potter.

But there are countries where the French term “holiday” has only one meaning: the absence of the incumbent in a position. For there is no question of leisure at a time when the crowded country must reach to be managed properly. This is the case of many third world countries, including Asian countries, for which information technologies represent an unprecedented opportunity to reform their management democratically. All these countries have well trained technical staff and they must convince both politicians and people of the merits of the proposed standards in the context of the Western world has written for the global welfare measures.

Over the past twenty years, network operators (telcos, as they are sometimes called) are more often involved in standardization meetings. They frequently give way to industrials now. For their part, university professors do not feel motivated to make their voices heard. This is only the industrial aspect that guides the development of tomorrow’s world, whether for organizing the European driving license, for the management of the health of the American people, for the car of the future, or for frequency distribution on the five continents.

If you go on vacation, this is not to Agatha Christie or Harry Potter you need to turn your mind on the mutual influences of technology and sociology, but to books that renew the works of Aldous Huxley, Lewis Mumford, Gerald Heard, EF Schumacher and Jacques Ellul. And do not neglect the small and modest papers prepared for you this summer on our smart-webzine. Happy holidays to all !

Daniel BATTU


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