Identification card without photo or Identity control through the Smartphone?

The US Senate must solve the following problem with a Senate Committee of the State of Indiana. Indiana Amish population cannot accept, for religious reasons, to be photographed. As a result, these people do not have access to any banking services, driving licenses, pharmacies, nor elections, etc. and wherever it is necessary to prove his identity.

The solution may be to develop a specific device for identifying people based on facial recognition analysis to be stored in the records of the administration of the State.
This proposal must be submitted shortly to the entire US Senate for consideration.

A similar question is being asked in Saudi Arabia where the religion prohibits photography of living beings such as humans and animals. The Standing Committee of the Council of Ulemas excluded certain exceptional cases, such as national identity card or passport. But the smartphone case is not yet decided. Will we prove our identity with a smartphone? This question deserves a quick response. See more in

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