Chinese Smart Cards

Digital enters into the life of the Chinese. Beijing has already issued more than 15 million social security cards and more than 70 million municipal transport cards. At the same time, the number of identification cards issued by hospitals patients has exceeded 100 million.

Municipal Commission of Economy and Beijing Information Technology, said that setting up the standard of versatile card “Beijing Tong” for the city is on the way. This year, the commission will issue more than five million ID cards and health cards for the elderly based on the standard “Beijing Tong”.

China will abolish the old temporary residence permit and advance the reform of household registration system. According to observers, the temporary residence permit has led to mistakes and is no longer suited to today’s situation. In 2003, Sun Zhigang was arrested by police in the street for a random check. As he had no identity documents, police believed he was a beggar and send him to an asylum, where he was beaten to death. The tragedy sparked a national debate and accelerated the reform of the identity card. See more in

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