Municipal ID cards in New York

Hundreds of people came to register for the municipal ID program of the City of New York (NYID Card). This measure applies to anyone over 13 years old residing in the city which is likely to prove his identity from a passport, driving license or a birth certificate.

In the absence of reform of the Congress on the subject of immigration, issuing cards to undocumented residents fills a legal vacuum. This identity card lets face several formalities as the apartment rental, access to medical help and answers to the administration. The IDNY Card will help some 500,000 homeless people integrate into economic life and benefit from access to a variety of social, educational and cultural rights, including the libraries of the city. For example, individuals with IDNY Card will receive discounts on medications, access to buildings of the city, and the ability to open financial accounts at banks and credit unions.

The largest city in the nation joins other municipalities – including San Francisco and those of New Jersey – a measure that makes the lives of many undocumented immigrants. See also

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