Universal access to information communications technology: Mood and stress-related challenges

Moods are essential to how people experience the world. When moods become disturbed or when people are very stressed the consequences can be profound and accompanied by considerable distress. Their ability to accurately judge others […]

Emergency Call Standards (911 and 112 Services)

In IP protocol networks, it has been agreed, for emergency calls, to set up special infrastructures so that the public can transmit text, images, videos and data from the terminal used to the 9-1- 1 […]

The Internet of Things, or the construction without an architect of an over-large ship!

It was necessary to launch a beautiful and great project for the future in order to make dream investors and the great captains of industry. And above all, we should not forget the incantations of […]

Are ICTs at the service of democracy?

Going to Digital simplifies tasks and is reducing staffing costs. The Internet and the information and communication technologies (ICT) that are attached to these fixed and mobile links facilitate life, for those who know it […]

Digital idealism and chauvinism

After the proud “Digital Britain” program that was supposed to make UK the number one digital country in the European Union, here is the slogan “Using Big Data to Make America Great”. Digital technologies multiply […]

Science, Culture, Education and Digital Technologies

In the incoming years, the global Internet network will replace the old switched telephone networks created by the former National PTT Administrations. The Internet is the result of the combined efforts of industrialists from around […]

Bots and Chatbots, and the click‘s race in 2017!

Language accompanies technology and both evolve constantly. New words appear and woe to those who fail to imbibe the hidden meaning of renewed wordings. Everyone knows the robots, these copies of workers supposed to take […]

The Internet, as element of the technical evolution, is changing the social and political context

Twenty-five years ago, we applauded the emergence of this cheap global network linking the five continents with the same transport protocol for voice, data and image. It has become both the vector and the symbol […]

The Internet of Birds

The Internet of Things, which represents the extension of the Internet to things and places in the physical world, will be connecting nearly 150 billion objects or people by the year 2025. In parallel with […]

Is the Internet anti-societal?

Our dear sociologist Dominique Wolton yet created turmoil in the small French media world. In his latest book, “Communicating is living” (* Communiquer, c’est vivre), he is opposing the traditional media (radio, press, television) to […]

The Internet requires seniors to go back to school

The Internet is insidiously entering into our lives. It evolves and is constantly changing. In a few years, the ordinary telephone network will disappear. From the kitchen and the garden, or even for the management […]

Computing for all, dream or reality?

The computer, according to the French etymology, is the tool able to organize everything around us, our jobs and even our personal and social lives. Similarly, IT is a technology that should in principle be […]

A New Market for the IoT: “Bionic Man”

Bionics covers all the scientific knowledge and technologies dealing with  plants and animals that could achieve biological applications related to health and the lengthening of the human lifespan. Bionics studies the properties of living cells […]

The Challenge of the 5G’s Marathon

A triple competition (technical, economic and political) is open between Europe, Asia and North America on the implementation plan of the “5G”. Who will be the most technically astute and will be the most able […]

Are we heading towards a slowdown in demand for digital?

Saturated by offers from the Web, citizens seem somewhat reducing their consumption of digital applications. The average download speed is now close to 50 Mbs in the United States and 29 Mbs in the UK. […]

Classical Press, Digital Newspaper and Digital Technics

If Gutenberg’s invention revolutionized the transmission of information and communication, it took Diderot for the whole of human knowledge can be disseminated by the Encyclopedias and then the French Revolution to the ideas brewing lead […]

The sensors and the Internet

Very soon, the evolution of the Internet will lead to the massive opening of new applications geared towards the Internet of Things. The future of technology, technical and scientific research, commercial activities and investment rely […]

Brexit and the Internet

The recent referendum that has led to the Brexit decision calls each. The question arises: “Is Vox populi, Vox Dei”? This voice of God, expressed in the ballot boxes, is it the common sense? The […]

The secret of the Digital Economy, as seen by China

With the advent of digital era, two models of society seem to be settling on the planet today. The classic model is the one we know and the new model seems to be developed by […]

Can we refuse the Internet ?

Despite its imperfections, the Internet enters into our lives! Can we refuse this movement? ? Each one combines Internet in one’s way. Our British friends have adopted it without hesitation; with its entire range of […]

Internet and gardening for the seniors

Good news for everyone: our neurons continue their activity and their growth all along our lives. Scientists confirm that our neurons retain the ability to establish connections in the new circumstances in which we operate. […]

The Seniors and the Internet

The openness of the Internet for old people is a key theme. It makes sense to encourage all French Internet use in any occasion and to further open the market to an audience of retirees […]

Who will finance the Internet tomorrow? Advertising or football?

In the US, the Internet service providers (ISPs) play the role of public service and advertising agency. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT & T and Verizon deliver flow rates required for the Web client and […]

Numbering French Villages and Hamlets

A clever boss must know its resources. To inventory, he first classifies its ressources and it assigns a serial number according to the rules carefully studied. Responsibility for Car park management was awarded in France […]

The end of the Old Networks

The telephone network circuit-switched (our brave old PSTN) will disappear after more than a century of existence and its end is scheduled for 2024. For France, step by step extinctions will be announced from 2021. […]

World’s End and Internet’s Death ?

In many ways, our society is faced with considerable problems for which no coherent and definitive solution appears. This is not only of France, but in many countries, accustomed for decades to a gradual increase […]

Cisco is having interest in the “Internet of Things”

Cisco Systems announced its intention to redeem Jasper Technologies, a “startup” that connects objects such as cars and medical equipment to the Internet, to 1.25 billion euros, the largest acquisition since 2013 the ‘supplier networks. […]

Regulation and technological development

According to WHO, each year, road accidents worldwide kills about 1.3 million people and injure 40 times (between 25 and 50 million injured, especially young people aged 15-29 years). To remedy the unreasonable use of […]

Can The Internet of Things saves the bees?

Can Today’s technology solve the problems facing humanity? In other words, the central question this morning is whether the Internet can help beekeepers to reduce losses that cause them the varroa mite, the insecticides and […]

Enjoy the Internet for Christmas, before the networking restrictions!

The Internet gives you the opportunity to engage in package with all your friends around the world for a low price. It also gives you access to broadband unrestricted culture. Take advantage of these benefits […]

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