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After Brexit: British industry questions the new digital strategy

The economic dynamism of the United Kingdom, as well as that of Europe as a whole, is generally recognized as somewhat slow compared to the United States or Asia. The ambition would be to create […]

(Français) La gestion des réclamations et du contentieux se digitalise !

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

Quand la cyber-sécurité contribue à l’enchantement client…

Sorry ! No translation is available !

When Cybersecurity Benefits Customer Enchantment…

… or the art to turn a constraint into an opportunity. (available only in French)

How to succeed in a Website Implementation and Design

Sorry ! No English translation available for the book written in French by J-M Hardy and Leo J. Lesage « 60 règles d’or pour réussir son site web ».

In the pursuit of becoming smart

Businesses around the world are seeking the direction for the future, trying to find the right solution to boost up their efficiency and productivity. These businesses will use the power of connected devices managed by […]

A New Era for Mobile Payment

English version available soon. If there is an area where digital transformation has not really begun its revolution, it is that of the universal mobile payment …

Security expert speaks

Eyrolles 9782212139631_pr

Today, our Section “The Expert Pages” is devoted to practical advice on securing the enterprise information system provided by Alexandre Fernandez-Toro for all IT managers in a book recently published in French by Eyrolles Editions. […]

BYOD: “Bring Your Own Disaster?” Why the corporate dream come true could turn into your worst nightmare

Bring Your Own Device is the alternative IT strategy that allows authorised users to employ personally selected and purchased devices to access corporate applications. A simple concept – but the devil is in the details. […]

iPhone 6 Paves the Road to Connected Commerce on NFC

Just as iPhone 3 revolutionized the use of the Internet on mobile, iPhone 6 could very well change the way we purchase and pay using NFC technology. Over the past ten years, Apple has been […]

Making ‘Least Privilege’ Cool

  by Tom Patterson, CSC Cybersecurity Consulting General Manager Somehow, as executives got promoted, CEOs got hired and board members got selected, they all got confused. So confused that their security world is turned upside down, […]

Secure Mobile Solutions for the Connected World

Increasing importance of contactless technology and Secure Elements in mobile applications like NFC based payment and transport by Joerg Schmidt and Petra Hofmeister, Infineon Technologies AG NFC transforms the mobile device into a platform for […]

Building e-SEPA

SEPA migration is drawing to a close, but rather than marking the end of a chapter, it should be seen as a door opener for e-SEPA – the roll-out of online payment services based on […]

Creating Value in the Internet of Things: Speed, Scalability, and Innovation

We’re at a critical crossroads in the world today as we enter into the Internet of Things era. The Internet of Things (IoT) will transform the way we live our lives and raise our global […]

Challenges and Opportunities in the Internet of Things

   by Alexander Damisch, Wind River The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a technology, or a system, or an architecture—it is mainly a business case, and requires a combination of all these pieces to […]

Analytics and the ‘Internet of Things’

Analytics has become a major buzzword these days, whether in the realm of connected devices, the Internet of Things, web analytics or big data business analytics. In the context of the Internet of Things, I […]

NFC Sensing – The next dimension for NFC applications and Services

NFC offers much more than just well known NFC applications like ticketing, tagging and payment. The future and great value of NFC in health care and ambient assisted living as well as other industrial areas […]

Root of Trust: The Foundation for IT Security

by Lisa Bobbit and Michele Kopp, Marketing Work Group Co-Chairs, Trusted Computing Group (TCG) A tsunami of news reports about data breaches, attacks and hacks has left the security and IT communities reeling – and busy. […]

Mobile ID – a promising approach for use in governmental and private sector

More than a billion electronic documents, such as eID cards featuring contactless functionality, have been deployed around the world. ABI Research reports more than 500 million NFC-enabled mobile handsets will be shipped in 2014. The […]

Moving Access Control Intelligence to the Door and the Phone

The physical security and access control market is undergoing a major transition to IP-based solutions at the moment. Emerging technologies will deliver ease of operation, simplified expansion and customisation, and the ability to integrate a […]

(Français) Pour que votre magie opère encore…

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

BYOD: securing mobile devices with encrypted zones

The influx of personal devices in the workplace is not something that can be easily stopped, and nor should it be. Buffering a policy of separate data and application zones, combined with a layered secure […]

Damn! The new iPhone isn’t NFC…

Since the iPhone 4 in 2010, it has become a habit: before each release of a new iPhone, rumors sound… Will it (finally) be NFC? This year, the rumor indicated the presence of a biometric […]

Confusion Abounds as Buzzwords Converge on Defining Internet of Things

By Gareth Noyes, Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, Wind River Trends seem to have a life of their own, especially in technology. Clusters of thoughts and ideas converge to re-frame an idea or define something […]

Bring Secure Mobility to Healthcare Networks for Optimal Patient Care

Quality healthcare depends greatly on the technology foundation that organizations dedicate to getting their doctors, nurses and support staff closer to their patients to accurately record data in real-time, provide care, and deliver medication and/or […]

Smart Mobility, becoming reality

Over the next few years, an increasing number of innovations will result in ‘Smart Mobility’ becoming reality, paving the way for a truly connected car. Rahul Gupta, Spirent Communications, shares four important changes that go […]

In the garden of standards, CENELEC Cen is welcoming Euras

The European standards body for the electrical and electromechanical field, Cen CENELEC, has welcomed during three days at its premises in Brussels, EURAS (European Academy for Standardization) on the opportunity of its annual congress. The […]

m-POS: What can we expect?

The mWallet and new means for card transactions through a mobile channel redefine the landscape of payment.  Actors, technologies, business model…  Profile of the m-POS revolution. By Hugues Courcier – SVP Business Development Europe 4GSecure […]

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