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Creation of a new Industry Specification Group for Smart Cities applications in ETSI

ETSI (Sophia Antipolis, France) has announced the creation of a new Industry Specification Group on cross-sector Context Information Management (ISG CIM) for smart cities applications and beyond. Every sensor measurement, every entry in a database, […]

Blood Alcohol Wristband

On the occasion of a party with friends, it is good to know at what level is the blood alcohol level of each one? Do we still have the right to take another drink? The […]

ST focus on MEMS sensors fitness and compass functions

STMicroelectronics markets a high-precision development kit for biometric wearable devices. This kit includes a SensorTile multi-sensor module and a Valencell Benchmark biometric detection system. The combination of these two technologies makes it possible to have […]

The Zigbee Alliance speaks to Objects in “dotdot” language

The industrial companies of the Internet of Things market and members of the Zigbee Alliance have agreed on the use of the Dotdot communication protocol to make it an universal language usable by all, through […]

The Future of the Internet of Medical Objects

Cybersecurity spending on connected medical devices remains low, but according to ABI Research they are expected to triple by 2021. The Internet of Medical Objects aims to transform healthcare through intelligent devices. However, its future […]

Internet of Bus and Trucks

Driving in urban environments is particularly challenging for the electronic brains of an autonomous vehicle: Tunnels confront the cameras with changing lighting conditions. If the vehicle is a bus with a length of 40 ft, […]

The Internet of horses is interested in connected straps

The Sony and SeaverHorse Companies are partnering in an equestrian partnership to develop several straps adapted by sensors to the well-being of horses. Different sensors and electrodes will transmit a certain amount of information to […]

Ultrasound for communication between objects

Devices equipped with the ultrasonic communication system developed by the French company CopSonic pass through a few meters the data thanks to sound waves that the human ear cannot perceive, but that could hear very […]

RFID Technology for the best blood product management

With 70 patents, the French start-up company Biolog-id based in Bernay, in the Eure department, has become the global benchmark for the traceability of sensitive health products. Expert in RFID (radio frequency identification) traceability solutions […]

Small Cell Forum pushes network virtualisation for 5G, IoT

Small cell virtualization will be a key enabler of 5G HetNets, enterprise services and the Internet of Things (IoT), offering significant benefits including scalability, agility, cost reduction and network slicing. To this end, the Small […]

IoT Official and Proprietary Standards

Driven by dynamic and ambitious industrialists, Internet of Things technology with low consumption and long radio range (LPWA) has recently been the subject of successive announcements. The GSMA has approved, with the 3GPP, standardization of […]

Vodafone develops NB-IoT technology

Vodafone announced that it will begin launching its narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) networks in Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain during the first quarter of 2017. Vodafone aims to roll out NB-IoT across its entire footprint […]

IC sensors for Internet for Health

To continuously measure the heart rate and the oxygen content which flows in the arteries, a pulse oximeter is used. The pulse oximeter provides a noninvasive checkup because it imposes no injection and requires no […]

Retailers and IoT

Each industrial is taking part in the race for innovation and uses the Internet connectivity to rejuvenate its product and business system. In particular, the IoT opens the floodgates of innovation for the benefit of […]

Google enters in the field of “bioelectronic medicines”

UK companies Google Life Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK, Brentford, England) have agreed to form a joint venture to develop bioelectronics, and in particular the related implanted neurostimulator technologies. The new company, called Galvani Bioelectronics Ltd. […]

The Spy Who Controls The Frozen Food

At the recent event organized by IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin, manufacturers have competed to show a picture of what the future might bring. As part of the smart kitchen, Smarter, a British company proposes […]

Ethics for portable medical devices

The entrance of portable electronics in the medical field is raising different problems and challenges the traditional standards. The mobile phone is now much more widespread than in the past and its computer processing power […]

Strong Growth for “Diameter Signaling” with LTE Uptake

“Diameter” is a signaling protocol defined by RFC 3588 standard as part of the AAA protocols which are performing three functions: authentication, authorization and accounting / Auditing. This is the Diameter protocol, which, at the […]

The “Brexit” and the Internet of Things

Britain’s exit from the European Union is creating massive uncertainty for the U.K. economy. Technology companies, including IoT actors, face potential challenges in their markets, their funding and their workforce, but perhaps also opening new […]

The IoT-Car, a car without steering wheel and without pedals

The achievements of the IoT materialize faster than schedule. Why one should still pass the driving license control, as the autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals, will soon be available? In fact, the competition […]

IoT and Gastronomy: The Internet of Things will monitor the growth of oysters

Global warming is responsible for a number of threats in particular on the production and trade of shellfish. In recent years, the shellfish industry and crustaceans in the Washington State lost almost $ 270 million […]

Electronic medicine or medical electronics?

According to research firm “Lux Research” study, “smart pills” and patches connected could save nearly $ 300 billion on health care in the United States, through better adherence to recommended treatments. Lux Research noted that […]

Samsung and Nestle on a common road for a quantified-self health platform

One of the most significant advances of the Internet of Things is dealing with the health sector. Samsung Electronics and the Institute of Nestlé Health Science have understood the synergy that could arise from the […]

AMS sells NFC RFID readers to ST

Austrian industrial AMS recently expanded its sensor manufacturer position through the purchase of Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCMOSS) and MAZeT. Now, while retaining certain wireless products and IP to the next generation of sensors, AMS has […]

Objectives of Automotive IoT Industries

Two attributes that are considered highly desirable in memory for the burgeoning automotive and Internet of Things (IoT) markets are a small footprint and low power consumption, but in the automotive market in particular, simpler […]

Progression of autonomous driving vehicles

According to a study prepared by IHS, the US is currently placed ahead of the deployment of autonomous driving vehicles. Japan is progressing in terms of the industrial coordination and China remains a vast potential […]

UK Smart Cities realization is in trouble

“The standards are not sufficient to implement large projects.” That’s the conclusion of a report from Lucy Zodion, a street lighting design and manufacturing firm, which found that 80% of the 187 councils in the […]

The brain, mobile telephone and epilepsy

Installed within the Institute for Brain and Spinal Marrow in Paris, BioSerenity Company is a start-up focused on intelligent clothing as a medical device. In its application called “Neuronaute” BioSerenity has developed a solution that […]

Voice and M2M data on the road, a running service!

Chevrolet (or Chevy) subsidiary of the American company General Motors, has reduced the prices of its 4G data services because of growing competition that occurs on the connected car market. Monthly prices for data transfer […]

The Internet of Things is landing in the country

The “Biorobotics” just born, is the technology that deals with biological sensors used in agriculture and other areas. In this context, engineers from the University of Washington in St. Louis are developing detection systems based […]

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