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Atlas Mara to launch mVisa across African footprint

Africa-focused financial services group Atlas Mara signed a partnership deal with Visa to launch mobile payment system mVisa into several countries across sub-Saharan Africa. London-listed Atlas Mara holds interests or controlling stakes in banks across […]

Gemalto and Microsoft facilitate connectivity of devices under Windows 10

In cooperation with Microsoft, Gemalto has upgraded its On Demand Connectivity technology and eSIM for Windows 10-based devices. This version is compatible with the latest specifications and guidelines for remote SIM card management, as validated […]

Mobile banking and small businesses

The 28 million small US companies are far from reaching the attention of mobile banking. Some FinTechs have identified the existing gaps in this market. For example, the UK start-up Monizo opens the first targeted […]

Ofcom publishes the 5G Beginner’s Guide

Mobile phones have taken an important role in everyday life. This is why the UK Ofcom has decided to publish the booklet “5G Spectrum Update in the UK”. Ofcom plays a leading role internationally in […]

Infineon joins GSMA: security and broadband expertise for mobile industry

Infineon Technologies AG has joined the GSMA, the association of the mobile industry to actively shape mobile communications of tomorrow. The GSMA unites nearly 800 mobile network operators worldwide with almost 300 companies in the […]

All RFID measurements from one box

Leveraging its UHF RFID test and measurement expertise, CISC enhanced its RFID Xplorer with latest SDR (software defined radio) technology and software to a new level of UHF RFID / RAIN RFID / EPC Gen2 […]

Progress of 4G / LTE mobile technology

LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology is often referred as” 4G” for marketing purposes. The LTE represents an advance in the flow of cellular networks, but the term “evolution” reminds us that progress is still awaited. […]

About the risk of 5G fragmentation prior to deployment

It is recalled that the fragmentation of 4G has opened several difficulties. Different specifications and implementation models have increased costs to meet individual market demands. This has complicated and slowed the progression of 4G. As […]

About the recent Bluetooth 5 standard

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has officially adopted Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification. Key updates to Bluetooth 5 include longer range, faster speed, and larger broadcast message capacity, […]

Fraud Protection for Prepaid Cards

The Federal Reserve has issued guidance applying the Customer Identification Program (CIP) to prepaid cards in March of this year. Customers are able to reload prepaid cards, use direct deposit and in some cases, receive […]

London phone booths replaced with WiFi kiosks

Following a partnership between BT and the specialist in digital media, Intersection, ad-funded LinkUK will open high bitrate Wi-Fi kiosks in London to replace the old phone booths. This public free-of-charge Wi-Fi is in the […]

An “easy to use tablet” the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents!

Everyone is in agreement: access to the Internet has become easier thanks to ergonomic advances in portable terminals and in particular tablets. Space-saving, lightweight, connectable to public and private Wi-Fi, and sometimes in 3G cellular […]

Universal power-supply for laptops

ITU, the International Telecommunications Union, has approved an environmentally friendly standard for a universal charger for laptops and other portable devices. The new standard provides for improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and […]

LTE and 5G infrastructure to hit $32 billion by 2020

According to the recently published analysis by RnRMarketResearch agency, investment in LTE and 5G infrastructure of wireless network technology should represent a global market of $ 32 billion. This figure includes spending on distributed macrocells, […]

Improvement of the manufacturing process of silicon-on insulator (FD-SOI) over 12 nm

After 22 nm launched in 2015, the chipmaker Globalfoundries launches the actual manufacturing FD-SOI 12nm components process, which will be available from 2019 for the Internet of Things and 5G. The FD-SOI technology was developed […]

The Challenge of the 5G’s Marathon

A triple competition (technical, economic and political) is open between Europe, Asia and North America on the implementation plan of the “5G”. Who will be the most technically astute and will be the most able […]

More Than Half of Mobile Requests are Now IPv6 based

A mobile IPv6 network milestone was passed last week as Facebook and Akamai reported that more than half the requests from the four largest U.S. mobile networks were IPv6-based. IPv6 was used in around 70 […]

What category of biometrics for secure payments?

According to a study conducted for Visa in seven European countries, the majority of respondents believes that the two-factor authentication, that is to say the combination of biometrics to a payment tool (support possessed by […]

500 million mobile subscribers in Africa

According to a study published by the Association of mobile professionals, the GSMA, Africa now comprises more than half a billion of subscribers to mobile services. The mobile connectivity is actually associated with essential services […]

Fraud and insecurity in mobile communications

The specialized Working Group on Fraud and insecurity of the GSM Association (FASG) was created to study the problems related to technology GSM networks, with the objective of increasing the level of protection. FASG provides […]

Czech Republic and Poland Are Leaders in Contactless Payments

Countries have been adopting contactless slowly but two countries in the European Union stand out – the Czech Republic and Poland. These countries have adopted the system so quickly since its introduction that currently, there […]

Be Carefull: Bluetooth 5 arrives !

The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has announced that its next release, coming late 2016 to early 2017, will be called Bluetooth 5. It will quadruple range, double speed (4 Mbps), and increase data broadcasting […]

Contactless Wristband from Gemalto for Euro 2016

On the occasion of the Euro 2016, Gemalto, expert in digital security, has developed, in cooperation with the operator of public transport, Keolis Lille, a ticket in the form of a contactless wristband. The use […]

Gemalto deploys Secure Element based applet for Mobile Payments on Wearables

Gemalto, the world expert in digital security, has provided a secure element based applet for smart wearables launched by China UnionPay Co. (CUP), one of the world’s major payment associations with total transactions reaching USD […]

Electronic Financial Transfers in the Developing World

With the fast pace of technology development and improving digital experience, electronic transfers globally are being adopted at a rapid pace. The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), an independent policy and research center […]

Mobile phones give a Fast track to financial activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa, many customers face significant barriers to accessing financial services on mobile phones. According to the report “Financial services for everyone,” written by Ericsson ConsumerLab, in sub-Saharan Africa, more than half of consumers […]

A Thermal Imaging Smartphone

Bullitt Group, expert in rugged smartphones manufacturing will integrate the micro camera FLIR Lepton in the new Cat S60. This Android mobile terminal belongs to the range of Cat Phones rugged terminals. The Cat S60 […]

Volvo introduces virtual car key

No car key, no driving. This simple rule for generations of car drivers is approaching the end of its lifetime. At least for Volvo drivers: The Swedish carmaker plans to offer cars without keys from […]

Let us be discovering the Fintechs!

In the digital sector, new actors have emerged, the Fintechs. Fintechs are young financial services companies, experts in cryptography software, anti-fraud systems, bank card editors, which combine financial activity, new technologies and the legal aspets. […]

China UnionPay Launches Mobile Payment Solution

China UnionPay (CUP), the world’s largest bank cards issuer, enters the mobile payment space by launching QuickPass in Beijing in cooperation with over 20 commercial banks. QuickPass is powered by contactless payment technologies centered on […]

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