Cellular Connectivity for Connected Objects

MediaTek and Orange are offering dedicated IoT platforms integrating cellular connectivity ready for use, thus meeting an ever increasing demand for connecting objects and devices everywhere.

The offer is aimed at professionals and target areas such as the management of equipment and fleets, services, suppliers of equipment for the management of energy and water, the construction sector, the public health and connected electronics. The program, named “IoT Booster”, aims to market a family of MediaTek components and an Orange SIM card integrated in partner modules. The offer includes the price of cellular connectivity tailored to the needs of the IoT. All the products and connected objects using this new offering could be running on the Orange network and those of its roaming partners in over 200 countries. Developers and manufacturers can then design and produce on a large scale connected tiny objects at a competitive cost, able to be connected everywhere without having to manage user subscription.

This initiative removes a significant obstacle to the widespread adoption of objects being connected everywhere. Now connected objects linked to cellular networks can be activated instantly, like in any other connectivity technology, and used virtually worldwide.

MediaTek is a semiconductor supplier for communications applications and wireless connectivity, high definition television (HDTV) and DVD players and Blu-ray. www.mediatek.com/  www.orange.com/

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