Cooperation between banks and FinTech

Efforts in banking by computer companies called “FinTech” were originally intended to meet the needs of the people left to too prudent policies gap practiced by financial institutions. Accordingly, dynamic companies have created innovative banking services, even threatening existing national actors. Nearly 40% of revenues and 60% of retail bank profits could pass under the responsibility of Fintech.

Overall, relations between the FinTech and financial institutions are approaching today in a positive climate of collaboration. Partnerships become mutually beneficial. The rapid technological financial innovation means that large companies and banks need to work with contractors and academics and keep pace with the change. Meanwhile, startups and academics need the contribution of companies to finance and respond appropriately to the needs of highly regulated markets.

Collaborative projects will define the next wave of FinTech. The Innovation Lab program and joint projects with testing allow companies to get ideas, to enjoy the latest technological advances and international talent to improve the banking infrastructure with secure solutions developed by startups.

It is wise to remember that the bank is in the center of financial activities and that it alone is able to secure financing deals through the most attractive Fintech platforms. The partnerships between small business marketplace lenders (MPL) and banks can reduce customer acquisition costs and financing costs. Banks can increase their loan volumes and accelerate their review and approval process presented by customers.


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