Very robust MEM Tags for traceability

The Australian company Bluechiip and STMicroelectronics announced the mass production of traceability labels jointly developed. Based on the technology of micro-electromechanical systems MEMS from ST, these products will be able to respond to a commercial demand of more than a million units annually.

Bluechiip has developed the chip entirely mechanical with high integrity for traceability purpose. The chip is resistant to extreme temperatures, gamma radiations, moisture and extreme environmental conditions than other components used in traceability like RFID tags or barcodes. This chip uses a resonator based on MEM and contains no electronic component. Each unit is individually pre-programmed at the factory production and has a unique identification, eliminating any risk of fraud.

Bluechiip tag was successfully adopted for applications in Australia, China, Italy and the United States, mainly for applications in biobanks and in other areas of biomedical (medical tests, clinical trials and biological web banks). Bluechiip has also established a global distribution network covering ten countries and all major health centers and worldwide biomedical centers, in order to respond quickly to any demand.

The biomedical application of Bluechiip tag is a major strategic step for the use of Motion MEM technology from ST in new high-growth domaines. ST has been a pioneer in the application of MEMS in various industries such as mobile, video games, automotive, navigation, health and welfare, as well as the next wave of electronic wearables.

Traceability technology of Bluechiip thanks to its robustness, its ability to detect thermal variations and intrinsic resistance to fraud is particularly well suited solution for other applications in the food activities, the vaccine industry, the security, defense, aviation and space. See also

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