Development of new sensors

The Internet of Things and machine to machine communications are massively using sensors. In fact, these sensors are devices that transform the state of a physical entity into a voltage value or electric current in order to send it into a network. The data acquisition is often networked in a wireless network comprising a definite number of autonomous nodes. The field of sensorship can be larger or smaller depending on the desired use. The wireless sensor networks (WSN) are used in factory automation assembly lines or for the study of the environment in the field of meteorology, automotive, ocean currents, pollutants, etc.

CEA-Leti and society Corima have developed an integrated system of sensors to measure the power of cyclists while pedaling. This system is lighter, more accurate and easier to fit on the rear wheel than measuring instruments used previously. It will provide reliable data whatever the weather or road type to refine the measurement standard on pedal power in the Quantified Self movement scheme. It should allow to better define the distribution modeling efforts in the wheel. See also

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