Technological Basics

Dossier Technologique 10 – Electronic Health: concepts and achievements in 2017

Electronics was introduced in the medical field in 1915 with radioscopy (Marie Curie) and the electrocardiogram was transmitted by telephone in 1920. Today, remote medical applications (telemedicine) are developing thanks to the performance of technologies […]

Technology Basics 41: “Internet today and tomorrow”

Communication protocol, Internet is also for the last thirty years a global network. The evolution of this mesh network that combines computers and communication networks is permanent. The new players of the Internet (the OTT, […]

Technological Basics 38 – Communications Security

For a message reaches its destination without being flawed and while maintaining the confidentiality of its content, a number of rules must be observed. I – Network Architecture and Security In networks, messages are transmitted […]

Technological Basics 39 – Mobility

DT 39 - Dessin English

The flexibility of IP networks allows the function of “Mobility” to users on the move. These can make voice or data communications using various types of mobile devices they have, wherever they are and whenever […]

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