Fatigue and Road Safety

Caméra conducteurThe French company Innov-plus has developed equipment able to analyze in real time the behavior of a car driver and any signs of fatigue or inattention.

Assistance for vigilance camera system on the basis of facial recognition technology was developed as part of the driving support in order to prevent the risks associated with fatigue, sleepiness and inattention. Indeed, hypovigilance remains at the origin of many accidents and deaths on the roads. Having the size of a GPS, Toucango housing is equipped with a camera operating at a rate of one hundred frames per second. This camera works on a wavelength near infrared that allows it to monitor driver behavior even at night or even if he wears sunglasses.

Through the development of specific patented algorithms, and design a custom electronics in the housing, this solution provides a real-time alert driver behavior. From simple inattention to the state of drowsiness and sleepiness, all stages at risk are detected. Fifty-seven facial checkpoints are monitored and special movement of the head or eyes to detect the first signs of fatigue, drowsiness or inattention. Once the facial recognition software calculates the gaze no longer sets the road a visual alert, audible or vibrating, is triggered by a connected strap. Fixed with a simple suction cup, the device offers an opening angle for covering about one square meter around the face of the driver.

Experienced for several months by a large group of transport by bus and express delivery specialist and presented at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the product will be launched in June 2016 in professional markets. See also www.usinenouvelle.com/

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