Secure Internet filtering

ATHENA Global Services Company, specialized in computer security, markets a solution in the field of proxy servers integrating security functions and filter Internet access. The
objective is to secure Internet browsing in any circumstance. Marketed under the name CYAN Secure Web, this service has several applications in scalable hardware and software solutions to cover a range of needs suitable for the type of business. Given the volume of data exchanged daily users, risk prevention solutions obtained by the antivirus and antiphishing is not sufficient to ensure the overall protection of the corporate network. Indeed, it may be dangerous or unnecessary to allow for time to work, access to illegal sites or applications that undermine employee productivity, such as the use of social networks. Furthermore, new web applications and changing user behavior they induce, are the largest challenge for filtering solutions. CYAN Secure Web monitors and filters in order to ensure:

•The content unrelated to the business activity;

• Illegal contents;

• The malware (viruses, trojans, worms, botnets, etc..;

• Research to privacy (holidays, online stores, etc.).

• The unauthorized access to Internet;

• Taking excessive speed;

• Violation of copyright.

CYAN Secure Web references more than 25 million domains divided into 29 categories (eg pornography, dating, drugs, games, violence, weapons …). In addition, CYAN Secure Web integrates filtering through integrated antivirus ESET NOD32, which scans downloads to identify threats. The solution also analyzes the content of the encrypted data and the verification of certificates. And finally, CYAN Secure Web offers reporting tools from over 70 templates, customizable levels and programmed.
This security application is marketed on a one-year subscription contract according to the number of working positions. For more information, see:

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