Gemalto and Microsoft facilitate connectivity of devices under Windows 10

In cooperation with Microsoft, Gemalto has upgraded its On Demand Connectivity technology and eSIM for Windows 10-based devices. This version is compatible with the latest specifications and guidelines for remote SIM card management, as validated by the GSMA, The International Association of mobile device manufacturers and mobile network operators.

Gemalto and Microsoft have teamed up to make this a reality for users to have a secure connectivity experience wherever they are. Gemalto’s On-Demand Connectivity solution with eSIM native Windows 10 gives consumers a simple and intuitive connectivity experience for their mobile devices.

The eSIM solution is designed to be managed remotely by mobile network operators using subscription data. It is interoperable internationally among all operators, manufacturers of terminals and technology providers implementing the specification. This technology will serve as a framework for connecting networks to devices of all shapes and sizes. The first wave of devices equipped with this technology is expected to be commercialized in the summer of 2017. Gemalto has created a complete range of subscription management software and services to manage the lifecycle of eSIM on mobile devices. See as well Demand Connectivity/

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