Harry Potter and the magic of antisocial software

Shared between Good and Evil, the human being is going ahead in life and looking for landmarks. The best way forward is probably to go through a superior schools of Witchcraft to learn the International Secret Magic Code. And for this purpose, the International Exhibition of computer fraud is one of the best learning sites. Hundreds of them have participated in March at the Salon ” Insomni’hack ” in Geneva in order to measure their talents in a vast challenge organized by the Swiss SCRT company, specialized in computer security. Learning is fun when connecting to a website without the user name and password ; or accessing the contents of a file without holding the decryption key ; intercepting communications , reading the content of these communications constitute trainer hobbies. The organizers of this exhibition are pleased because this activity can detect vulnerabilities known as the most effective in computer systems. Useful rubs pleasure!

If the internet has become a machine to survey everyone, it is necessary to place limits on intrusions and evil and solve problems posed by some of the 1,500 new viruses detected by day. SCRT company ‘s mission is to study and protect information systems in order to limit the risks involved in the use of new technologies. For businesses, it offers programs of investigation and training. A strong technological expertise is needed to properly attack a system and identify components likely to be vulnerable. SCRT Switzerland is ISO 27001:2005 labelled and is able to guarantee the utmost rigor in information processing and data entrusted. As suggested by the Harry Potter Saga, “we must commit to do what is right and useful rather than what is easy. Yielding to the facility, men and companies find themselves up to their necks in trouble with ! ” http://insomnihack.ch/  www.scrt.ch/

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