Huawei and the M2M technology

Communication technology from machine to machine (M2M) is related to ICT applications in different sectors where industry is combined with data processing. ICT used to associate real-time measurements and control in order to achieve various goals concerning efficiency, cost reduction, safety, energy consumption, rapid decision making, etc.

M2M is using available communication systems: SMS / USSD / CDMA / GPRS / 2G or 3G. It is involved in computer applications related to the production, process monitoring and control, planning, data collection remote measurement and remote diagnostics. The development of M2M is faced with the following three issues.

1 – The standards are complex and diversified by country and by sector of activity. They affect indeed the smart home, smart grid, electronic health care, smart buildings and intelligent transport. Various international standardization bodies related to communications (3GPP, IEEE, ETSI, ITU, IETF and China CCSA and CESI) endeavor to develop common standards for M2M.

2 – Most of these smart applications result in high costs that are not compatible with an innovative business model. We must find financing solutions or cross subsidy systems of limited duration.

3 – The development of a new system requires the intervention of an integrator who must coordinate different industrial stages and to invest accordingly. This is the case of road and rail transport systems, health projects, protection of the environment, etc.

On its part, Huawei participates in M2M standardization works. On the other hand, Huawei implements industrial alliances to foster the development of the M2M sector. See also

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