Centralized ID database scares the French

The project of a personal database common to passports and national identity cards, linked to a single file, called “Secure Electronic Securities” (TES), should be put in force.

This new database should gather all information related to the digitized photo of the face, fingerprints, eye color, physical and digital addresses, etc. of all incumbent citizens. From a technical point of view, both possibilities can be envisaged: creation of a single centralized file, or reading individual files contained on the electronic chips of identity cards or passports.

Some African countries have even pushed the economy further, since at home, a single smart card serves as a bank card, identity card, health-Card, transport card or access to the pool or library entrance. A versatile and secure system puts information and access controls in the hands of the competent administration or department. Interfacing with other control systems, for example, at the international level, is carried out directly by the national computer system. Everything is possible in computing, even the reinforcement of security and everything depends on what the legislator is asking for and the amount of credit available for that development.

But a centralized Database frightens a number of lawyers and parliamentarians, probably traumatized by memories from the past and probably they are unaware of the benefits and opportunities offered by new digital technologies.

The purpose of the “mega-database” is to combat identity fraud and to improve the effectiveness of control systems. The fears are based on the possibility that abuses may be perpetrated by pirates, or sometimes by certain agents of the State, or that a super blackout block this beautiful and tricolor directory a few days before an election deadline.

Despite the difficulty of identifying people deemed potentially dangerous when moving, our decision makers still have to make their decision. It is clear that both ammunition and firearms are potentially dangerous, so it is preferable, in the name of the main principles, to close down all weapons-making factories. See also http://www.bbc.com www.lemonde.fr/


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