The Identity Card under ICT Indian Ministry Authority

The Indian Aadhaar Numbering System is used to establish proof of identity and address of citizens. Aadhaar is a 12-digit number used for the digital ID. It is issued by the administration as part of the “Digital India” program. The government is considering linking the Aadhaar refernce to the SIM cards telephone access to government services.

The Ministere of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) will take over management of Aadhaar under the National Identification citizens project. Today, the Indian government is able to provide accurate and updated figures on its population. Nearly 750 million people, or 61% of the population, received Aadhaar numbers. In 15 states, the percentage enrollment reached more than 90% and 140 million bank accounts are associated with Aadhaar numbers.

Aadhaar is also used to check the presence of government officials and to establish proof of the identity of those who try to take advantage of belonging to government services. As part of the Digital India project, the government plans to link Aadhaar with driving licenses, passports, mobile SIM cards, bank pension accounts, etc. Currently Aadhaar is considered as an optional field, but it will soon be mandatory.

The government is considering linking biometric voting cards at the Aadhaar identification numbers to allow instant secure voting and delete the mail vote of the eleven million of non-resident Indians (NRI) worldwide. This measure will also have the effect of eliminating fictitious voters nationwide. See also

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