Cybersecurity in 2016

The information security risk must be managed as a financial deal, a commercial reputation or a legal issue. Too often, a company’s management understands the gravity of the situation only after a data breach. The consulting firm PwC estimates that cyber insurance market could triple in the next five years.

Management is particularly interested in measures that have a rapid return on investment, for example, training against phishing attacks. In 2016, we must expect new ransomware attacks that will target both individuals and businesses.

Data breach attacks provoke a strong discomfort, inconvenience and large financial losses. They are mainly focused on the financial sector and message changes are for large amounts.

Simple Passwords will begin to disappear to make way for the two factors identification, with the help of biometrics (voice and face recognition). The Internet of Things is in theory a bonanza for the future, but the IoT standards are too numerous and those of the security are not available. Hackers are listening.

Many social networking sites will open the e-commerce with a button to click to monetize users related databases. This will undoubtedly be the haven for cybercriminals. The opening of the e-commerce mobile terminals park will precipitate the arrival of mobile malwares, Trojans in the computer systems of banks and financial institutions. These attacks will pose a major problem for many financial institutions, which have so far ignored the threats for most. Also visit


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