The French Post opens the IoT’s Academy

The IoT accelerator program project, called “French IoT”, launched by La Poste in 2015, continues this year with the combination of four large industrial groups and the integration of 16 start-up companies into the “IoT Academy”. On 450 young start-up companies, the French Poste has retained less than one hundred, resulting in the signing of 65 partnerships. La Poste does not directly finance these companies, but provides consulting, network visibility, offering them a field of experimentation in the French regions.

Sixteen start-up integrate “IoT academy” in the fall of 2016, with increased support to the American event CES 2017. The other will benefit of monitoring in the French IoT community. La Poste wants the emergence of a vibrant ecosystem of French companies of the IoT, to build innovative services, the challenge being to move from theory of the Internet of Things in a web of local services. Four categories are considered: smart home . / smart city, health, trade connected / distribution and business. All of them will be sponsored by a company in the sector: respectively BNP Paribas Real Estate, Malakoff Mederic, Baker and the Derichebourg group. La Poste intends to play the relational role between objects, services and users, especially in its “digital hub”, which should be open to the public in the coming months. Also visit


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