Russia is studying a mandatory biometric registration

Political Russian Party LDPR has drafted a bill that would obligate all citizens to submit fingerprinting and DNA profiling on a biometric ID Card, in order to improve security.

It also suggests that a new special federal agency be established to carry out the registration, which would report to the Interior Ministry or to the Federal Security Service, the FSB. Biometric data would be secure, and deleted after 150 years. Like a bank card, all information will be protected.. The criminal responsibility for officials who have access to the data will be reinforced. When people face three years in prison for leaking the data no one would be tempted to do this.

This law project had already been approved by the government, the Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Migration Service and other relevant authorities. The bill will now go to the Duma (parliament).

All travelers – Russians and foreigners – staying in cities should be fingerprinted. Russia’s Federal Migration Service revealed that plans to replace Soviet-era paper internal passports with electronic identity cards had progressed, with four pilot regions chosen for a pilot project. Russia’s first eID cards will be introduced in the Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol as well as in the southern Rostov and Krasnodar Regions. Russian state technology firm Rostec Corporation would join the project. The cards will be valid for 10 years and include a citizen’s name, insurance number, tax identification number and an electronic chip holding a digital signature and fingerprint data. See also

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