Security and Vulnerabilities in Browsers

The results of the X-Force study, conducted by IBM in the first half of 2012, show a strong increase in problems related to the exploitation of vulnerabilities in browsers. This study examines 15 billion daily events affecting 3,700 customers in 130 countries. Once again, the security of passwords used on social media is discussed. Vulnerabilities in browsers terminals allow hackers to infiltrate dormant viruses that target privileged sites. Other methods are used (SQL injection in a database or in order transverse mail directory, etc.). Passwords for social networking and messaging are often targeted and imitations of applications known sites are also practiced by hackers. Finally, there are large differences between the models of mobile programs in place (or not) by businesses to exploit the phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Many warnings have been made about this business. X-Force recommends encryption passwords using a hash function. The report entitled “2011 IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report” indicates a net reduction of vulnerability in Adobe PDF format version of X.

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