RFID manages parachutes

Leaving no room for error, the parachutes production chain associated with RFID, reduced manufacturing costs and improved security.

Since the beginning of the production of parachutes in 1943, the US military has studied the manual manufacturing methods that are subject to errors or malicious tampering. In the early 2000s, the army reorganized personnel parachute systems, and other aerial equipment used by the military. It requested that these items would be managed with individual serial numbers, which required the use of an automated solution.

In this way, AMIS, the automatic identification service of the Army has developed an improved system of verification of parachutes (eTPE) which uses the principle of radio frequency identification (RFID) to ensure end end traceability of the manufacturing quality of personal parachute systems used in global military operations. This allows the Army to view and manage processes related to the main parachute and reserve (ventral) parachute during storage at phases dealing with inventory, packaging, shipping, jumping and recovery. See more in www.goarmy.com/   www.eis.army.mil/  www.rfidjournal.com/


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