French Digital Trust Meeting

On June 16, 2014, the first edition of this first event, organized by the National Federation of Trusted Third Party (FNTC) has been held in the Mendes France Room at Bercy. Nearly 400 guests attended, including fifty leading experts specialized in new technologies. Michel Sapin, Minister of Finance and the Public Accounts noted that the development of this sector is absolutely decisive. Five roundtables were held during the day centered around key issues and success factors related to the European Space Digital Trust:

– Digital and Trust are inseparable;
– Digital Transformation, challenges for growth;
– Digital and new European regulations Trust;
– Solutions for use;
– Development of a French industrial sector of excellence in the market of digital trust.

In a short speech, Olivier Piou, Gemalto General Manager, thanked the organizers of this meeting for their initiative. He mentioned some aspects of its business as an exporter of security services and contacts on this occasion with the CNIL and foreign officials. He also expressed his feelings about the next evolution of international security market. The time for talking and thinking is over now, and he believes it is time to take action with the adoption of a simple model of identification in transactions, associating, in confidence, digital and ethics. National and international markets have an immediate need.

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