The Internet of horses is interested in connected straps

4GoodReasonsbisThe Sony and SeaverHorse Companies are partnering in an equestrian partnership to develop several straps adapted by sensors to the well-being of horses. Different sensors and electrodes will transmit a certain amount of information to a smartphone application. The latter will display references on the health and performance of the horse at work. Heart rate, breathing rhythm, stress, calories burned during exercise (training or competition), speed, time spent at each pace, and so on.

All this information will be consulted in real time on the application and stored in order to allow the riders to follow the evolution of their work. The sensors that are placed in the hooves, under the saddle and in the straps and strap protectors allow to know if there is a suffering or a small defect in the balance of the gait.

The partnership between SeaverHorse and Sony Mobile will allow the development of six new connected products related to the performance and health of sports horses by the end of 2018. Seaver will participate in the next Consumer Electronic Show (CES) To 8 January 2017. See also and the article in English published in the Wall Street Journal -a-horse-will-help-1474570439


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