Safety to Data, First !

Everyone starts to understand how low the level of safety of the data specific to a company is. When we understand the extent of damage caused by Internet hackers, one wonders why companies victims have not taken basic measures of protection as they spent a lot of imagination to attract buyers or to reduce the wages of their employees. Undoubtedly, in this difficult period of time that is ours, everything is important to achieve a balanced budget. But a good manager must know yet where to place priorities. When the press relates the misfortune of a manager who completed the bottomless pit of his company with millions of dollars without realizing he would lose all its customers, we do not know if we should laugh or cry! Listen carefully to the sad song of the blind responsible managers of companies who drove themselves into bankruptcy because of their ignorance of safety rules on the Internet!

An American company set up a killer application on the Internet for youth and yuppies keen on new technology and social network messaging. Millions of users were connected every day, exchanging their views and, on occasion, were doing some new style shopping items. A good deal at all, at least in appearance. Because, in the shadow, the hackers gang had noticed that not only the messages were not encrypted seriously, but it was also possible, with a little spy software to notice each exchange, the address of the customer, the geographical position of the terminal used and to keep a copy of the list of purchases made on that network. The posting of all of these information was sufficient to trigger the deregistration of all subscribers and as a consequence, the loss of advertising contracts. “Farewell, calves, cows, pigs, clutches ! ” Because they forgot to watch enough to the security aspects, leaders must now repay their debts and find another activity.

A trader in women’s underwear had a similar adventure. As, in general, female customers do not like to try this kind of items in cabin, and because the choice of these items is difficult without fitting, this trader had imagined the development of an assistance system based on 3D cameras and software to provide clients in the changing rooms the desired items, the closest to their exact dimensions. Everything seemed perfectly developed, especially for clients who could undress cabin in confidence and for the trader who had no concern for items back management. However, one day on Google, it was found that a website was broadcasting a large number of photographs of female busts (but not associating them with faces !). The investigation later revealed that the computer server of the merchant lingerie suffered a software attack. Needless to say then, that the revenue fell sharply.

It is not necessary to continue the list of examples! On Internet in particular, remember that piracy is permanent and it saves only systems which are fully protected. Place your sensitive information on a very secure server. Encrypt your data and as a precaution, use a server located on your national territory. So you’ll know a little better where the attacks are coming from, if there are ! See also


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