Progress in the adoption of LoRa wireless technology

Long distance communication and low consumption architectures (LPWA, Low Power Wide Area), progress with the adoption of the LoRa technology. In the Netherlands, KPN network operator has entered an agreement with Mobilock, the company that designed a bike lock connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Applied to a system of self-service bicycles, this lock requires a smartphone to open. The associated application allows monitoring and location of bicycles in real time, at any place and at any time, without using GPS. The method may be implemented without any payment station and without storage facility. Bicycles equipped with the antitheft device can be located in real time, even during use, improving the management of holding areas bicycle sharing system. The LoRa integrated into the anti-theft chip is very energy intensive. It requires only two minicells for a usage period of fifteen years.

In France, in a completely different field, La Poste expect to deploy a LoRa evaluation infrastructure. This infrastructure is used in the logistics process framework for a range of new services, as well as energy management of buildings. The network deployed with the SigFox technology will be open to partners in order to densify the coverage and to develop practices in the field of connected objects. La Poste has 12 000 establishments and operates a large fleet of electric vehicles. La Poste intends a comprehensive coverage of the city of Paris and an extension to the Ile de France before the end of 2016, then, subject to the validation of technological promise, an extension to the French territory in 2017.

In the field of the Internet of Things, the Post cooperates with Legrand and tests with the Colissimo SigFox driver service named “Domino”. The postal service uses a connected button placed on the mailbox connected to a SigFox wireless infrastructure and to a connected object management center. See also

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