RED MINT markets its real-time network data inspection solution with Big Data and Open Data integration

The business applications in the company are numerous and new uses multiply them (ByoD, IoT). The Internet of Things will further increase this trend over the next few years. Having a real understanding of these uses is a new digital challenge for the company.

RED MINT OS is a solution to obtain real-time usage statistics in real time to access these precious metrics, bridging the gap between computing and digital and enabling decision-making and governance process approach.

Accessing to data, lowering data acquisition costs, getting immediate previews, integration of the highest level of security and privacy, reduction of vendor lockout are the main success factors of the data engineering process. RED MINT lets you combine the best IP network inspection technology with Big-Data software to provide the most appropriate and fastest data processing decision.

Supplier solutions are often focused on single use and solve only one problem at a time. The APM and NIDS segment providers each have their own vertical solution, even if the source data is the same. This results in increased hardware, software and maintenance costs. RED MINT OS middleware is compatible with the best infrastructure and data processing software: Elasticsearch, Kibana, Spark, Openstack, AWS.

With its NFV approach, the real-time network data inspection solution, RED MINT OS, inspects flows without an anonymous flow limit and integrates with third-party Active / Fast data analysis solutions Data without any additional hardware costs. The data thus measured are not compartmentalized and make it possible to construct and monitor the numerical indicators required by the businesses: known or unknown security events, usage trends and notoriety of applications, use of digital, etc.

Thanks to its metric collection engine, Red Mint OS makes it possible to measure:

Its advantages :

RED MINT OS combines real-time network inspection technology with the best Big-Data Solutions on the market. The approach addresses the urgent eeds of  Information Systems Directors (ISDs), Heads of Information Systems Security (RSSI), as well as the Marketing and Human Resources Department. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of software is divided by ten, while replacing performance measurement solutions (APM), protection solutions against advanced threats (ATP), data loss prevention solutions (DLP) and Intrusion Detection (IDS) solutions.

RED MINT reduces reliance on proprietary technologies by developing an embedded linux security brick available on its website for IoT vendors and embedded systems.

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