Strengthening security measures in 2015, according to HID Global

HID Global, an expert in secured identification solutions, assesses safety, as considered from the point of view of companies. Five major technological developments have been recorded in 2014.

• interoperability platforms accessible via smart card or smartphone;
• the adoption of new forms of identifiers;
• the use of additional devices for opening entry systems;
• the progress in the way to manage the identifiers;
• Use biometrics security.

Several market segments will adopt a new strategy for security in 2015. Banks and financial institutions will unify their services to make them compatible with mobility, through the adoption of credit / debit EMV in the US, and biometric authentication by the ATM.

Health facilities are in favor of the use of identification secure solutions to the security holders of personal medical information sites and realization of home health benefits.
Training centers and universities are preparing to use parallel identification systems on contactless smart cards over magnetic stripe cards on NFC card while being able to manage several identifiers linked to multiple uses on many platforms.

Administrations will upgrade their safety equipment, including physical access cards and mobile phones. The use of certified and accredited printers will become increasingly essential. Meanwhile, global demand for secure identification solutions for citizen will be progressing.

Secure access to transport services will be improved by the inclusion of a physical access control system. Biometric systems will strengthen the security and strengths transportation applications of goods and passengers.

Companies will strengthen the security of their sites and of their data. They will adopt strong authentication on many control applications. See also

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