2014 “Breach Index Level” Results

Gemalto, expert in digital security, disseminates the results of the Breach Level Index (BLI) study, prepared by its subsidiary, SafeNet. BLI allows the data and severity vulnerabilities analysis depending on the data type, the number of stolen records and the source of the fault, the data been encrypted or not. By assigning a severity score to each fault, BLI provides a comparative list of faults, distinguishing the origin of the most dangerous faults.

The data breaches have increased in 2014, with 1 billion stolen data records. Identity thefts were the main target of cybercriminals. More than 1 500 data breaches were recorded in 2014, resulting in the theft of a billion data records. Compared to 2013, these figures represent a 49% increase in the number of data breaches and 78% of stolen or lost data records.

In 2014, cybercriminals were mainly interested in the identity theft (54% of faults). Offenses involving identity theft account for a third of the most serious data breaches. Secure faults (perimeter security breaches where the data is encrypted), increased by 1% to 4%.

According to Gemalto, the long-term identity theft replaces increasingly the immediacy that characterizes the theft of credit card numbers. Identity theft can result in the opening of new fraudulent credit accounts, creating false identities for criminal purposes, as well as other activities of greater severity. Data breaches are becoming more personalized, and it appears that for the user, risk exposure is becoming stronger.

Concerning the affected sectors, financial services and retail have experienced in 2014 the most significant changes compared to other industrial segments. Not only the volume of data breaches is increasing, but their severity is also becoming increasingly important. Companies must adopt a vision of digital threats “data-centric” starting with the implementation of best techniques for identity management and access control, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption or management key to secure sensitive data. These tools make data stolen by thieves completely unusable.

The complete portfolio of solutions SafeNet Identity & Data Protection Gemalto enables companies active in vertical markets, to approach of data-centric encryption security using innovative methods, the most advanced encryption management techniques as well as identity management and strong authentication solutions to protect data at any time and in any place. For more information, see www.gemalto.com/france/   www.justaskgemalto.com/

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