How to Secure Mobile Transactions by NFC Link

Ams and STMicroelectronics companies have developed a system that combines NFC from ams and a NFC controller to the secure element from ST. This pairing allows reliable and secure contactless transactions, while respecting the constraints of mobile and wearable devices.

By combining the analog front-end circuit (AFE) AS39230 to the NFC technology, industrials receive benefit from a wide international certification like EMVCo, GlobalPlatform, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PBOC (People’s Bank of China). NFC solutions have increased RF performances at a reduce integration and ownership cost. This set can be easily integrated into many products like mobile phones, connected watches, wearable electronics, connected devices and secure anything that need contactless transactions application.

The AS39230 circuit amplifies the signal sent to the antenna. Antenna dimensions can thus be divided up to 20 to 100 mm2 or less, while maintaining the power of the signal. The AS39230 ST and 54E circuits support key NFC standards governing the emulation of cards, including ISO14443 type A / B, FeliCa up to 424 kb / s, flows peer-to-peer assets 212 kb / s and communications according to ISO18092 standard up to 424 kb / s. See more in

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