IoT Solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Smart Objects

The offer “LinqUs IoT Quality of Service (QoS)” from Gemalto is a solution that enables mobile network operators to monitor the service quality of intelligent objects in real time. The “LinqUs IoT Quality of Service” application provides an instantaneous overview of the cellular network and a more general analysis, immediately highlighting any problems while making available a wide range of data. This solution is ideal for a wide range of use cases, especially in the automotive, fleet management, smart grids, alarm tables and PoS connected applications (Point of Sale) .

Mobile operators can provide to their customers, terminal manufacturers or service providers, a clear visibility into network and connectivity performances while facilitating service level agreements (SLA). The deployment of this application can be performed on-site at the operator or in the cloud for a fully outsourced management provided by Gemalto. All information collected by “LinqUs IoT QoS” are made available via customized dashboards that present analyzes and measures of customer service and service level agreement (SLA).

Reliable connectivity is the basis of any successful investments in the area of IoT. According to a recent study, it appears that more than 90% of operators believe necessary to expand the monitoring the customer experience in order to include IoT services. The “LinqUs IoT Quality of Service” application represents for them the ideal tool for analyzing performance, demonstrating their capacity and delivering higher levels of service to their clients. Please visit also

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