Stormshield and Gemalto are securing mobile data exchanges

Stormshield, an Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary, and Gemalto, a digital security expert, are consolidating their partnership in developing a technology to secure end to end connections and exchange of data on all mobile devices.

Stormshield and Gemalto have developed a technology that secures connections to all mobile terminals of a company to efficiently exchange data. Stormshield Data Security for Cloud & Mobility allows users to share and store data in a collaborative environment, on all existing media and applications. Integrated with SafeNet MobilePKI Gemalto application, this solution provides strong authentication based on PKI and secure access to applications, regardless of the terminals.

SafeNet MobilePKI uses Bluetooth Smart technology to enable mobile devices to communicate securely via PKI smartcards. As a result, companies can take full advantage of their mobile applications, while preserving the integrity and trust in their PKI environments. Also visit

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