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Finally, Security on the Internet comes !

The Princes who rule the Internet have understood that they should not disappoint Internet users and that effective and quick action must be taken to regain their trust. This is done, almost! Indeed, manufacturers have […]

Very Simple Cyber Attack!

All door locks are ineffective when one left the front door open. And it is the same for bank accounts! One Saturday morning, at 6:00, someone calls on the phone to ask for confirmation of […]

Hackers’ dynamism mobilized a large industrial experts team

The “Assure Threat Defense” (ATD) service from BT is attempting to detect the beginnings of hacking, penetration of networks by potential security vulnerabilities, intrusions into databases, etc. Nearly 2,000 IT experts were recruited for this […]

Hacking the Internet of Things

In a recent study, HP discussed the security issues related to the Internet of Things and HP gives advices on the collection of these data, their encryption and storage. The HP study focused on Internet […]

Computer Networks Protection

To check the server security in a corporate network, it is recommended to scan ports computer systems (port scanning) in order to verify if they are wisely left open or not. Hackers also conduct “port […]

Security flaws in Android

A vulnerability in the Android operating system allows malicious hackers to mimic the identification of trusted applications on the mobile device of the user. The same security expert who discovered last year the “Master Key” […]

Security weaknesses of USB access

Notoriously, it was well known that the USB key, which enables fast data transfer from one computer to another, is a danger to businesses and generally for all users, since all practical BYOD, it is […]

Trend Micro provides security to SMEs

Trend Micro, security expert for SME markets the 9.0 version of its Worry-Free Business Security. The latter provides SMEs a professional level of security, able to identify and neutralize threats on all fixed and mobile […]

Finally, a real security online!

The partnership created between Ultra Electronics AEP and OpenTrust allows them to offer Trust Open Client security application. This application meets the criteria of FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Level 4 standard and thus […]

The Snowden ‘s case and businesses facing Cloud

According to a survey of 1,000 IT decision makers of Germany, France, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States made at the request of NTT Communications, nearly nine on tenths of IT decision […]

Strengthening security on the WAN access

ASTRIA is one of 23 Interprofessional Committees for Housing (CIL) that comprise the French network of Action Housing having instituted mandatory payment of a percentage of payroll by businesses to finance the residence of employees. […]

Hacks of all kinds

According to Bigsight company whose role is to assess the vulnerability of businesses and industries to cyber attacks, hackers attacked both companies health care industries and online sales. The analysis of cyber attacks is almost […]

Electronic meal voucher using MULTOS Technology

ALELO, a Brazilian company, is using the latest EMV™ technology to support meal voucher programs in Brazil. The advanced ALELO card program utilises an EMV approved application implemented on MULTOS technology from Multos International. Multos […]

Wi-Fi is the Best Gift for Customers

A survey of entrepreneurs and small business IT decision makers conducted by Bredin Research and sponsored by Comcast Business found that offering free Wi Fi works better at keeping customers happy than common “waiting area” […]

Connecting Wi-Fi Networks with NFC Authentication

The trade group the Wi Fi Alliance has announced an update to the specifications for its Wi Fi Certified program to include NFC authentication. Users will then be able to connect devices certified for this […]

Mobile ID – a promising approach for use in governmental and private sector

More than a billion electronic documents, such as eID cards featuring contactless functionality, have been deployed around the world. ABI Research reports more than 500 million NFC-enabled mobile handsets will be shipped in 2014. The […]

Harry Potter and the magic of antisocial software

Shared between Good and Evil, the human being is going ahead in life and looking for landmarks. The best way forward is probably to go through a superior schools of Witchcraft to learn the International […]

Security threats on the Internet, according to Symantec

According to the latest edition of the ISTR report Symantec (Internet Security Threat Report) which analyzes all Internet security threats, the number of violations of extensive data has increased eightfold between 2012 and 2013, totalling […]

Strengthening the Multos Consortium

MULTOS is celebrating its 500 million smart cards issued and strengthens its Multos Consortium with several leading industrials. The ecosystem partners MULTOS celebrated in 2012 the milestone of 500 million cards used in highly secure […]

NFC Apps of the Future

Near-field communications has been touted as the next big thing for mobile payment, in retail stores to replace contactless credit cards, for transport applications, or to pair devices for quick configuration or promotional data exchanges. […]

Moving Access Control Intelligence to the Door and the Phone

The physical security and access control market is undergoing a major transition to IP-based solutions at the moment. Emerging technologies will deliver ease of operation, simplified expansion and customisation, and the ability to integrate a […]

Safety to Data, First !

Everyone starts to understand how low the level of safety of the data specific to a company is. When we understand the extent of damage caused by Internet hackers, one wonders why companies victims have […]

Security Through the Cloud, Thanks to F-Secure

According to a study conducted by F-Secure, 39 % of consumers are using just one or a few passwords for all services that require a connection. This procedure makes them much more likely to be […]

BYOD: securing mobile devices with encrypted zones

The influx of personal devices in the workplace is not something that can be easily stopped, and nor should it be. Buffering a policy of separate data and application zones, combined with a layered secure […]

If technology allows the fraud, it also protects the user

Recent exhibitions of the latest achievements in information technologies show that if spying performances are in progress, the level of protection is also progressing. The press has recently echoed the most spectacular hackings made in […]

Tame the BYOD wild beast

Quite often, employees, with the practice of BYOD (Bring your own device) are using their personal smartphones for work objectives. While increasing productivity and reducing costs provide benefits for the company, business communication creates new […]

ETSI White Paper on Security

ETSI , the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has just released its sixth White Paper on Safety Standards concerning all means of communication and ICT. This document describes the work related to security undertaken in all […]

Biometric identity at the CES 2014

During the International CES 2014 (International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Sonavation Company, a member of FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance presented an AXISKEY system, a personal biometric authentication device that costs less than […]

Selling safely online with SMS

Everyone is trying to innovate in the choice of methods for securing payments online. Buyster has developed a network of partners sites with the most important French market eCommerce. In this context, Buyster has developed […]

New dangers lurking

Yves Le Floch, director of development for cyber security in the Sogeti Group, said that attacks in cyberspace are increasing. Some of them make the headlines but most remain secret, often undetected. The multinational clandestine […]

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