The Afghan government is moving towards the electronic identity card (eID)

The Afghan government has approved a law that recommends the issuance of biometric identity cards in this country of Central Asia. The draft amendment to the Census Act was approved by a legislative decree issued […]

Enforcement DHS Port Security Regulations With Biometrics

idSoftware is one of four companies producing technology to support the Department of Homeland Security’s stricter port security regulations. Last summer, DHS passed a rule requiring incoming port personnel to scan their identification cards through […]

The Various Electronic Identity Trends

Electronic identity is always evolving as countries explore identity validation, identity verification, authentication and overall document signing. The uses electronic identity is becoming more and more popular. Understanding more of the top trends within electronic […]

The ghost of the Australian Identity Card

While some countries want to implement an identity control system using the latest techniques, others are very reluctant. Their refusal is often based on the peculiarities of implementation of the first projects which proved clumsy. […]

Password: “I love you”, which means that Your Heartbeat is used as a Password!

Lovers celebrated by literature have often witnessed the unique character of their passion. Romeo knows only Juliet and he could even identify her in the midst of a thousand girls. Today’s science explains the reason […]

New E-Verify proposal with biometric data

An E-Verify bill designed to expand the employment verification program nationwide has been introduced. This bill, if enacted, would make all employers in the United States participate in E-Verify, with respect to all employees, whether […]

Biometry seems to have a bright future

In its “Sensors for Biometry and Recognition 2016 Report”, Yole Développement expects dominant fingerprint technology to give place progressively to multimodal solutions. But the most striking finding from the market research firm is that the […]

Characteristics of the Aadhaar Identity Card Project in India

The Aadhaar Identity Card Project in India concerns access to government and private sector services related to the control of food rations, marriage certificates, entry examinations, concessions, train tickets, mobile phone cards and banking services. […]

Biometric identity cards via the Internet for the Algerian community living abroad

The Algerian national community living abroad can apply for a biometric identity card via the Internet from now. The Minister of the Interior and Local Assemblies, Noureddine Bedoui, said that from now, Algerian citizens are […]

Facial recognition challenge

Facial recognition allows biometric verification in all situations. It is the subject of much research for safety-related applications (criminal identification, verification of traveler identity, security control in companies). For commercial applications, facial recognition should enable […]

Preparation of the consultation on the biometric identity cards in Bhutan

In Bhutan, the NIDMC (NICs Management Centre) opened the study prior to the implementation of the national biometric identity card. Consultations were initiated with various governmental and non-governmental organizations on the various uses of biometric […]

Biometrics to secure maritime areas

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) commented on the efforts made by the Coast Guard of the United States in order to improve maritime safety. According to IBIA, maritime safety should be improved with […]

Indian Biometric ID Card Project Close to End

The end of the realization of the project of India biometric identity card decided by the Aadhar Act is nearing completion. India will be able to use the computer to set up a national infrastructure […]

Jordan adopts the secure biometric ID card

NXP Semiconductors N.V. today announced that The Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD) in Jordan has chosen NXP’s secure SmartMX2 microcontroller for its new contactless citizen ID card. The Ministry of Information and Communications Technology […]

Biometric Tech and Mobile Virtual Credentials

Electronic passports will peak by 2022, only to be replaced by virtual credentials, according to a new report from Acuity Market Intelligence. That same trend applies to all smart, biometric credentials including national ID cards […]

What category of biometrics for secure payments?

According to a study conducted for Visa in seven European countries, the majority of respondents believes that the two-factor authentication, that is to say the combination of biometrics to a payment tool (support possessed by […]

The fight against biometric ID card in Mauritius

Dr. Maharajah Madhewoo disputes the validity of the biometric identity card. The battle fought by Dr. Maharajah Madhewoo a backdrop of the introduction of biometric ID card. He believes that this IDCard violates constitutional rights […]

Against terrorism in coastal areas

The Indian Department of Basant Kumar Dash issued biometric ID cards with fingerprints for its 2.6 million fishermen in the coastal districts. The government decided to reassure the public by measures of control population. This […]

The national identity card in the world

Useful, but not always mandatory, the Computerized National Identity Card (NIC) has been adopted in different countries in varying contexts. Its status globally is quite varied. Some countries have not created an identity card system, […]

SmartMetric enhances mobile security using biometrics

SmartMetric, creator of biometric credit card, has successfully integrated inside the card, a powerful fingerprint scanner. The company improves the biometric card technology for the benefit of mobile security and identity check. SmartMetric has developed […]

The brain, mobile telephone and epilepsy

Installed within the Institute for Brain and Spinal Marrow in Paris, BioSerenity Company is a start-up focused on intelligent clothing as a medical device. In its application called “Neuronaute” BioSerenity has developed a solution that […]

Peru electronic passport competes with best ID cards in Latin America

Given its up-to-date features and high security measures, Peru’s electronic passport has been nominated for Best ID Card at the High Security Printing Latin America conference, which gathers organizations involved in the field of high […]

Patent for the biometric authentication process

Intellicheck Mobilisa announced that it has been awarded a U.S. patent that governs the two-factor fingerprint biometric identity process that authenticates an identity card with embedded fingerprint biometric information and the live biometric information of […]

Ten million Biometric Identification Cards for Senegal

Iris Corp Bhd, a digital identity and business solutions company, has clinched a $84M USD contract from the Senegal government for the supply of 10 million new multi-application biometric identity cards based on contactless chip […]

Small Skin Circuits for e-Health IoT Apps

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has developed integrated circuits associable to the epidermis of the human body as part of the medical Internet of Things. Their work is based on the resources of the 5G wireless […]

Public Procurement of Smart Cards and Global Trends

According to a study by Technavio, a research and technology consulting company, the global market for smart cards in the public domain is concentrated in targeted areas. Worldwide, facility of usage and security level offered […]

Facial or Fingerprint Recognition?

In banking or in telebanking payment, biometrics is necessary for security purpose. After entering the number of his bank card, the user can be authenticated by providing a selfie video and blinking to ensure that […]

False Identity Documents and Terrorism

The terrorists who struck at Paris have used false identity documents that Belgian police had not detected. The Belgian investigation has dismantled a clandestine Belgian workshop that produced thousands of identity documents for terrorists, criminals […]

Five steps online to get an Electronic Identity Card

South African Citizens can get the issue of an identity card or passport chip while sitting in their home. The Interior Ministry has reduced queues by launching an application on the portal “eBusiness at home” […]

Fingerprint Scannners

Refugees in Germany have been issued with a special refugee identity card or “proof of arrival” since 28 January 2016. The registration of refugees is being carried out using a new system that will gradually […]

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