Smart Card & Radio Identification

Indian Biometric ID Card Project Close to End

The end of the realization of the project of India biometric identity card decided by the Aadhar Act is nearing completion. India will be able to use the computer to set up a national infrastructure […]

Fraud on payment cards in France

French Security of payment cards Observatory (OSCP) reports a slight decline in fraud rates on transactions with a French bank card in France. This rate was in 2015 to 0.040%, against 0.043% in 2014, which […]

Security of contactless payment

Ease of use has not been consistent with effective security. German hackers have just confirmed this rule by reporting flaws in two protocols used in card payment systems. In principle, contactless payment has attractive assets. […]

Credit card receipts for SMEs

The Smile & Pay Company, specializing in mobile cards cashing, opens its service for the French SMEs, for accepting credit card payments from a smartphone. The different solutions through traditional credit card are costly and […]

About the indiscretions of the electronic ID card

The personal information contained in the electronic ID card poses unexpected problems. If the social group wants to know who Mr. Durand is, Mr Durand is probably not ready to explain who he is. And […]

The Wide Range of the RFID Offering

The RFID industry is evolving and deployments are improving and diversifying every year. Among the latest award-winning applications, we note that DIRECTV uses RFID to count 200,000 of broadcast equipment parts, which significantly reduces the […]

The Indian Navy is using biometric security resources

The Indian government has allowed the Indian Navy and its Coast Guard Service to implement a mobile biometric security system. The purpose of this investment is to be able to verify the identity of residents […]

Cost Reduction while Strengthening Bank Security

Barclays will set up the video service  in its banking services. Several European and Indian banks are working on a similar service, but Barclays will have the first network using two-way video for banking operations. […]

Simplified electronic driving license

Under present conditions, France is already living beyond its “environmental needs” and must therefore make savings. Consequently, the French government reversed its decision to generalize the driving license in the form of a “credit card” […]

Intellectual debate in the United States on the interest of the electronic identity card

Many people in the United States raise the point on the important technological and legal advances in several European countries due to the widespread adoption of electronic ID cards. An electronic identity card (e-ID) provides […]

The functions of the ID card

In some countries, the question arises whether it is possible to extend the role of the ID card to other functions, like passport, credit card and health card. In other countries, the problem is to […]

Postal workers help to find stolen bikes

Bpost, also known as the Belgian Post Group, delivers mail throughout Belgium. In recent years, the company has expanded the role of its agents by giving them the responsibilities of services that help communities. Postmen […]

Customizing restaurant cheques

Cheque Restaurant is a payment document funded by the employer who permits employees to have lunch where they want, at the break time. Sodexo is a French company that provides businesses with different types of […]

Traceability of schoolchildren and students

Schools in the region Floyd, Georgia, in northern Florida, are considering tracking movement of students by implementing RFID or barcode on the ID cards. Chattooga district recently decided to use ID cards equipped with RFID […]

Reserves about the Electronic IDentity Card in Mauritius

While continuing the delivery procedures of the new IDentity Card in Mauritius, two incidents demonstrate the reserves of the population. First, a young computer engineer has discovered some vulnerabilities on the official websites of Government […]

New Prepaid Cards around the World

8pip Bitcoin Singapore

Prepaid cards are becoming popular with those who either don’t have a bank account or have suffered some financial setbacks. Today many prepaid card features either match or even surpass other payment solutions. They are […]

Role of Identity cards

An ID card is the official document that allows a person to prove his identity. It includes a photograph of the holder. To some extent, an identification card can also be used as a travel […]

Industrial Production Flow controlled by RFID

Martin Technologies, French leader in industrial marking on metals and plastics, proposes the integration of the radio frequency identification technology (RFID) labels on plastic and membrane keyboards. Martin Technologies has developed a demonstrator on one […]

RFID or NFC facing Standards Evolution

Large organisations that have to secure sprawling premises and large buildings are currently working with access solutions that come with RFID as standard. However, there are a number of reasons to question existing identification solutions: […]

Smart Cards in the Banks of the United States?

Credit cards with a magnetic stripe are common in the United States. As fraud has intensified over the past two years, it has been proposed to introduce the use of chip system called ” EMV […]

European eDriving license and security

The Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) aims to reboot Europe’s economy and help Europe’s citizens and businesses to get the most out of digital technologies. This flagship initiative under Europe 2020 would benefit the internal […]

Nearly one billion contactless cards delivered in 2013

On the occasion of “Cartes Secure Connections Event 2013”, the Eurosmart association representing the smart card Industry, provided some figures on this activity. The annual growth of this market is about 7 %. Nearly 7.2 […]

Infineon secures eGovernment services

The electronic identity card (eID) issued by the Republic of South Africa is based on security components provided by Infineon Technologies. The SKE78 microcontroller based on technology “Integrity Guard” integrated into the chip securely stores […]

New phase of development for Gemalto

Gemalto is considering a double-digit growth this year. It builds on the opportunities in the digital security to a new stage of development. This are Olivier Piou, CEO of Gemalto ‘s ambitions . The good […]

RFID & NFC Technologies

There is RFID market potential in every product to be sold that can be counted or inventoried. Although inventory and point-of-sale activities will comprise the lion’s share of the RFID tag market, applications that go […]

Cryptography and RFID Standards

At the last meeting of specialized groups of ISO, standard proposals describing the cryptographic suites were submitted to the votes of national committees: ISO 29167-10 (AES 128), ISO 29167-11 (Present 80), ISO 29167 -12 (ECC-DH), […]

SIM: declining market and diversification models

In 2009, the M2M ETSI Technical Committee defined two form factors used by the SIM card dedicated to applications of machine-to-machine (M2M). On the one hand, the MFF1 size refers to an insert SIM card […]

Microchipped Dogs and British Regulation

In order to reduce the number of stray dogs, the British government encouraged dog owners to equip them with a passive RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification) until 2016, under penalty of a fine of up […]

Regulatory and Standardisation of RFID

The 27 countries of the European Union, with its 23 official languages, represent a diversity of cultures, laws and regulations. It is difficult in this context to harmonize all aspects that are related to security […]

Smart Card and International Competition

The Smart Card industry uses high technologies that require increased investment and a policy of continuous innovation to improve the quality and safety of its products and services. The French Association of Card manufacturers and […]

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